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Ringer - You're Way Too Pretty to go to Jail - recap

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Written by : published Monday 19th March 2012

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Tyler brings his expectant mommy flowers. He wants to blow the lid on the SEC but Siobhan points out her finances are connected to Andrew’s. He steals the files Siobhan brought and she wakes up to find her purse empty. She calls Henry to fix things. Henry informs her of Malcolm coming to him about her safety.

At Martin Charles Financial, Olivia discovers someone tried to access his computer three times. Olivia is not so thrilled about the vows but finds Bridget downloaded her schedule. Bridget claims this is to coordinate the wedding. Olivia shrugs off firing Malcolm, saying that is what you get hiring drug addicts.

Andrew tells Olivia that Siobhan (Bridget) now knows about the Ponzi scheme. He says the trading excuse might keep her quiet. Olivia says a certain algorithm was taken from her computer. If Andrew thinks Bridget will keep quiet they can’t be sure about Malcolm.

Olivia reminds Andrew about the “nuclear option” they had in mind for Siobhan only months ago. Olivia determines to take care of Tyler and leaves. But Bridget has dropped by to speak with Andrew and overhears Andrew say something in a threatening voice. She runs off.

Siobhan calls Malcolm and although her number is blocked he believes it is Bridget. Siobhan impersonates Bridget, angrily telling him off. She says “Who do you think you are?”She pretends to be angry about his confiding in Henry. Malcolm therefore does not speak with the real Bridget. Malcolm is told off by “Bridget”.

Bridget packs a bag and meets Andrew when she tries to leave, saying she needs to think things over. Andrew does not like this. She says she does not feel comfortable there. He lets her go.

Bridget waits for Tyler at the Soho Diamond, but when she follows him across the lobby, Henry shows up. Bridget tries to walk past him but he catches her in a clinch. He claims that during their love affair she would never leave him alone while he was writing. They both know he is lying.

As a troubled Bridget walks outside and catches a taxi to follow Tyler, Henry watches from inside the hotel. Her taxi comes back to the hotel. She gets out but sees someone. She watches someone come in who watches her back.

Olivia drives up and tells Tyler to get in. Olivia says “you’re way too pretty to go to jail. “ He is fired. Olivia says that if he snitches on them he will go down in flames and the SEC man won’t care what happens to him. Tyler does not give her the flash drive and says that is everything.

Agent Machado recollects in flashback setting up the strippers as informants to get Boddaway. Before the murder he tried to get Cheryl to drop it and leave with him but she wanted to finish one special party and then she and Machado would start their life together. She has something special to tell him.

Next: Machado has to identify the body. Cheryl dead on the slab four weeks pregnant with his child. His connection to the murder Bridget saw is now explained even though his peers at the FBI taunt him for banging strippers.

Tyler calls Siobhan in a panic and says he was doing it for them. She plays along.
“Olivia and Andrew are very dangerous people. “ Siobhan learns Tyler still has the flash drive. She orders him to bring it to Paris. She learns from Tyler that Olivia has a source at the SEC.

Andrew learns from his receptionist about Bridget chasing locations for a dinner date he knows nothing about, with Tyler. He calls her and leaves a voice-mail saying he will lose everything if word gets out about his company. Meanwhile Bridget listens to this as she sits outside Tyler’s hotel like a spy.

Bridget goes into the hotel and looks up the maid’s guest list. She goes to Tyler’s room and opens the door. Tyler lies on the floor, dead, and then Bridget goes back out front of the hotel and gets in a taxi again. She listens to Andrew’s voice-mail She then leaves a voice-mail on Malcolm’s phone saying she now feels Olivia and Andrew are indeed willing to go the distance to protect the secret.

Olivia drives away in her car with the flash drive from Tyler in her hand.

Malcolm calls Agent Machado and says he is willing to press kidnapping charges. Boddaway Macawi kidnapped him and he will testify. Machado is grateful. But Malcolm sees the pending voice-mail from Siobhan and ignores it to open the door. (Something happens to him).

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