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Gossip Girl - The Princess Dowry - recap

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Written by : published Friday 16th March 2012

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Chuck starts World War Waldorf while Georgina Sparks takes a mental health day from her online shopping addiction.

Blair is shaken out of her Dan triangle when her minder comes calling. The British Monaco assistant tells Blair she can get her out of the prenup. Cyrus thinks he can get Blair’s marriage annulled if she gags any gossip about why the marriage broke up. Blair accepts that the Royal family press office will give out that Blair only wanted the title and the dowry can remain intact.

But Gossip Girl is behind telling Chuck about it, who doesn’t want the Dan and Blair story to continue. Chuck understands from Serena that Blair’s houseboy is not around but just when Cyrus found the loophole he closed in.

Dorota finally gets through to Blair, who has turned her cellphone off. The pictures of Dan and Blair kissing are all over the site and the Grimaldis are demanding the entire dowry now. But Dan is coerced by Gossip Girl because she didn’t publish the wedding video was sent by Dan. Georgina gives her husband control of the Gossip Girl site. She is Charlie’s plus-one.

Lola and Nate sleep together and he tries to get her to rethink giving the Vanderwoodsens another chance. Lola gets played by Nate into crashing CeCe’s wake. But for all Serena’s claims, the sisters fight over the Georg Jenson silverware and the Limoges plates. Lily is amazed that CeCe’s casket is there. A band plays. Lily wants her sister’s bag searched for family silver. Carol bitches back and Lola says she is a liar.

Charlie shows up for the reading of CeCe’s will. Celia Catherine Rhodes made William Vanderwoodsen executor. CC leaves Ivy the fortune, the chief bunch of her holdings. Ivy points out CeCe knew all about her and her secrets, and all about theirs. Mrs. Rupert and Charlie’s mother are aghast. CeCe planned a big Irish wake. The lawyer surprises Lily that arrangements have already been made.

At the wake, Serena’s father (Billy Baldwin) shows up. Charlie’s mother says she is desperate enough for money to run after the real Charlie’s father for child support for eighteen years. He asks who the father is and she says she is looking right at him. She says Lily would die to know what they got up to in the old days.

Georgina shows Blair that she made up the deal with the Grimaldis about the wedding pact. Blair realizes she has voided the loophole Cyrus found. Dan accuses a grim Chuck Bass of releasing the pictures. Chuck is not fazed until Dan points out that Blair’s mother’s company will be ruined. Chuck is shook but accuses Dan of keeping him and Blair apart with his hand holding.

Lily meets Chuck when he comes to pay his respects. Chuck says that he feels like he died in that crash, part of him. Lily puts him in the know. She says Jack gave Chuck a transfusion. Chuck is thoughtful. William VanderWoodsen calls Charlie (Lola) to let her know how to reach him.

Gossip Girl closes up her computer with its secrets, sending it to Charlie to empower her rise, and Charlie throws Mr and Mrs. Rupert to the curb after enough insults. They repair to the loft.

Blair comes home to Dan, whom she realizes he pretended to be at fault to let Chuck capture the day. But Blair has changed, and Chuck is crushed Blair no longer wants a life with him. Dan grasps at he new Blair that has emerged. Serena is left behind.

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