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Ringer - P.S. You're An Idiot - recap

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Written by : published Monday 19th March 2012

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Siobhan goes to another ob-gyn doctor in Paris, thinking her pregnancy with Henry can be kept quiet. She finds out she is having twins. But the babies are Andrew’s, not Henry’s. Siobhan is shocked.

Andrew organizes Bridget’s favorite slasher film and proposes. He says it is getting harder and harder to impress her. Bridget tries on wedding dresses and gets overwhelmed.

Andrew’s daughter Juliet tells her mother about being Bridget’s Maid of Honor. But Andrew refuses to give his ex-wife custody and Juliet is scared the violence will find her.

Malcolm does not like what he finds in the computers at Martin Charles financial. Andrew’s sister gets a text when she arrives at work from someone called Xerxes (possibly Henry). Saying there are murmurs about a mole at Martin Charles. She finds Malcolm at her computer and he sees the text but erases the history before she sits down.

Malcolm tells Bridget she can’t marry Andrew because he is a crook. Bridget is not persuaded. But Malcolm cites Henry putting his father in law into Martin Charles funding. Later Andrew confesses his sister got Gemma’s father to invest.

Henry says to Siobhan on the phone that Malcolm is in the dark but fishing. Siobhan is in Paris and does not confess the truth to Henry. She lies and says his second set of twins is on the way.

Juliet’s mother is lovers with Mr. Carpenter. Juliet comes to Andrew with feelings of guilt. Andrew may have to sell the loft to cover the $10 million settlement and she texts her mother she is going to tell Daddy.

Malcolm is discovered copying files from Olivia’s computers. He is fired. Bridget says then something must be up.

Henry texts Siobhan about the vows renewal and she remembers her wedding night with Andrew. Although they started out close, when he mentioned the picture of the little boy she grows withdrawn and hostile. Andrew reacts sensitively and Siobhan says she does not want to talk about it. Andrew says he saw the picture in her jewelry box when he was looking for a ring for her engagement ring.

In flashback on their wedding night, Andrew says he already had one marriage break up due to secrets and dishonesty. Siobhan won’t talk about her dead little boy (which Bridget knows about).

When she calls Henry with a strategy change he is suspicious about her feelings. Siobhan orders Bridget to bring “Siobhan” the box.

Juliet’s mother and Mr. Carpenter go on the run. When he jumps in the shower she steals his millions from the settlement. She leaves a DVD on the TV of him with the two underage girls partying and drinking. She leaves a note saying if he ever comes near either her or her daughter the video goes viral.

Andrew plans a wedding planner and has dresses and racks and a designer brought in and though Malcolm is waiting outside she can’t shake him. Malcolm gives up waiting. Andrew sees her trying to text and states he does not want dishonesty involved in the wedding or the marriage.

When she finally gets out, Henry walks up with the box. He says it is her stuff. Siobhan/Bridget returns to the loft and examines the box. The abandoned building was formerly Wesson Accounting Partners. But at work Olivia gets a message from Xerxes that the mole is not Malcolm but in Paris.

Malcolm shadows Olivia to Wesson Accounting Partners. Malcolm tells Bridget it must be a Ponzi scheme. Experts say Martin Charles Financial can’t succeed forever. Malcolm thinks Wesson is cooking the books.

Juliet opens the door and her mother finds out she didn’t tell Andrew. She is told by her mother that everybody wins. Andrew has working control of her trust fund and she has the settlement money. That man has her trust fund. And she tells her daughter the man who hurt Tessa was punished.

Siobhan faces Andrew about the wedding. She says she will stand by him while the business gets straightened out. But she learns Olivia is not to blame, the Ponzi scheme was his idea, not his sister’s. Malcolm’s research has made Andrew’s methods look like Bernie Madoff.

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