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The Good Wife - The Long Way Home - recap

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Written by : published Thursday 15th March 2012

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At their client meeting, Colin Sweeney defeats the Herald Equity company show, Eli swings the Drescher stake back to the buyout. (Bebe Neuwirth) Judge Friend presides over the injunction. Alicia needs money because her condo is being converted. Alicia’s daughter calls in a panic saying they are being evicted. Zach is calmer.

Alicia’s creepy murder client touches up and gets advising from Will circuitously. He is free from jail where he helped Alicia get a conviction but she put him away again and he did the time. Eli’s crisis management office is advising him and Alicia is the legal team angle.

Florrick gets stung by accusations of sex in his office, “Hotbed of sex”. Eli alerts Florrick while Alicia calls her husband about the condominium. He was presumably told about first refusal to purchase about the condominium conversion. Peter says no and he will sign an affidavit to that effect.

Florrick must take action on the blog. Eli tells Peter this is serious because he is weak on sex and the public eye. Carey does a sweep and gets swiped at because he’s had sex there. The sex ends up being between two gay men, which is touchy to crack down on. Sex on the office couch is bad news. Geneva takes shots at Carey because they’ve had sex and this qualifies as fraternization.

Kalinda finds out about secret shares trading on Herald Equity but Caitlin ends up taking the credit for quick thinking. Diane says they can swing the shares but there needs to be no more drama from Mr. Sweeney. But the proxy fight is a loss and Lockhart Gardner is challenged to win the injunction.

Will cannot be approached directly about cases. Eli’s crisis management business is the key route to getting Wills advice. Kalinda alerts Alicia to Caitlin’s scene stealing but Alicia shrugs it off. Alicia finds out that pursuant to legal rules she cannot double cross Sweeney as a witness when she knows he has been lying.

The condominium conversion spurs a $35,000 parking charge and $2,000 a month association fees. Alicia needs a raise from Diane but sees that David Lee is giving his niece first class advice to Sweeney and getting the credit. Peter says Alicia should think about buying the apartment. Alicia says this is too much debt to take on. It is over a million dollars.

A woman comes forward at the Herald Equity meeting with Sweeney under the spotlight and claims to have been sexually abused by him. She produces a son. David Lee demands a paternity test. Isabel must have a connection to Dresscher and Kalinda must find it. Isabel Swift was an event planner with soft core porn movie credits. Kalinda finds out Sweeney and Isabel had sex in the men’s room,

Alicia is challenged because Colin Sweeney perjured himself. He say oral sex is not “real” sex. They rely on the paternity test for roof there was no vaginal sex. Alicia backs this up getting general advice from Will. He says she must represent the interests of the client.

Will says her hands are tied when the client goes back on the stand. But Caitlin grabs Diane’s attention using David expertise. Alicia is shown other real estate in her price range that is unappetizing. She is astounded to learn that her old home is for sale, the one where Zach and Grace grew up.

Isabel Swift is suing for sexual harassment. Alicia represents the case as “He said, she said. “This is exactly what happens, and Alicia cannot further redirect Colin Sweeney when he starts lying about having a skin condition when the alleged “oral” sex took place. Alicia cites the ethical rule and ceases questioning.

Relying on this blows up because the paternity test comes back positive, Swift’s father of the baby is Sweeney. Alicia says to Caitlin that she should be proud of the way she conduct herself. (David Lee watches from afar). Meanwhile Florrick has Carey puts the screws to the layabouts. Eli insists he run a clean house.

The redirect to Sweeney goes badly. Kalinda finds Dresscher payments to Isabel from the Caymans. Diane says to Sweeney that the Court does not recognize the doctrine of immaculate conception. Alicia says Sweeney perjures himself.

David Lee says he had another case where the woman used the oral ejaculate to make a baby. Alicia says if they can prove conceptual fraud the stock swing must be reverted and their client wins. But David Lee have knives out for Alicia because Caitlin is quitting.

It is a winning strategy. But David Lee is angry because he thinks Caitlin got hazed into quitting. She has told Diane she is quitting. Alicia is forced to step down. Grace and Zack have sentimental attachments the old house which brochure they see on the coffee table. Alicia says it is too much money.

But really Caitlin is taking maternity leave. She says she wants to take a leave and be a mother. Will jokes Alicia is getting legal advice from a suspended lawyer. Eliciting perjured testimony is a tough part of the law to avoid.

At Florrick’s office the race card plays a hand. An observer notes, Carey being white has been outstanding factor in his being spared. Geneva puts it to Carey. Matan is demoted, and Carey as promoted over him. Then Wendy Scott Karr is fired. Florrick is accused of being biased.

Geneva says Carey was promoted over her with triple seniority. Geneva says she doesn't tell and Florrick will have to hear it from him. Carey calls her on wanting to tell him about his fraternizing with Dana. Geneva dares Carey to tell Florrick himself. “It’s a bad economy for ideals”. Carey dated Geneva after he demoted her.

Florrick says it was brave and shows character. Florrick says he knows his heart is in the right place. Carey say the rules have to apply to everybody and Carey says he needs to resign. He has to be some consequence and so will he. Florrick says he needs to think about it.

Judge Friend is intrigued to hear that conceptual fraud may have taken place with the baby and that the sperm was not a “gift”. Caitlin continues to argue the case. Isabel Swift took a class in how to artificially inseminate herself. The “turkey baster” defense raises its head. Alicia is disgusted. But they can get the re-vote on the stock swing if Dresscher had knowledge of the fraud.

When Swift denies she asked about a turkey baster in class, the opposing counsel lets out burp. She then quotes the ethics rule on cross examination, alerting Alicia to a way out.

Caitlin shows Alicia her wedding invitations. Alicia urges Caitlin not to give up the law, even as she cries not to afford her old home because she doesn’t make enough money to buy it. Caitlin says she wants to choose a domesticated life. Diane says the glass ceiling was not broken for this.

Alicia tours the old house for sale. She sees her old bedroom. She sees the closet where she mapped how tall the kids were growing. She is overwhelmed with emotion.

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