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Smash - The Cost of Art - recap

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Written by : published Thursday 8th March 2012

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Karen comes to rehearsal when the blonde comes in. None of the dancers will cozy up to her. Derek introduces her to the group as "Marilyn" and everybody claps.

Derek didn't tell her that Karen was going to be there. After they sing one of the dancers says he has a really nice voice. She say she knows the callback because it was her audition song. Michael wants the book.

Daria has to sell her Degas to finance the show's next $200,000 because her husband has hidden the money. She gets an appraisal for $350,000. Eileen needs money to produce the show.

They sing but Michael shows up and disturbs Deborah. Ivy is doing the nasty with the dark lord. The dancers gossip on the break. Tom has lunch with Ivy. She wants to know why he didn't get to know about Karen.

Karen is his star and Karen Cartwright was going to be in the ensemble. Julia wanted to give her something. She is impressive. It would have helped to have a head's up. Lyle (the Jonas brother) West is in town. Derek discovered Lyle. This fake gossip inflames his former partner who tries to warn Julia.

Michael smiles at Julia during rehearsal in a special way. Marilyn gets Karen out of the rehearsal. The other dancers start an intervention. Miss Rand brings her drawing. Eileen can't sell the Degas without her husband's sign-off. She tries to sell it to Lyle.

The new Marilyn meets the Lyle West sensation, (Jonas, one of the Jonas brothers). Derek Wills says he discovered him. He sings to the crowd "I just haven't met you yet". Ivy wears a stunning dress and Derek greets her. Lyle West is impressed by Ivy's appearance.

Ellis shows up at the party surprising Julia. Ellis is with a woman who knows who she is. Julia has grown unhappy at how much a part of the operation Ellis is. He was an assistant's assistant.

The dancers give Karen a show at the apartment. Ivy is not the problem. They train her how to be in the chorus and make it work and give her closet a makeover.

He wants to give $175,000. Eileen calls in Julia and Michael and Derek and she tries to get the money for the show. Ivy Lind is introduced in the USO number. Ivy vamps it up in the skin-tight dress as Julia sings along with her. Ivy summons "Marilyn" with the number "I never met a man who didn't love to howl".

Ivy draws Lyle into the shimmy action on the dance floor. Eileen nods knowingly, having hooked her fish. Jonas tells her he is thrilled and is he still interested in showing her her the bedrooms. Tom laughs as Derek pursues Ellis' date, a tall African American woman in yellow.

At the apartment the group of dancers train Karen how to shine as a dancer. This improves her showmanship. Her boyfriend watches. They go to a bar where he makes calls and pays for drinks. They put on a performance of "Rumor Has It" to a cheering crowd. Karen makes the grade with the supporting dancers.

Ivy goes to bed with producer Derek (upstairs) after telling him he was noticeably flirting with the woman in yellow. Julia gets more uncomfortable attention from her former flame.

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