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White Collar - Neighborhood Watch - recap

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Written by : published Monday 19th March 2012

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Elle overhears a crime in planning using equipment Peter left at home. She tells Neal and her husband about it. They go to the corner. No crime happens. Elle goes home and calls Mozzie and listens to more radar.

Elle reveals to Neal and Mozzie. She knows her husband thinks she is paranoid after what happened with Keller. She does not want to be perceived as a victim.

Mozzie and Mrs. Suit hear some more conversation between the same men. They look outside and see the men unpacking a car. She follows the man outside to see which house he goes into. Mozzie marvels.

"Feeling brave, Mrs. Suit?" They hear the men discussing more plans.

"Tomorrow, 2:00 we're set up for good". But Neal agrees to take a closer look and Mrs. Suit says maybe it is time for her to get to know her new neighbors.

Neal spots a lock picking set and the duffel bag they saw removed from the car trunk. Mozzie pretends to be sorting the green recyclables when he and Neal peruse the perimeter of the suspicious house. He says he is the founder of the Cobble Hill recycling bureau. He says they are environmental terrorists. Rebecca tells him to get lost.

Neal spots black market quality break-in tools. he affirms Elle's suspicions he is up to no good. But they have to get Peter to figure it out.

Elle introduces herself and gives the woman Rebecca Ryan peas supposedly from her garden. They are green freaks. Elle spurs a hosted dinner with the Ryan's and a superfood called Quinoa. Peter doesn't know they are trying to get him to observe the tools. Ben comes in and meets Peter.

Elizabeth brings Peter in with a bottle of wine. Mozzie and Neal are holed up in the car. Mrs. Suit packed them dinner with Beaujolais. Croque de soeur. No ham. Mozzie says that baseball and Dante's inferno both have nine innings. They discuss Neal's possible future. A commitment might mean new vistas. Mozzie says he is bordering on nostalgia.

Inside the dinner party, Elizabeth observes the tofu. Peter wryly munches the health food. They offer to let Ben look at their kitchen which is supposedly under renovation. Rebecca says she is a dancer. Way off Broadway. Peter evades discussing his career.

He says" I like Vikings". pillage and plunder. Those long ships with the dragon heads. They guess a professor of Nordic history. But Elle blunders around upstairs.

To use the restroom, Elizabeth must use the upstairs stairway and sets up a decoy and noses around. Downstairs they hear noises. Ben says rats outnumber New Yorkers ten to one. Ben goes upstairs and locks the door of the room that Elizabeth is inside. She waves from the window to Neal and Mozzie.

Peter admits to being a meat and potatoes kind of guy. He tells a story about catching a chipmunk. Peter says he revels in the small victories. He notices Elle has been gone for a while.

Neal can't get her out. Neal tries to talk her into picking the lock and says it is perfect for beginner. Neal hangs in the doorway. He brings her the lock-pick set. But Peter discovers this.

Ben and Rebecca wonder what they are doing. Neal says there is no way for Ben to be in possession of an Elite 3 illegal lock pick set. Peter marches them out of the house. they use Elle being ill as an excuse to leave.

Operation dinner roll was a success, Mozzie claims. Elle saw inside the duffel bag and there was a phone company uniform. Peter remembers the phone service was interrupted the day they went to the corner. Mozzie says vindication is hers.

Peter is not happy. They run Ben Ryan through the criminal database. He served 5 years at Five Points. They could not pin the crime to him. He got caught with stolen goods.

Neal says that the alarm interrupt the day Elle overheard first contact was an alarm system. Neal says to Peter that Elle was right. They try to dial Elle to tell her but she is answering the door and Ben is there. He is there returning a dish. Peter is worried that nobody answers the ring.

When Ben comes in to pet Sachmo he sees there is no kitchen renovation. He tells Elle she lied to get inside his house. Elle says she is not looking for trouble and he says people never are. He leaves and Elle calls says to get the son of a bitch.

Peter organizes that Mozzie come by and keep his feet off the furniture. Peter wants to know what Ben Ryan is doing. Peter is now very anxious.

Meeting Connor is a violation of Ben's parole. Neal arranges to be in the same position. The parole officer tells Ben he needs to see him twice a week and he cannot talk to other "lifers", ex members of the parole community.

Neal pretends to be a parolee griping on the way out who makes friends with Ben. Ben takes Neal to a strip club where he is right at home.

Kingfisher turquoise shadow is what Neal uses to get the work order number Ben writes down when on the phone. Connor is the daytime manager and hey hired an ex-con off the books.

The hotel man says there is $7.5 million in the hotel strong room. they jump into a van and get away and Burke, Neal, and Jones come running. Then the van is abandoned, no sign of Ben, Connor, or the money.

But Peter and Neal analyze that Ben is putting own roots and bought a house. They realize he will funnel his cash into his mortgage and lay low. Peter calls Elle and tells her they robbed the Drakemoor Hotel. Mozzie is hanging around to keep an eye on Elle.

Neal comes into Peter's office and the get a call from Elle. Mozzie says she is following Rebecca. She says she is using maneuvers to avoid detection. They see Rebecca go into three duffel bags. Neal says they are divvying up the cash and then they will be gone.

Mozzie bows to the will of the establishment. Mozzie says the bill count is ten fifteen minutes, an Mrs. Suit walk inside pretending to be a fed. She tells Connor t collect his thing s he will be brought in. Mozzie assume a trench coat from somewhere and pretend to be an English inspector.

Connor runs into the cash room where Ben and Rebecca are counting cash. He says Feds are on his tail. Rebecca and Ben are astonished. They see Elle in the camera and Rebecca recognizes Mozzie from the trash cans episode. They try to come outside but Mozzie offers free lap dances to anybody in the back room.

Elle and Mozzie run outside where Neal and Peter and the squad has set up a perimeter. Ben and the group run out with guns but put them down when out-gunned He looks at Neal and say "I thought you were one of us".

Neal says "I was."

Later Peter and Elle share a frisky moment after all the excitement has died down while Neal wonders about his commitment.

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