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Person of Interest - Baby Blue - recap

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Written by : published Thursday 15th March 2012

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Carter and Reese look at the picnic bench to see Moretti the mafia don. Finch talks about Laila Smith a new identity. He only has a work address. “We’re working Moretti’s number Finch, Reese says, but Carter goes to the black car.

“You know Elias is looking for you and I could put you somewhere safe. “Carter says to him. “The cop who’s on her own. Looks like nothing’ changed.” The don knows who Carter is.

Carter says he used to own a house out here. Meanwhile Finch does some work in the field. He goes to the hospital where Laila is at. He pretends to be a doctor to look at Leila’s chart.

“Dr. Tillman here for Doctor Smith” Dr. Finch announces himself. “Nonetheless do you have her chart, nurse". Finch finds a baby. No parents listed. Finch sees transfer men with dark black shoes. They are obviously not medical personnel. Moretti is stopped by a faked fender bender. Gunfire erupts. Carter and Ben are seconds behind and save the old man Moretti but his men get shot.

“You’re a free man Gianni”. Carter says she can help them get Elias before he gets Moretti. Reese presumes a mafia Don in hiding. Carter says there are still a few good cops.

Finch gets baby supplies at the store where Carter sees him. He asks about a missing baby. “missing” makes Carter nearly erupt in anger and stress.

“It was stolen, by some weird looking man-oh no- You know there is an amber alert out on you?.

Carter gets angry when she learns John has the baby. Finch wants to know about the parents.
Laila is a safe haven baby. Finch refers her to Nurse Abbott. She later calls Carter about the bracelet left with the baby with “C.C.”

Fosco gets touched by his H. R. contact about the missing mafia Don. Fosco is surprised to learn he is now one of the fingers in the H.R. pies. That means he must undercut the force according to how Reese calls the play known to H.R.

Finch researches it. Adnan Petrosian is behind the company. Finch needs him to get close to this family. He soon has eyes and ears on the Petrosian home thanks to a garden crawling Reese. The wealthy man tells his son he has gotten him out of so many troubles and can they expect more.

Claudia Cruz is a receptionist in the head office employment ended eight months ago. Carter says she is dead. Her name was in a fire three days ago. The M. E. ruled it as an accident. Finch visits the Claudia girl’s parents. Her initials are C.C.

They are shocked they have a grandchild but said she was kind of funny about visits the last few months. They give Finch a bundle of papers.

Carter gets a fire expert who says the fire was set. They look over the fire remains. The death was caused by a blow and Claudia was unconscious. Reese sees that Petrosian’s son is gay and that they are barking up the wrong tree concerning Laila’s parentage. It must be the father, Adrian Petrosian.

Reese finds the safe house being attacked. The baby is gone. The grandfather is being tied up and an attacker sees Reese and attacks him. Reese chases him to the street to a black van which drive away but Finch is unconscious on the street. Reese is upset. Carter is too.

Reese finds a GPS tracker on their car. Finch is stymied. Reese says if they don’t recover Laila tonight she is gone. They guess who took the baby. It was Albanian or Croats one of the Eastern European crime groups.

Mrs. Petrosian’s fingerprints are on the murder weapon. She confesses she hired family in Europe to get rid of the problem and then was told the phone number. Reese beats up a number of men in the bars but nobody knows who she is.

Reese calls his shadow mob friend Elias with his underworld contact. Reese pleads for pity for the baby. “I know you want to control the city. To control it you need rules.” “You started targeting children there are no rules.”Reese says. “The Mexicans are the people smugglers. “ Elias muses. Reese asks for him to get him to the hand-off. An informant drives up and tells him the address and that the boss has got a soft spot for him.

Reese drives to the hand-off Two men in black bags drive up and carry guns. The baby is in one of the bags. Reese approaches and says “Last chance, put the guns down” and he walks away. Reese gets the baby safe. Reese starts to move to the car.

But as Finch hears him move off with the baby, he is attacked by Elias’ thugs. The informant from “John” says “Sorry the boss had a change of heart.”

Carter tries to throw off Fusco’s inquiries about her Moretti phone calls by saying the other detective watching Moretti asked her out on a date and he needs it keep it quiet. Fusco doesn’t buy it.

He says that he realized there is something he can do for him. Elias holds the baby and says this is a refrigerated truck. He can tell him where Moretti is being held. Reese is handcuffed inside the refrigerated truck. Laila is put on the floor. they shut the door and drive off. Laila starts to freeze.

Finch drives to the spot where the hand-off was, trying to find Reese. The baby monitor speaker is set down besides Reese, who watches Laila cries and start to go into shock. Elias teases him and says all he has to do is give the address. Reese breaks down and quotes the address. A key drops down from the ceiling.

Reese breaks open his handcuffs and gets Laila out. He runs across Finch driving a truck with Laila out of the lot. Reese tasks Finch with Laila while contacting Carter that Moretti’s cover is blown. He arrives to see the office r dead and carter and he search for Moretti, who has been taken.

Carter says she can’t do this anymore and Reese is stunned. He and Finch hand Laila off to the grandparents. They surmise they will not have kids of heir own and watch Laila start a new life with her grandparents, versus their own, bare of human contact and full of violence.

At the docks, Elias greets a prisoner ed to him with a hood over his face. The hood is removed, and Moretti sees he is in Elias hands. “Hello father”, Elias says.

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