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House - Love Is Blind - recap

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Written by : published Thursday 22nd March 2012

House accepts a case of a young blind man who has contracted a violent infection due to LSD use. He is buying a wedding ring when hallucinations break out. The man struggles with being seen as independent due to his disability. He and his girlfriend are on a break and he was experimenting. Adams has strong personal feelings and Chase double checks her.

Adams is emotionally involved because her friend is this man's girlfriend and they have been close. But the man says he got the LSD from another woman. She is a student. He has purchased a wedding ring that was not for the girlfriend. Adams gives him a piece of her mind. House looks for the infection cause and treatment.

House consults with Wilson about their past. Wilson knew House as a child. He is distracted about feelings regarding his mother. He voices suspicions his father was as unlikeable as his mother's new boyfriend. But that means his mother has a injudicious past.

The case is unusual because the man is blind and wanted to see colors with the drug. Adams scolds him and gives him a tongue lashing between treatments. They cannot treat the LSD infection because the blindness masks many feelings and symptoms and his immune system is already shut down. He awakes screaming with pain.

Park gets the infection and is on the effect of the LSD also. She sits in House's office and goes on a bad trip to House' amusement. She throws a chair at Wilson who cannot calm her down. He flexes at her like a lion tamer. Park is upset but is calmed down when House's parents walk in. Bell has had some experience dealing with bad trips, Blythe comments wryly. Wilson observes Bell's kind bedside manner and when House walks in, Wilson states there is no way they are related.

House and Wilson have it out because House has a birthmark on his male organ that does not reflect his parentage. His father he knew as his biological father is not actually his natural father, and his feelings about his mother emerge. Wilson watches to see what House will do.

The blind man's girlfriend shows up and pledges undying love. He tells her about the other girl, where he got the LSD from. Park comes out of her bad trip with increased reflection and some humorous feedback and increasingly luminescent remarks about the case and how to treat it, which House agrees to. The blind patient must also become very deaf in addition to being blind to be cured.

The team continues to pinpoint the infection site and the blind patient ends up proposing to the girlfriend anyway. When she squeezes his hand “yes” he jokes ‘I heard that”. His condition amends as House studies the options about a relationship with his mother. Blythe may not have been the straight arrow House has imagined.

The long time boyfriend of House' activist mother, Bell, (Billy Connolly) turns out to be his actual father and they go to dinner where House invites his own wife. House confesses to being in jail but his mother already knows from reading the Princeton alumni police blotter.

Hoping to shock them, House is disappointed when the man acts civilly. They confess they have been married for many many years. But the man is astounded when House unbuckles his belt as says he is his son. He walks out, angry at the woman for not ever telling him. He is so upset House is his son he vanishes.

But later House confronts Wilson. He took a fork from the dinner table for a DNA check. And since Wilson hasn't confirmed it that means they still don't know who his father really is. Just then the man come to see House and tries to make amends for House's mothers sake.

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