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Hawaii Five-0 - Kalele - recap

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Written by : published Thursday 22nd March 2012

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Steve and Danny conclude a day's surfing with Steve underlining the basics of wave ownership. Williams contests hotly that anyone can "own"a wave and Williams wants to cut in on other surfers when he can catch the elusive surf. Will Steve ever make a true surfer out of Danny?

"Pick up your board, Danno!" (Danny drags his board end in the beach sand, ruining the sanded finish.

Both men are struck by surprise when Steve's Bohemian sister Mary (Taryn Manning) comes onto the beach wreathed in smiles. She says she has been looking for them everywhere. Steve especially is surprised and Danny says he did not know Steve's sister was on the island. Steve says he does not know. (She has been kept off-island to shield her from Wo-Fat's activities.)

Both men are further surprised she wears a stewardess' uniform. She talks enthusiastically about her friend Angela getting her the job. She barely has time to talk to them due to last minute schedule change to New York. As she leaves, Steve notices Danny, Kono, and Chin Ho keeping something secret when he enters the room. He asks but Williams denies anything is going on.

Mary returns to her room in the hotel, where a black man sits waiting. He says she has kept him waiting, and she drops her key. Next thing Steve is getting a call from HPD that an anonymous phone call tip alerted authorities she was wearing $20 million in diamonds strapped to her chest at the airport for the flight.

Steve arrives at the hotel and ask as a professional courtesy to talk to her alone. Mary talks in custody to Danny and Steve saying Angela will be killed in New York if she does not ferry the diamonds. Steve and Danny are not sure what to believe. Mary as a diamond mule is a new one. They scan hotel security footage. Not everybody believes Mary 100%.

Next day the evidence truck with the diamonds is hijacked and two HPD officers are shot and killed as a Hawaiian man takes the diamonds. The new chief of detectives Fryer (Gary Sizemore) starts a turf war over the case, but Steve pleads working together as a time-clock is running. Williams says the only people who knew the evidence was diamonds were cops. The semi was reported stolen last night.

They realize the diamond smugglers were more afraid of the island smugglers than HPD. Capt. Fryer says "Let's get them worried about us". Williams says if they can get the diamonds they can still run the deal past the people in New York. Fryer says only so many people in Hawaii that can handle the weight. August March tries to not let them in.

They connect the evidence transfer information to a man currently in prison, an ex-cop for HPD. He refuses to talk and smirks. He has isolation from general population due to his ex-HPD status. They worry over Mary and Angela. Danny wonders if there is really an Angela at all. But Angela Branson had a room booked in her name.

Steve drives like a madman to get to the robbery, while Danno winces and emits strange sounds. They find the scene with two dead cops and an empty evidence locker, devoid of the diamonds. For further work, they have to don Kevlar suits. Danno opens the trunk. Steve again sees Williams and Kono talking secretly. Steve demands to know what is behind all this.

He finds his birthday cake hidden in the trunk of his car, which Steve's own violent driving has mashed. Steve takes a finger lick of the frosting, butter cream, his favorite. Yum! they see Angela on the hotel security cam being held out by the black man.

They pursue a man let out of prison only recently, August March (Ed Asner) famous on the island for brokering diamonds. He resists assisting them but Steve plays good cop and the man remembers his father as an incorruptible young Hawaiian cop. He agrees to pose as a middle man interested in reselling the diamonds. Captain Fryer says for Steve not to be moved by the biggest fence Oahu ever knew.

March says he will file a complaint unless they leave. He says he has been on ice for 30 years. When March says this is about diamonds nobody must know of his involvement. Fryer and McGarrett promise not to mention his involvement. He gives them the number to trace. McGarrett senior transported March to prison all those years ago and turned down $100,000 to let him go.

Fryer pleads with March to set up a meet. At a cafe, Kono and Chin Ho sit nearby while Steve, Danno, and the Chief listen in. The man who stole the diamonds meets with the older ex-con, who says he has been sloppy. The Chief jumps the gun and shoots the robber. Steve eyes him questioningly. March shrugs and walks away.

But at the HQ, the older man tells Kono that the isotope signature if of conflict diamonds, blood diamonds, chiefly Liberia. He says to look for people coming on island with Liberian visas. He tries to pocket a diamond but Kono asks for it back. He says "You can't blame a guy for trying right?" and he kisses her hand.

Outbound calls from Kaleo's cellphone show he was the whistle-blower. Mary comes walking into the HQ when the black man's picture shows on the screen. She IDs him as Angela's kidnapper and they find him.

Interrogating him they promise him back to his superiors in Liberia, Africa with a press release of conflict diamonds seizure. He freaks out and confesses everything. But he says Angela turning the diamonds over is someone else's game, she isn't smart enough for that scheme.

Daryl Kaleo, the dead smuggler, is brother of a ex-cop Williams put away for murder of his ex-partner. Fryer goes to the prison and tells the ex-cop he has been involved in the murder of two cops so he has lost the privilege of staying separate from general population. They set him loose as the cons eye him. The plane in New York has still not landed.

Williams hears the man say he is suddenly about family. He mentions and threatens Grace. He says Angela is in the wind. Angela and Kaleo were together so she used the black man to scare Mary. The big score was his temptation. Fryer finds a cellphone and thus the method of orchestrating the robbery. He thinks another case won't make a difference.

Later they celebrate Steve's birthday in HQ with another cake, this one stuffed with salt cake, which Steve wryly munches. Steve says Angela is on every country's watch list now. Steve gets her the job back with the airline.

In the dark, on an empty dock, Angela produces the diamonds for a dark figure, who turns out to be August March. He kills her with a gun and her body falls into the water. "Never Turn Your Back on the Buyer" he says.

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