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Suburgatory Episode 13 "Sex and the Suburbs"

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Written by : published Friday 2nd March 2012

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Reminder: Tessa and Dahlia have a feud and Dallas faces her hubby's affairs.


George thinks that Tessa is sexually active, and instead of asking her about it, he blunders into awkward accusations and she takes it badly--this is why they moved away from the City to begin with, and she's not having any of it. He wants to "find something more fun than sex" and tries to start a game night with Lisa and Malik, but Tessa won't join in.

Tessa, while this is going on, is finding herself less and less attracted to Scott because all he ever talks about is Africa, and he never seems to want to have fun or laugh. She won't break up with him, however, because she's enjoying making Dahlia jealous.

And while this is going on, Dallas finds panties that are certainly not hers in the wash, and reaches her breaking point with Steven and his bad husband ways.


It's both sad and gratifying to see George and Tessa fighting. Sad, because they usually get along so well, and gratifying because it's much more realistic to how it is to be a teen girl. But it's great that Tessa does the right thing and breaks up with Scott rather than stringing him along, and it's cute that even though she did, he let her keep the goat--even though I just know it'll never be mentioned again. How cool would it be if they had a goat as a pet, though?

Tessa wasn't being a very good friend in this ep, however. Through the whole thing, she's so wrapped up in her own drama that she doesn't even comment when Lisa tells her that Malik made a pass at her, and that should really have been a big deal. Her two best friends? Falling for each other? That's news! (Speaking of which, are they all still the entire staff of the newspaper?) It's sweet that Lisa could attract someone, and that she maybe feels the same, even though she's weird and awkward and super-intense. Even better if it turns out that he likes her because of it.

And Dallas. It's fabulous that she finally doesn't have to keep rolling over and ignoring how horrible her marriage has gotten, and it's fun that Dahlia isn't upset about it because now she gets to be double-spoiled. A rich-girl's take on the silver lining, I suppose, and an in-character way to keep this from getting too heavy as the series continues.

I wonder if we'll get to see more of Ryan wanting Tessa back, or if that was just because she was with someone else?

Over all, another cute episode.

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