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Smash - Let's Be Bad - recap

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Written by : published Thursday 8th March 2012

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Ivy can't hit the right note in singing practice and orders Larry and Karen to work on it. he has Karen sing it in rehearsal, impressing the observers and humiliating Ivy. Eileen notices Julia has not delivered more pages. Ivy puts on a false face when Karen tries to make nice. But Derek is so distracted she feels disconnected from their relationship.

Karen and Ivy sing a killer number where theatrically Ivy is popping pills but pleasing the public with the sexed up image,while she wearily takes drugs to keep it up. Karen is a light footed chorus girl in this number. Ivy pegs the link between Ivy delivering a sexual performance and the withering toll being in the spotlight takes.

Joe is cool to Larry because he is distracting Julia. While they are at dinner her phone rings and she is so into dessert with Larry, Joe ends up getting it while on a date with the lawyer. Julia's son has been caught smoking dope in Central Park, Joe's friend talks the cop out of any arrests and a night in jail and the sarcastic teen thinks it s no big deal. Joe's date ends at the police station.

Karen's boyfriend is tense because he is trying to get job for for Head Press Secretary. Karen meets a important colleague at a party who is an attractive Indian woman who shares his Indian heritage. He can't leave one night because he has to stay, and Karen makes remarks about the woman and him and her not being jealous.

The Ivy actress takes more drugs and goes to Derek's loft. He is so worried about the show he lashes out and him. Tiring of her insecurity, he barks at her and then asks if she is going to stay. He says his concern is always for the show above anything.

Karen wears a revealing dress and gets seated at a “B”table. (The party is on a boat) She comes on like Ivy and the man next to her is entranced. He asks her to his hotel, seeing as how he will be the new Press Secretary. Karen keeps a straight face and later gives Mr. Denby's card to her boyfriend, remarking what a strange evening. In the limo Karen attacks the boyfriend sexually, who responds in kind while the chauffeur watches.

Karen tries to dispel thoughts of the sexy colleague being a reporter at a New York paper.

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