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Once Upon A Time - Dreamy - recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 7th March 2012

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The citizens of Storybrooke don't get a big thrill after Elle announce her drive for candles. The man calls her the town Harlot. Later he signs up to sell candles because his inspiration woman has been revealed to him. (it is the same woman as his doppelganger in the story history).

Before he hatches from a dwarf egg, a dwarf meet fairy and awakes feeling he has a mission to find to the fairy woman. The nursing dwarfs are take aback.

The grumpy man is now focused, He goes to talk to the same woman in the nun's space. He learns she must have all the candles sold. He is surprised. “ Mr Gold is your landlord?” He knows Mr. Gold. She gets in trouble because she has purchased twelve dozen boxes of candles instead of twelve boxes. She wonders how they will pay the rent. The grumpy man says that it will work out. Elle sees him say “Because you didn't have me”. Then he signs up with her to her disbelief.

In the mines, his doppelganger is titled Dreamy by the ax, which never lies. In the mines his dream girl is a fairy godmother in training, who us a misfit, and he saves her fairy dust. He says he saw her when he was One. She is Nova. He is Dreamy. She asks if they have ever seen the fireflies. She says she was going to see them that night and that he is her hero.

The grumpy man tries to sell the candles made by Storybrooke's very own nuns. They elect to go door to door. The grump man says “Exactly! They'll pay us just to leave.” Every door gets slammed in their face. Elle decides thy can't sell any.

In the fantasy world, the dreamy dwarf can't figure out why he feels so sad. A woman in the tavern (Emilie de Ravin) says he is in love. It fuels our dreams. He needs to enjoy it. She translates that she asked him for a date. The others watch, bemused. The dwarf celebrates and prepares to leave the dwarf life.

In the real world, the grumpy man has told the pure sister about his dream of having a boat he will fix up. But when they sell no candles he has to confess it. He will sell it.

He meet with Mr. Gold who is curious to learn of Grumpy's offer, But Mr. Gold will not take the money and his arrangement with the nuns means he wants to keep them on his hooks. They approach the convent rooms with trepidation. Grumpy must tell Mary Margaret the news.

“Sister Astrid I have some bad news. You and the other sisters are going to be very busy making candles because they sold them all”. Mary Margaret is stunned at his announcement. Elle is stunned the grumpy man has a crush on the nun and tells him it can't go anywhere. He says “This from from a woman famous for a liaison with a married man”. He shows her the boat but she sees the candles unsold and catches him in a lie and leaves.

The Dreamy dwarf shows up for his “date” and sees his godmother training candidate. She is clumsy like the real nun. He says they could get a boat and sail all over. She is excited. “After I drop off the dust let's do it together.” But other dwarfs and fairies aren't so sure and warn him off.

Next meeting she has a boat all ready to go. They can spend their life chasing their reams together. In the real world Elle finds the grumpy man on the roof on the night of the celebration, and she says what are you doing up here. He says something that will change everything. She thinks he is going to jump. He says “Lady, I'm selling candles. Then he strikes the electronic connection with his ax and kills the electricity. Elle is amazed because suddenly everybody wants their candles and they sell out.

Emma finds the car empty of the woman's life. The journalist comes upon the wreck and starts taking pictures even though he doesn't have a job. He wants the lead for the story and it is definitely news. The mayor demand Emma make progress. Emma goes to the carnival and takes him in after her boss accuses her of hiding something. Mary Margaret sees this and stares.

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