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CSI NY-Vigilante-recap

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Written by : published Friday 25th February 2011

A stripper pole dance class ends just as a skulking figure outside the cold snowy weather. She leaves and the man follows, his face obscured. A voice over of the 911 emergency line plays and man's recorded voice says "I need to report a murder. The body's beaten, bound, and gagged, & shot three times. You'll find in the alley behind the beer house, etc. " When the 911 operator asks when it happened, he says "It's about to happen".  The woman and man following her go behind the alley. No witnesses.

The crew show up to understand that the 11 pm call by an unidentified person showed police where to find the body. The Prospect Park rapist struck again, except now the victim is a man. Mouth gagged, wrists bound with purple duct tape. Mac doesn't like the whole thing. There are multiple skull fractures, broken ribs, broken ankles etc. Swelling and irritation of the eye show pepper spray was used. The media reports that the Prospect Park rapists' body was found bound and gagged. Did one of his victims seek revenge?

The identified man has a van with tons of past rape scene type evidence from multiple crime. The rapes were done in the van after initial assaults. Danville and the CSI staff asks about brothers or boyfriends of the victims. Mac and Danville realize the perp guilty of the murder found the Prospect Park rapist and did the police's job for them.

The office interviews all the Prospect Park rape victims, asking them to identify the man. One of them has a history with Lindsay. She asked Lindsay for a gun after a rape support group talk. This was a dump job, no spatter and the victim's fingerprints match those taken from the crime scenes of the Prospect Park rapist. The insecticide found in the man's tongue lead them to believe he works in pest control. They find out which pest company works near the crime scene and which employee didn't show up to work. The 911 call is examined.

Lindsay questions Kate Price but her very aggressive attorney shows up. Price says she doesn't know the picture but they search her apartment and find tons of images of the dead man. Lindsay tries to get her to tell her the truth. The City Victims' Network is the connection to the attorney. Clark's van is found. The van is the lair, with gloves, scissors, purple duct tape. The CSIs realize that while 5 women came forward to report Prospect Park rapes, the mementoes the rapist collected are about a dozen. Lindsay interviews her suspect again, who knows something. Strands of her hair were found on the victim as evidence.
The duct tape is also analyzed. A female hair was there. Kate Price, his first victim is the hair owner. Another body gets found, this time Mac sees that the victim fought back. The man is dead but a disposable cellphone is found. Mac realizes the man was not affected by pepper spray and this panicked the assailants. A void under the body means another vigilante assailant was there to help.
The samples match the Prospect Park victims. Hawkes thinks the perp should get a medal. Lindsay reminds the staff aout the law. Hawkes says after his girlfriend was raped their relationship ended. Messer alaos has conflicted feelings about getting the rapist what they deserve. Lindsay uses a voice alterizing device to show Mac how a woman can distort her voice.

 Audio analysis shows the recorded 911 voice was a woman, and the CSIs use the 911 database of callers to find out who it is. Mac tells Adam to narrow the search to rape victims. Danville finds a sweat enhancer on the second victim's collar. It is female. Despite sounding like a man, it is a woman who called in a rape before. It's the stripper class participant, last seen leading the victim to the alley. The lab takes crystal shards from the scene.

Lindsay talks to Kate Price. She says Lindsay is covering for the killers. Kate Price wants to claim self defense and get leniency but the killers show premeditation. Lindsay confesses to Danville that her contribution to the victim's recovery was laughable. Danville refers to the FBI case she last handled. Jo talks about the look on the girl's face when she learned the rapist would go free. The betrayal was unforgettable.

They track the 911 murder caller from her own 911 call. Heather Maris. She is beating a weight bag when Flack and Lindsay come in. They identify themselves as police, and she runs. She hits Flack really hard, and he complains. They nab her. She takes pride in telling the police she got vengeance when they map the evidence.  Mac and Danville frame the boxer/dancer for the killer. But another person had to be doing the killing, but not the suspect Lindsay knows was in custody.

Mac says the microdot technology on the crystal shard tells them who the killer is.  Lindsay points out that Kate Price knew heather from the rapist survivor support group. The lawyer from the support group is the other killer vigilante. She confesses, saying her boss at the D. A.'s office made her cut the rapist a deal when he was caught years ago. She was his public defender. The boss called her his "go-to" gal for pervs. She quit the next day and started working with the city victims network.
Kate admits that she was recovering from the rape when she saw Garland Clark, the rapist. He was the exterminator in her own building. She followed him to make sure. Kate Price showed her attorney and Heather the pictures. Danville asked why they didn't go to the police. But Heather says that the police worked for a year on the case and didn't even know what he looked like. Heather confesses she beat the rapist up, and went after the other rapist for the thrill again. The attorney sprayed the pepper spray.

The attorney said that because of her, rapists were getting free due to the system. The second victim didn't fall for the pepper spray and they were force to act fast. Mac accuses the attorney of getting revenge but she says she got the justice the system couldn't. Mac says whats she got was retribution, and it's not even close. Lindsay also takes the view that the killers were wrong and advises Kate Price to take that view. Kate Price says she has a second chance because the women killed he rapist. Lindsay gives her her phone number.

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