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Suburgatory Episode 15 "Fire With Fire"

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Written by : published Saturday 3rd March 2012

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Reminder: Lisa gets popular.


To get back at Tessa for stealing Scott Straus, Dahlia steals Lisa, gives her a makeover, and lets her be part of the popular kids. Sheila is distressingly thrilled about this turn of events, and lets Lisa do whatever she wants, and Lisa, being rebellious in a way we haven't seen in a few episodes since the Christmas one, revels in it. But her new found fame means that she keeps blowing off Malik, who has gone through the trouble of coming up with a dance for them to do at the school dance.

Tessa fights fire with fire by getting Kimantha to take Lisa's place. She does what Dahlia is doing: she redresses Kimantha to look like Lisa, and at the dance, she does Lisa's part--which gets Lisa to realize where she needs to be. She pushes Kimantha out of the way just as the music changes to a slow song, and dances with Malik. Later, Tessa sees him walking her home, and they kiss.

Meanwhile, Noah's wife Jill is frustrated with his laziness, and how he never does anything she asks him to do, and after he says he fixed the shower head and it results in her getting knocked out and breaking her nose, she is done with him. She gets spruced up the way Dallas did, then goes to stay with Dallas and hits the town all dolled up. Noah has no idea how to get her back, but is miserable without her. Eventually, George convinces him to fight for her, and he goes to Dallas's on a white horse and carries her back home. They're still not really sweet, and he gets kicked off the horse and taken to the hospital, but they both know now that he really does love her.

And Dallas has a new, younger boyfriend who bothers George, and not much comes of it other than them fighting more.


Angry Dallas reasserting how she doesn't have to listen to anyone because she's single now is something to behold! She's sassy, she stands up for herself, and she doesn't put up with anyone telling her what to do! Even when that someone is George and he just wants the best for her... but can't get that across because, as we already learned from the Tessa incident, he's terrible at confrontation or talking things out.

Noah is not a very good husband, and really, not a very good person, and it's easy to feel bad for Jill. But she's also not terribly pleasant, and what saves that storyline is the part where he comes up on a horse and she agrees to ride off with him. They're not perfect, but they love each other and they need each other, and it's sweet in its own way.

Lisa in the popular crowd was fun. She already has latent bossy-pants tendencies, and she's already blunt and somewhat insulting on a daily basis, so really, she wasn't all that far off anyway, she just wasn't popular. And her and Mailk are adorable together. Now that everyone is back in their own friend groups, that should be fun to watch, as they decide who will be the boss and how they'll manage with both of them being so awkward. Not to mention that really sweet and even more awkward kid who now has a crush on Tessa, even though she barely notices him, which should also be fun to see how it unfolds.

All in all, a solid episode. Not the funniest, but it was sort of a commentary on previous episodes, like the last party / dance everyone went to when Tessa turned sixteen. We got to see things from a slightly different perspective, and we got a sweet empowerment moment for Lisa out of it, which is always fun. That girl knows how to deliver awkward standing up for herself.

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