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Supernatural - Out With The Old - recap

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Written by : published Sunday 18th March 2012

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A ballet dancer uses white shoes to dance in a studio and dances her legs off because the shoes keep her moving on point. Dean irritates a paranoid Frank asking for coordinates of the Dick Rome land in Wisconsin and hangs up on him.

Sam evades Michael whispering sweet nothings by finding the case and they go to Portland. They pretend to be FBI guys who ask about stuff locked his mothers safe. Many creepy things were sold which were cursed objects. One was a pair of ballet shoes they wrestle off a little girl. Another is a teakettle. The teakettle whistles and she pours the boiling water straight into her mouth.

There is also an old gramophone and gentleman’s porn. They split up. A woman starts the old gramophone and her son listens to the ear-piece and gets a knife. He almost knifes his mother when Sam comes in and stops him. Dean gets the porn.

They get the stuff back into the dead woman’s safe and Dean says they will come back for it. Dean learns that the woman died the day after she sold her store. The son Scott feels guilty because he persuaded her to sell.

Bicklebee Realty is on every window. Mrs. Bicklebee (Barbara Feldon) is buying/selling most of the street. George is her accomplice. Mr. Marshall won’t sell.

“A little quick on the trigger, weren’t you?” The assistant is informed he is the fifth one since she took Ms. Bicklebee’s body.

“Mr. Roman doesn’t like us calling attention....”

She brushes him off and says for him to set up the murder/suicide with the man’s cigar burning. Dean catches on to the lightning acquisition pattern in a coffee shop and calls Frank.

Sam is very tired and driving while playing rock music. Dean calls and keeps him posted. The buyer of all the real estate is Geothrive Inc. And is behind the property sales and Sam almost gets run over sleeping behind the wheel. Bicklebee’s assistant sees Sam buying coffee and going into the antique store.

The assistant can’t eat Sam Winchester. But he wants to and calls his boss. She says there is chain of command. She can‘t verify to Dick Roman Sam was eaten if she didn‘t see it.

“Like you aren’t one dumb move away from a bibbing?”

Sam meets Dean at the coffee shop her they compare notes. But they get a call from Scott who says he looked in a mirror and now wants to kill himself.’

Sam and Dean arrive to a welcome from Bicklebee, who says she will enjoy picking Dean out of her teeth.

The assistant dunks his head into a pail of Borax handy and tells Sam to use the sword in the frame to ax Bicklebee before she munches on Dean. He wants to negotiate a pass on getting killed and Dean and Sam aren’t so sure.

He says the big picture is that it is happening everywhere. They want to cure cancer. (This means more healthy bodies for the Leviathans to eat.)

“We’re only here to help”.

They lave him and return to Frank Devereaux’s trailer. he is not there and the place is tossed with blood on the flat panels. Papers and trash are everywhere and Frank is gone. (The last thing Frank was doing was researching GeoThrive for Dean).

“This is not good” Dean says.

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