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Supernatural - Repo Man - recap

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Written by : published Sunday 18th March 2012

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Flashback: After a demon inside a kid named Jeffrey is transmuted with Miss Havelock they free a man named Jeffrey after identifying the whereabouts of a demon named Merrick in New Orleans; They leave Sam behind to clean up the crime scene while Dean drops off a shocked Jeffrey still bleeding at the emergency room.

I'm present day Coeur D'Alene, Sam and Dean get to a dump motel room where the demon Michael appears to Sam but he presses the hole in his had to make him go away. Dean does not notice.

Dean and Sam monitor the police frequency after getting a message from Frank about Dick Roman. They go to a suspicious crime reported and the Detective, Sutton, recognizes them from a previous gig as "Feds". No suspects and a thorough cleanup of the crime scene. Lots of blood. Sulfur damage. Typical supernatural.

The appearance of Michael distracts Sam too much.

They see Miss Havelock again. She claims she only knows a little. She has no powers, but uses herbs, house plants, Internet mail order, and white magic. She is also translating some very old banishments. Dean and Sam are impressed by her work. They say their number is not working due to technical difficulties.

They verify she has not had any contact. Havelock wants to know about Jeffrey the man they almost beat to death. As Sam watches Michael skitter around, Miss Havelock points out that demons tend to go back to their first host, Sam mumbles and affirmation while Michael laughs.

The prisoners want Cinemax, they are grown men, and one man brings it up in halfway house group therapy. Jeffrey is getting a dog from a rescue pound and adopting is big privilege. He gets the pooch. She wears a cone of shame.

Sam visits Jeffrey and Micheal cringes at what Sam has to say. Dean says that three more women have been murderd in the manner that Jeffrey's demon did before. Jeffrey wants to now her name.

Anna Paxton. Margery Willis. Jeffrey says the names. She is the next one to be lost. The demon used to recite it all the time. The names of all the women and put in a line and in order. Dean wants to know why. He said it was his job.

Michael observes Sam as he goes o the Post Office. Michael says they are just like organ donors to him. Sam tries to ignore him but Michael feints people at the library slamming their faces bloodied into their desks until Sam relents he pressed his fingers into his hand again.

Jeffrey relives where Dean dropped him off ad the trip to the Emergency Room. He recites 160 stitches. The doctor say it looked like he got caught in the Spanish Inquisition. He lost his job and his health insurance and just stated to drift and drink. Dean says he can never tell anyone, ever, and Jeffrey says he knows.

He says for a long time the truth was more importance than the outside world. Jeffrey says he owes Dean his life. he says he owes a lot of people for getting this far.

The demon said he had this special place where he nested. he sad he didn't want to tell them before because he didn't want to go. Dean says he does not have to go but Jeffrey says he does.

Cellphone scrambler. Maybe this has something to do with Dean's telephone blackout.

"Ayy Lucy but those are illegal" Michael tells Sam to get this stupid cow to tell where Dean is. Havelock says the demon has her son. Michael says. Sam searches the drawers. Sam finds a Latin demon summoning. Written in Havelock‘s hand. Sam breaks into her Wiccan shop at night. "Start looking at who." Michael says.

Dean wakes up in tied up.

Did you ever think maybe I loved being possessed? Te connection the power. i loved him. the love of my life. He liberated him on the true life mission.

Deans says Jeffrey is the one with all those women. He say she was scared shadow too scared to live up to his too

Dean says demon comes along rides co-pilot is your skull. Teaches you how to Dena says the list is his list. he says he saw women on his postal route But he was never going to anything. their brains make noises like an evil little steam whistle.

Havelock got sent the baby's ear. he gave up some serious state secrets. He couldn't go back to Hell without something. he had another job to do.

The blood of the exorcist the strongest spell she's ever seen. Miss Havelock says Jeffrey took her son from his dorm room. Michael comments what an effective interrogator Sam has become.

That is what Jeffrey made her do, bring the Winchesters and leave a trail of bodies for the to chase. The blood of Dean. Bavarian, Egyptian, summoning, Dealer's choice. Use the flesh of the body to find the Dean. Does she want the ear or the kid?

Jeffrey says he learned a lot from hearing Sam and Dean talk during the exorcism. He watched him torture an innocent man to get the information.

"Pretty charged situation. Showed a lot of character. You were so desperate to fix the world back then. It killed you people that people keep getting hurt and you just can't stop it. I should say, it has killed you."

Dean wants to know what a disoriented Jeffrey didn't commit suicide. Allen is a really good rehab therapist. "My goals and my attitude. Structured pursuit of meaningful happiness." Jeffrey uses the dog for the recipe for the demon summoning.

"Oh you sick son of a bitch" Dean says. The dog dies and a sizzling sound is heard.

Jeffrey starts muttering Latin. But another wrapped body duct taped to a chair besides Dean comes to life with black filled eyes. The demon runs over to Jeffrey after pulling off the ties. Both Jeffrey and Dean were lured.

Jeffrey is amazed as the man waltzes him around. He captured a Winchester. Good work. Jeffrey says he does not want to be a pupil. His work is finished. Jeffrey protests. The demon tosses Jeffrey to the floor.

"We don't do "no"". Dean laughs that he is nothing but a corral cowboy for Hell. The demon nods.

Dean says he is a talent scout, as Jeffrey picks himself off the floor. The demon says Jeffrey had all the raw material just bubbling in there. Jeffrey is angry he wanted to be a peer or power forward for the demon, who is signing off. Jeffrey is going to Hell.

"I'll probably burn this meat off on the way to Vegas", he says. In a flash Sam and Miss Havelock appears.

"Where do you keep coming from? "Havelock's son in demon form says.
He stand forward but freezes. Sam gets ready to attack him and he runs forward but stops and it makes him look up.

Miss Havelock drew a pentacle on the ceiling and he says "Oh you have got to be kidding me".

Jeffrey comes forward and shoots the demon (Fracturing the spell). They get rid of him as Havelock rushes forward to her injured son as Jeffrey slumps.

Afterward Dean tries to go to sleep. He says that even way back in the farmhouse Jeffrey was just pretending to be the demon make sure he came back. He say that is what demons do, they pretend. Dean goes to sleep.

Sam sees Michael taunt him and presses his palm. But he has let Michael in. Michael says now he is inside. He has his finger wiggling around in his brain pan. Michael laughs demoniacally as Sam sees hellfire flames start burning around him.

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