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The Good Wife - Gloves Come Off - recap

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Written by : published Monday 19th March 2012

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Someone spoke to the Bar Disciplinary Board saying Will was working on cases. Diane and Will argue about the in-house nature of communications. Diane gives evidence to her process server (Bryan Brown) and a hockey player uses a snowmobile incident to sue. Snowplane snowmobiles are responsible for his wife's death. A bench supervised negotiation is the process until the judge sees new evidence.

Alicia looks at her old house for sale. The man with the dead wife says that life is short and he would give anything to go backwards. Lockhart Gardner also has a class action suit against pro hockey. The medical report is produced for an effect to the accident. Alicia is shocked but the lawyer says Grant played 86 games and this contributed to the modified comparative negligence. Diane learns that after 86 games mental competence is modified enough by 50% of his injuries.

The APHL lawyers will delay and they will get three months to prepare. Diane informs Alicia of her bump in pay but it will not afford her the house. Canning accepts the modified complaint.
Mr. Canning represents the Professional Hockey League against the client Will used to represent. Alicia gets the spotlight while Julius runs the case. Will advises Diane from the wings. If the league was only 15% guilty of letting him play damaged they are at fault.

In court, the client admits he faked the hockey medical test for adequacy during the game because pro hockey would otherwise run players into the ground. Other players discussed fudging the test so that later if they were tested during the game they wouldn't fail the comparison. This is why the brain damage didn't show after the game.

Lund admits he protectively checked his opposition in the game due to past threats and anticipated checks at the most valuable players. Alicia shows that the tension for the game was big. Canning says to the plaintiff about his injury from one who has been there, "One day at a time". He proceeds to put the player though his paces.

Alicia points out that pro hockey didn't put a cease-and-desist on a fighting video their firm put online. The history of fighting videos online is unchallenged and she gets them to admit they never have. Lund says the league wants the violence that attracts the fans. He says he only faked the test out of self defense and other players do it too.

Diane waits in a restaurant for the Australian bail bondsman (Bryan Brown). He stands her up. Kalinda calls from across town and demands she meet with the neurologist. Kalinda says who the neurologist is meeting with is of interest. But Diane thinks about Buck (Gary Cole).

Will advises Diane the old strategy. Canning rushes the case to court. The neurologist says he has never heard of Will. Canning paid him off. David Lee and Eli both tell Will the other sold him out to the Attorney Association. Will sees that Diane is working from a less emotional agenda. That leaves him alone.

Will‘s old girlfriend the sports reporter is back in town. She flirts with Will but does not seem to like the news about his legal status. he says he cut some corners. She chills when Will refers to Alicia. Mrs. Florrick is not her favorite topic. She thinks big hockey will kill Will's firm on the case.

Alicia gets a job offer from Canning in writing. Alicia turns down the money that would buy her the house but it kills her. The case move forward while Will's role blurs.

"We may have another play". Alicia tries to prove the league tacitly encouraged violence.

"Mr. Ring, did your coach ever asked you to checking those offenders legally?"
Alicia leads a spirited case against Canning in court.

Alicia interviews Carey about the case. Carey cites a self inflicted wound. He is not in the deputy's office anymore. Alicia notices when she comes to learn why Florrick's office didn't charge professional hockey when the player couldn't play again. Alicia asks how Carey is really doing and he says he doesn't think so well.

The team's enforcer is examined who responds to supposedly dirty plays. The judge calls for a definition of the Left Wing. Alicia shows that the player got into brutally physical plays but Canning's neurologist defends the medical testing after his last game. The firm realizes without the neurologist testimony Canning has won his case.

Canning sees Alicia is not an equity partner. She gets a raise but can't afford the house. She calls the Realtor and turns down the house. The Realtor calls Grace and says the owner will accept $10 per cent less down payment. Alicia tries to tell her daughter that should not be happening.

Diane is in the wrong side of town waiting for Jack Copeland. She gets stiffed and she goes to her old boyfriend's house, where a very young woman answers the door. Diane tries to restart her relationship with Buck.

Fred Dalton Thompson plays an actor/attorney who is a neurologist. He plans on suing hockey and he tells Diane and Will they will lose and lose badly. Kalinda says Canning must have paid him off. Kalinda tries to have a friendly beer with Alicia but gets shot down.

Meanwhile Alicia is interviewed by Will's ex girlfriend who asks if she slept with Will. She says Will and she weren't over until Alicia slept with him. Alicia says the layers control the fights because there are no fights during championship playoffs. She coldly refers her back to Will on the personal stuff.

Alicia tells Canning she will entertain an offer and then changes her mind. Canning gives her an envelope. The offer he has been hinting at for a long time had become real.

The actor has been watching Alicia in court and comes to Will's firm when he thinks Alicia might win. Julius is glad to have the help and the man insists he give Canning a good shove.

Diane has arrived with no notice at Buck's doorstep after a year of no contact. The woman, Miranda, argues against Diane's politics. After the student leaves, she and Buck pick up their relationship. Later she gets a call from Jack and accepts dates from both men. One from Jack the morning after a Friday night date with Buck.

Diane hears from Alicia that she has an offer from Canning. She shows Diane the envelope but Diane says Caning didn't give her a shot after a dozen years at home with no practicing experience. But Diane is disgusted by the manipulation she feels all around her and stops Alicia short. Diane says she can clean out her desk by the end of the week. Or right now.

Julius and Alicia arrive in court to find there is no court. The arbitrator's union had settled for their client in their $5 million favor. Alicia and Julius are shocked.

Canning is shocked that Alicia used him to get a better offer from Diane. Alicia says they helped him find out what the actor was doing with his strategy. Canning wanders off , off center, as usual. He says that he only wanted to find out which way the actor would play it and now he knows.

The partners argue about giving Alicia the extra money she wants. Julius says she carried the ball the latest case. Eli is for the raise. David Lee says she is not worth it yet and Julius says he has never had a problem before paying lawyers money. Will watches from an "advisor business capacity". Eli doesn't want a precedent set for big payouts.

Diane ends the argument making a deadlock decision and the partners learn that the by-laws mean that as senior partner Diane can make the decision on her own. The men howl as she leaves. Diane points out to Will that his being under suspension has left them vulnerable.

A happy Will follows Diane out of the office, sure he has seen something different in her. But she goes into her office and shuts the door, laughing into the phone at one of her boyfriends.

At the office, Alicia tries to mend fences with Kalinda but tells her it is very hard and cannot be like before. She says it can't be that she is the only honest one and everything has to be on the table. Kalinda agrees.

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