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CSI Miami - At Risk - recap

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Written by : published Thursday 22nd March 2012

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Tennis lessons continue at an elite Florida academy. But at night the coach is showering in the gym when a wild dog comes in and starts attacking him. The janitor comes in and gets attacked and killed. CSIs arrive late and neutralize the dog. He comes from a attack dog kennel from a man who recovers brutalized animals.

Horatio interviews the celebrity tennis coach whose fees cost $80,000 to $100,000. But the tennis camp is on the news about the brutal dog attack. They trace the enemies of the coach to the angry parents whose children either don't measure up or don't want to play tennis. The coach tells Horatio and the investigators he gets threats and lawsuits when parents smell money.

The crew try to go through the financials but find huge donations and money transfers. Some of the students are on long term scholarships paid for by the fees of the other children. The coach says it is a legal tax write off. Coach Hopper was attacked by Mrs. Wells who wanted the tuition refunded. In anger she said Hopper was a scam artist.

"I don't handle wild animals I wear them". The woman clearly not involved in the attempt.

The CSI group figure out a tennis racket was used to keep the gym doors closed and the racket has custom string settings belonging to the youth coach. They receive an anonymous testimony page with redactions about a juvenile abuse case.

Callie is astonished that one of her foster children, Austin, has been attending the camp. She tells the mother that she will take care of him after the lessons and that there is reason to believe he may be harmed. The woman is not happy having Callie around. But Callie questions the boy.

He says the youth tennis coach gave him a cellphone. This was supposed to be a secret. Callie is very suspicious and finds out the youth coach stayed after with the child Austin every day.

They question another boy who is loyal to Coach but then admits his parents put him up to faking a lot of details about the coach touching him when he was little for a payout. He can't talk about it because of the settlement. He says Coach Hopper did not abuse him and leaves.

Callie finds the staffer who sent the anonymous paper. She does not know who the student was but thinks the CSI team needed a hint in the right direction.

They arrest Jack Brody. Callie says his time-line is wrong. There were rumors about Coach Hopper. But Hopper has powerful friends.

They question the youth coach whose strings matched the tennis racket stuck in the doors of the gym when the coach was attacked. He admits putting the dog in there to scare Hopper the janitor was not supposed to be there. He said when he was little at the camp his roommate was abused by Coach Hopper.

Later another boy accused Hopper and disappeared. The youth coach said he stayed with the kid Callie knew because he was trying to make sure Coach Hopper didn't get at him. But the janitor got in and got killed instead. Pheromones covered the janitor's clothes.

Walter and Boa Vista discover more evidence and Horatio chases down the owner of the dog, the man at the kennels. He changed his name. He used to be a tennis scholarship student at the Coach Hopper camp under another name and was abused. He provided the dog to his former room mate Jack Brody. Hopper threatened Brody's career via a PR firm Hopper knew.

He says it was an accident about the janitor. William Diaz gave Brody the dog.

"Larry Hopper is a freak." William covered the janitor's clothes with pheromones. The janitor turned his back on William as a child years ago. But Horatio arrests William anyway.

Callie says that Hopper will get away with it unless someone comes forward. They have just made Jack and William felons and unreliable witnesses.

They find the student who thinks he made up the student events long ago. Andrew learns anything that happened after he signed an agreement is not covered by the non-disclosure agreement.

He says the abuse started to feel normal and he looked up to coach Hopper. Boa Vista says Hopper preys on the innocent confusion.

When thy lead Coach Hopper past the TV media, he asks Horatio to cover up his face. Horatio says he has been covered up long enough. But as Hopper undergoes his perp walk, a shot rings out. Hopper falls to the ground. Horatio looks up in anguish.

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