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The Good Wife - After The Fall - recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 7th March 2012

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Alicia starts a new case about a woman who jumped off a bridge. The YouTube video has been uploaded and exploited by a filmmaker. "This is the equivalent of advertising to the jury”and the judge doesn't buy it. But the smart young lawyer that has countered Lockhart Gardner before in many cases keeps the young judge's attention.

Diane decides to stand by Will during his six month suspension. He announces his hiatus to the partners and goes home. Alicia wonders how Will is, and Kalinda says that Will is worried. Kalinda says Will is about people and will crash not practicing law in six months.

The judge for the suicide case does not like Alicia but legally they are on equal footing. The case shows a video where the dead woman commits real suicide on video. The filmmaker had been granted rights from the family on the condition he not sensationalize her jump.

Eli says he needs to know if she is divorcing Peter, he said in confidence that he is is your divorce attorney. Alicia says "Alright I will be manipulated by you again." Eli plays innocent but Alicia goes back to the office. Alicia checks in with Will.

Diane notices Will hasn't dropped by the firm lately. "Come Back Little Sheba” Diana wants Will to come by the office.

Will's sister shows up at his apartment and sees she will be staying as long as it takes to get back on his feet. His other sister shows up too. They tease him about being single. Will hides in the bedroom.

David Lee stalks the office. Alicia fires him as her divorce attorney after Eli tells her he is hearing from Lee she is getting a divorce, not needing him from the "Investment advice” case. Lee plays off like he doesn't care but he knows damn well Eli had something to do with it. He stares malevolently at Eli through the glass walls of the Lockhart Gardner offices as he meets with another partner of the firm.

Eli is told he can't get Florrick the keynote speech because the divorce rumors are flying. Eli confesses he cannot get him the commencement speech (as a springboard to governor) without greasing palms.

The committee head tells Eli that Florrick doesn't have a lot of friends that nobody will speak up for him.

Florrick is upset at Eli for bartering favors and and jobs for his new office.

Julius comes into Diane's office. Nature abhors a vacuum. He wants his office and his name on the letterhead. Diane says she is protecting Will's contribution but he says he is doing a lot of the bulk of the case work anyway. Diane fends off his "offer”.

He says he is taking his case and then Florrick has to find a friend a job. Eli meets with people who don't want to do Florrick any favors. Eli has to barter a job to former Florrick friend to get another meeting to secure the nomination speech.

Donna meets with Peter for lunch again about the speech. She asks if he and his wife still living apart. They are committed to making their marriage work. "It would be my pleasure to meet her”. But Florrick is angry at Eli for doing favors the "old” way, and says that was not what his new job was about. Eli stuns Peter by saying he can't get him the nomination speech without offering the man the job.

Peter has tell Cary he now has a peer (in an office which has been downsized time and again). A stone faced Carey takes the news stolidly. He says he knows he sad he had to give him a job for a favor. He says he has to fire Dana and Peter says so be it. When Carey goes to fire her Dana says that she can check with his higher-up, (not knowing his orders came from Florrick himself).

Kalinda researches the bridge where the girl jumped and finds out that the emergency phone is out of order. She researches events in the girl's life before the jump. Kalinda calls the phone number and says she sees someone ready to jump.

She says that Derek, the boyfriend, argued with the suicide girl. She asks what they argued about. She was leaving school. It wasn't her choice. Who is responsible for the suicide is what the case is about. Kalinda tells Alicia and Alicia calls Will and his sisters notice the change in his voice.

Alicia shows in court the city is at fault because the judge notice it takes 48 minutes for police to respond to the suicide call. In conference Alicia shows that they will put a disclaimer against the movie. Kalinda goes to Will's apartment to discuss the case and his sisters think Kalinda is the woman in his life.

Kalinda settles with Will about having dinner while his sisters try to draw him into past girlfriends. with Caitlin. Alicia is upset that after she fired Lee she gets promoted to sharing an assistant with Alicia. But Diane does not see how upset Alicia is. Her hard work has equaled the position Caitlin now has, being David Lee's niece.

David King also comes to see Diane and says others what he wants, Will's place on the masthead because others not so loyal wants Will's spot. He will vote with her in exchange for Will's place and when he comes back give it back. Diane says she is holding Will's place.

Will gets badgered by his sisters. He can't practice law. But he can practice consulting his cases. He comes into the law office to wide eyed stares; he meets with Diane in her office. Diane sits and says Congratulations, you stayed away a whole week. He looks outside the window and sees Caitlin lurking.

Eli and Burton stand and stare.

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