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Criminal Minds - A Family Affair - recap

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Written by : published Saturday 3rd March 2012

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A man and a woman embrace intimately, talking about time, Then when she says it isn't working, he kills her with knife. A series of working girls start showing up with similar kills and body disposition behavioral cues. They track murder patterns. The most recent girl, Rebbecca, is found wrapped up in peace with her “salary” still on her. They investigate what kind of client might have gotten her killed.

Mr and Mrs. Collins take care of their son Jeffrey who is back from the war and very depressed. he is in a wheelchair. The family meal is tense. He will not take his meds and fingers a knife with intent of hurting himself. His mother is tortured. He does not want to take his medicine.

“We both know what happens when he goes off his meds.” The wife chastises he man. He drinks. “You get that silly look on your face. You need to back me up.” There is an ugly tension between them. Jeffrey lurks around.

Jeffrey works with his personal trainer. She is young and attractive. Jeffrey works hard with upper body strength and tries to impress her. The mother lurks around with lemonade but he shuts her out. Jeffrey works hard to show the trainer how well he is doing. The mother realizes she is on dangerous ground.

They analyze the evidence. The mode of kill suggest both violence and remorse. The inability to plumb sexuality means the unsub may feel the rage. There is a conflicting manifestation of his guilt. Kills are violent behavior is dominant but submissive cleans up the mess. (The parents of Jeffrey are shown cleaning up after a murder).

The team make comments in a meeting. She drowned in her own blood. It takes a lot of force to inflict these wounds. He must be strong and uninhibited in the kill zone.

The cops talk to the friends of Rebbecca, the working girl. Her peers are shocked she is dead. She got out of the silver BMW but there was a van hanging around. It was not the first time it was hanging around. It was parked in a loading zone.

A woman comes to the house of Mr. Collins. He pays out of pocket for some of the services. The prostitute/worker gets trapped and crawls, covered in blood, across the Collins living room floor. both the mother and father see this. The Collins watch and prevent her from getting out they do not react with surprise.

The HQ build a profile. They want a white collar bedroom community with insulation for his activities. Garcia pulls permits to see what vans might be hanging around. They posit two white males.

Next victim is Julie Harmon. (The parents of overkill followed by remorse. )

Dispose of the body ritual involves bondage. All of the victims have bruises on their thighs with no sexual assault. Experimentation with sexual release is indicated. The kill is without a sexual element. This thrill kill will continue.

The Collins eat another meal. At breakfast, the son says “I want another one”. The mother and the father try to defend him, and asking him to take his meds. They say they are doing the best they can. He pleads for them to kill him and “put him out of his misery”.

Julie Harmon is quizzed by Garcia. She has a list of patients but Mona can’t get it. Julie Harmon was a sexual surrogate. They treat developmental disabilities. The team analyze the explosive outbursts and responsibility to a caregiver. The surrogate indicates another profile.

The mother comes to the father and says “it’s time”. A commercial for the unsub shows in a press conference on the news. “A bond like this takes years to develop, we are not going to break it in a few hours. “ They wait for developments.

At the Collins house, the personal trainer, Erica, arrives for dinner with flowers. The mother acts pleased. She says that everybody is waiting. At the HQ, The relationship between the murder partners is examined. The partners were each at their extremes. Maybe the caretaker is a woman, they think, because women prefer cleaner disposal methods.

At the Collins house, the woman fantasizes she sees her son on his feet next to the trainer. She turns on the egg timer and then sees the fantasy is not real. At the table she discloses they tried to have a girl but she didn’t want to try because she knew in her heart she could never love another child as much.

After dinner the father lurks and the mother hangs around in the kitchen. The son watches a movie with the trainer on the couch. Then he says he is tired. The father watches the son oddly.

The mother watches the father and she asks if he is ready and he says yes. On the couch the trainer asks if Jeffrey took his meds. She jumps up and goes to get the meds from his bedroom, where she finds blood under the bed. The mother comes in. She is in a daze. She says she is his mother she would have gotten the meds. Mrs. Collin whacks the trainer down.

While at the HQ, Garcia narrows the search to the University of Georgia stabbing. There were bruises on her thighs. The parents would have pulled him out of the school and kept him close to home to protect him. The team and Garcia searches for disability permits on campus.

On the road, Mr Collins is at the wheel of the van. He drives and flashes back to the accident. He drives into the shoulder and wrecks the car. Donald Collins died on impact. In his coat pocket he confesses to all for murders. He was not trying to replicate the accident.

Jeffrey Collins and the the car accident come up with Garcia. The father was driving drunk and they switched places. The mother manipulated the father to pay the price on continued penance over the years. Linda Collins hauls the trainer’s body across the living room floor. The sons says she has nothing to do “with this”.

The mother with psychopathic tendencies would explain that they would have gotten handed down. Linda holds the gun to the trainer’s head as the team bursts into the house. Linda screams in fright and grabs the trainer. They tell her to put the gun down.

On the plane back they analyze the weekend to come. Hodge’s triathlon is up. They discuss what kind of parent goes to that length to protect their son. The accident and Jeffrey’s paralysis put him over the edge. Spence volunteers to play Mr. Belvedere. But the women don’t come home until dawn after drinking “the green fairy”.

Hodge comes in at the FBI triathlon finish line and the whole team cheers. They rush to catch him with Adam and are surprised to see his lady friend there as well. They are pleased when Hodge and the son meets her and they go off together.

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