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Grey's Anatomy - One Step Too Far - recap

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Written by : published Saturday 17th March 2012

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Christina waits up for Hunt, who has decided to sleep at the hospital instead of come home. When Christina gets a page she finds he is not home and finds him sleeping the on-call room. Meredith and Derek return to frisky relations, while Avery’s mother flirts with Dr. Webber. Bailey watches Webber burn both ends taking care of Adele at the nursing home and his career.

Callie watches Karev’s new intern develop a crush. Webber is flattered by Dr. Avery (Debbie Allen’s) overtures. Arachnoid cyst case gets both Meredith and Derek involved with Lexie professionally. Hunt is accompanied closely on a case with a gorgeous new staffer (Summer Glau who irritates Christina. Jackson Avery puts his Mother on hold.

Derek assigns Meredith onto his neuro case and they begin surgery. Avery’s babysitting assignment has a father who has a better pedigree than him with a father who teaches at Oxford. Avery realizes his mother has handpicked his marital candidate for him.

Arizona and Teddy run into trouble on their surgery and Alex goes ballistic. He wants Shepherd when the baby on the table has brain bleed. Derek’s cyst is draining while Lexie is working but Meredith observes it is going well. Meredith comes to Derek to brag that Lexie was perfect. But Derek is angry to learn they took the tumor out.

“Why the Hell would you do that?”

The patient was left with Meredith in charge, who tasked Lexie proudly. Derek has himself to blame for leaving Meredith in charge. Lexie pinned off the little bleeder and Lexie took out the tumor.

Christina meanwhile cannot get Hunt’s support. The patient’s husband is grieving and not ready to turn off life support. Christina is told to stop circling like a vulture. But Christina sees her own marriage dovetailing with the patient’s case and irritably brushes off the nurse.

Laurie wakes up unable to speak. Broca’s area, the language motor cortex of the brain, is irreparably damaged. The parents are furious and threaten Derek with a lawsuit.

Dr. Katharine Fox Avery has to go to the Harper Avery gala and tells the Indian doctor to find her son or she doesn’t get to go to the benefit. Bailey is uncomfortable with Katharine and Webber flirting.

Christina’s patient gets support from the nurse Hunt likes but Christina does not feel supported. The nurse says that they need time to grieve. The ICU nurse, Emily, continues to irritate Christina.

Karev is together with Morgan and Christina and Meredith say it will end up like Rebecca. April gets her casserole eaten by Christina. Jambalaya day in the cafeteria scares them all off.

Meredith tells the parents the surgery was a success and the patients vitals are excellent and the lbs are OK. Derek tests her responses. But she cannot talk. The patient panics and becomes very upset. She has aphasia and there is a chance with therapy she will regain speech. Derek is told he ruined her life and she is only 27. Meredith says it was her mistake.

Derek says this will kill Lexie. Meredith says she is not strong enough and can’t be allowed to know. Derek says then she shouldn’t be a surgeon.

Webber and Katharine’s surgery is a success. She asks him to the benefit. Webber suits up in a tuxedo but calls it off at the last minute after confessing to Dr. Avery that he really needs to be with his wife. Bailey stops by to tie his tie and give him advice and tell him what a good man he is. She calls Dr. Avery Dr. Winky-Pants.

Avery hooks up with the woman his mother brought from Oxford to do so with. She wins him over by pretending she was sent to get the 411 on his personal love life because April has stopped being friend on Facebook with his mother.

Christina tells the patient it would have been better if his husband had died. Otherwise it it like he is dying in slow motion. Christina gets the patient to sign off on the paperwork but then she goes home to find Hunt has thrown the towel in on their marriage instead of watching it die in slow motion.

Lexie is told how the surgery came out and falls apart because Derek can’t fix it. Meredith says she has get scolded by Derek and then he won‘t look at her for a few days and she won’t ever make that mistake again. Meredith can barely look at Lexie.

Callie shows Karev how far gone the Morgan relationship has gone. Callie compares Karev to a imprinting gorilla who doesn’t know it is a scared little kitten with no mother. Karev denies this.

“Big dumb gorilla” Callie says.

Derek yells at Lexie about the surgery. Avery thanks his mother who discovers he has captured his spy. Karev realizes thing have gone too far with Morgan. The intern with the preemie forces Karev into her Facebook shot and when Callie points out the body language Alex wakes up.

Richard confesses to Katharine about his wife’s Alzheimer’s and how he misses feeling like a man. He says today he wasn’t lonely and he felt like man and it felt good. He doesn’t trust himself going to dinner. He needs to go to see his wife and she needs to see him. Dr. Avery says he is a good man and he says he is trying. He says thank you for a lovely day.

Christina corners Owen at home in relief that he did not cheat on her with Emily. Christina learns from Emily that she flirts with Hunt because he is the Chief but that is all and she switched to nights because her boyfriend wanted her to. Christina thinks this is why Hunt was not coming home.

Hunt says he loves her so much it hurts. She wants to talk it out. But Owen slams her with a confession that he did cheat on her, just not with Emily.

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