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Grey's Anatomy -Not Responsible-Recap

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Written by : published Friday 25th February 2011

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Meredith can't read the fine print on the architectural plans of her dream home while Derek debates the bathtub placement. Alex says the hot ob-gyn has the answers. Meanwhile a lung transplant patient gets ready for the big day. Meredith preps a clinical study recipient, whose son has a bump on his neck. Meredith has to squint to see. She gets Alex to check her eyes. She hands the boy patient off to April.

Meanwhile Chief Weber gets pulled away from his paperwork by Hunt to find his wife in the ER again. She blames her shoes. Weber gets Bailey to put her surgeries to Yang to check after his wife. (Meredith suggested her problem was Alzheimer's in the last episode). And Callie wants an amniocentesis but the pair of Arizona and Mark can't stop arguing. Callie puts her foot down. Avery sees that Mark is insensitive to Lexie dealing with this in front of her.

Lexie and Avery discover the lung replacement surgery patient's girlfriend also has lung disease.She starts coughing and goes for her inhaler and uses his.  Avery and Lexie are freaked out because they cannot be dating each other with these diseases. The two tell a story about how they spent 8 years making small talk across a waiting room. They tried dating other people, nobody else can cope with cystic fibrosis.

Alex asks the hot ob-gyn about Meredith's condition, speaking of her as a friend. The ob-gyn says this is just Alex trying to talk to her. Because Alex asked her out and she turned him down. She says Alex is as self assured as a chihuahua. Alex concludes that he should just ask her out again. The ob-gyn turns him down again. Meredith, April and Arizona consult the boy's x-rays who has a spot on his neck. It is not a benign cyst. The cystic trigroma is massive and is cutting off the trachea. It has to come out.

The doctors are busy but Arizona asks Dr. Stark to take the procedure. He marvels it got this bad. Meredith defends the sick mom and busy dad. Dr. Stark orders them to call protective services. He says "You just told me they are not caring for their son". Meredith's Alzheimer's patient is the parent. April, Arizona, and Meredith decide that the protective services route will harm the family. April suggests they approach Stark.

Stark is leaving the x-ray room with 3 specialists. April blurts it out and Arizona tries to save the situation. Dr. Stark is Arizona's boss. Stark says the social workers are bleeding hearts. They work for peanuts to protect kids. He says pediatricians are heartless wretches. But social services will only tear the child away if he is in danger. He tells Arizona to make the call. Meredith says once you are in the system it just gets worse. Meredith says the nightmare of the mother not knowing who Kyle is might happen if Derek's drug doesn't work.

Meanwhile Bailey writes down there is nothing wrong with Mrs. Weber's ears. The wife of Chief Weber says she tripped at the pharmacy. Bailey says she was at the supermarket. Mrs. Weber says she was trying to get some cough syrup. Baileys says she doesn't have a cough. Mrs. Weber says she was wearing those high get-fit shoes and they caused her to trip. This is not her first sudden fall with serious consequences. Bailey readies a glucose test.

Bailey asks her to take the Breathalyzer and she will do a tox screen. She says her descriptions are consistent with substance abuse. Dr. Altman gets angry at the lung teenagers risking the condition of the lungs they have. Since they are cystic fibrotic, their lungs are intended for transplant. Lexie and Avery sit in. The young man insists caring for his girlfriend is a gift. Altman says they must end the relationship or he doesn't get the lungs.
Callie and Arizona and Mark spend lunch arguing about co-parenting. Marks spouts off a rant about how "This is my child". Meanwhile Meredith tells Cristina about the Derek frenzy about the house. Meredith slaps Alex for taking her fries and Cristina takes a fry as well. Alex says he'll miss having a cheap place to live. When Altman returns for an answer on the lung couple, he says it's over. The young girl tragically says goodbye and runs out of the room.

Meredith lets the family know that the surgery for the child Kyle will be accompanied by a visit from a social worker. The mother says that Kyle is fine and that the notice of the social worker makes her start screaming and insist they leave. When the mother starts ranting and screaming the parents start arguing. Kyle withdraws and starts singing "I Walk the Line" because the mother loves Johnny Cash and it calms her down. The parents have come to depend on Kyle to cope.

Meredith is caught by Bailey and she asks about Adele Weber. Meredith says that Meredith suspected Alzheimer's and the Chief blew up at her. Bailey says she called Mrs. Weber a wino. Cristina thanks Hunt for not trying to get her pregnant, because Meredith and the three musketeers are going crazy. Hunt says 'yeah yeah yeah" and walks away. She gives him a quirky look. (We know by now that means he is getting to know Cristina).

She pursues him later to ask. He says that he felt the same way when he was a resident. Never wanting to have kids. Cristina hears him say in a couple years "she'll come around". She says to him, when has he ever known her to come around? Hunt says the feeling that the career is the only thing that matters is a young person's delusion. He expected her to grow out of it and mature.

Cristina says he thought she was going to grow up and get over this childish vision of life. She says she's grown up as much as she plans to and she doesn't 'come around".  Hunt says he thought she might have grown up enough to see his vision of life.
Meanwhile in the Alzheimer's drug surgery, Derek preps the patient, the mother of Kyle. Meredith pulls the clinical trial printout and the patient is getting the real drug. But when Derek prepares the drilling holes to the cranium, Meredith can't see. Derek is stunned. The ob-gyn says she needs to stop taking the drugs right away, and Derek says he can't believe she went into the OR that way.

Dr. Altman goes into surgery thinking the kid is lying and the girl is still in the hospital. Avery asks her if she wants to cancel the surgery. She says no. In scrubbing in,  Lexie tells Avery she heard Mark saying he would be a good parent to a special needs child. Should she go back to him? Avery asks her does she want to date two women, a man, and a baby? She says that doesn't sound good. Besides, he says, she thinks about everything.

The transplant lungs are perfect, and the diseased ones come out. The lungs are in, so far so good. Dr. Altman is not told the girl is sitting outside the hospital. Lexie finds her and tells the girl it's joint suicide for them to stay together. For the parents and family of the bereaved as well. The girl erupts in tears saying she doesn't want him to be alone.

April confronts Dr. Stark, saying all the follow up visits with Kyle will be attended by her. Stark surprisingly agrees, and tells April to run away before he changes his mind. Avery tells Lexie she should tell the lung boy his girlfriend is really gone. He says he'd want to hear it from her.

As Dr. Bailey finishes up, she tells Chief Weber clearly something is wrong with Adele. Chief Weber makes excuses, again. He says over the hill is when things get bad. Bailey suggests a consult with Derek Weber, fancy neurosurgeon, a close friend, and an Alzheimers drug expert. This time the news goes in.

Avery waits outside the hospital to see if Lexie comes out all right. She says it was tough. Avery says Ricky and Julia, the lung lovebirds, deserve happy lives but not with each other if it makes them sick. Avery says the soul mate system is crap and doesn't work. He says if word got out she was available they'd be lining up around the corner. Lexie asks if Avery would be one of them. He says yes and she gives him a big smile.

Cristina blows up at Hunt, in the locker room, insisting she will never want kids. She says she was a PTSD wastoid shivering on the couch. Maybe they made a mistake. Hunt says she doesn't get to wreck this unilaterally be deciding they're over because he had the gall to express what he wants. Hunt says, walking out the door, that she has an obligation to at least pretend to care about what he wants. (Cristina might be getting available just when Avery comes off the market!)

Dr. Starck is leaving and stops by the desk to ask April (Dr. Kevner) out on a date. She says is it because she changed his mind about calling social services. He says he never changes his mind. She asks "Is that a selling point"? He says it cuts both ways. She says if the answer is no will he stop giving her surgeries? He says no, that is sexual harassment, but there would be a lot of eye contact avoidance for a while. He says to think about it, and a nonplussed April thinks.

Callie comments to Arizona at home that Mark showed maturity about it at work. Callie and Arizona have a straight talk. Arizona says Callie gets her girlfriend and her boyfriend and she gets her bi lifestyle and her kid. Arizona projects into the future, about Christmas morning, says this was not her dream. Meredith gets benched by the chief from observing or operating until her eys get better. Cristina gripes Hunt have her problems with the baby thing.

April jumps into the bathroom at Meredith's, where Lexie is taking a shower. April is blabbing about saying yes to date Dr. Starck, saying there is a nice man under there. She has to use the bathroom, but a nervous showering Lexie makes her go downstairs. Avery lies crouched and laughing in the shower, where he and Lexie continue their nude medical examinations there together.

Hunt, Mark, and McDreamy are hitting 9-irons off the helicopter pad roof. Hunt gets 10% of the vote with Cristina, Mark gets 33% of the vote against Callie and Arizona, and since Derek wasn't told about the blindness, no vote at all. The chief comes out of the elevator to talk with Derek about Adele. It's a heavy conversaion, because Weber has weathered Dr. Grey's Alzheimers' and now maybe his own wife has it. Derek, looking at the chief, is looking at himself twenty years from now.

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