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Survivor: One World - Episode 3 - Reigning men

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Written by : published Thursday 1st March 2012

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Thus far, all the talk and attention has been on the struggling women.  The men had been cool and collected, and in control from the beginning.

Guys, you really didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?

In case you missed the episode, be sure to get caught up by watching Episode 2 of Survivor: One World, and then be sure to read my weekly Survivor Examiner episode recap before continuing on to this “Bonus Analysis” coverage.

So tonight’s female resurgence wasn’t all that shocking was it?  We knew that these women would eventually get it together, and they have at least for the time being.  Leave it to the men to get over-confident and arrogant, and leave it to the women to prey on every guy’s human instinct to protect them.  Yes, I feel like the guys’ downfall all started when Chelsea and Alicia came over to their camp to warm up by the fire.  The guys had been a tight unit up until that point, when some of them started to crack, giving some sympathy to the women.

Let us remember, that a woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.  They’ll be just fine on their own.

Jonas stated it best when he tried reminding the guys that it was just a game, and part of the conceived concept of the game is to weaken your opposing tribe, both mentally and physically and at all costs.  But is this the best strategy to handle this One World twist?

Consider who is in the absolute position of power thus far.  If you answered Colton, you are correct.  Now, he may be too vocal and too “out there” to actually have a chance at winning Survivor, but he is definitely of the best strategic mindset of anybody in the game.  He is in power because he possesses an Immunity Idol, and from the moment he revealed his Idol to his male tribe mates, he went from fish-out-of-water to Poseidon, God of the Sea.  How did he get the Idol?

He befriended the enemy.

I must say that I am utterly shocked this season at how the tribes are treating each other.  It has become very normal, and very automatic to hate the opposing tribe on Survivor.  Day One alliances have become the best perceived path to victory, and the only thing that matters is getting to the merge with numbers.  But wouldn’t a smart player want to stay in the good graces of those that he will eventually merge with?  What better opportunity to do so, than on a season where the tribes are sharing the same beach?

I really thought that we would have seen a different dynamic this season, and I was personally shocked when they built separate camps even to begin.  Sure, they don’t want the other tribe to find out the inner-workings of their tribe, but who really cares?  Wouldn’t it be more valuable to form relationships across enemy lines?

Colton was the sole contestant who made it a point to befriend the opposing tribe.  He may not have done so strategically, as he was so out-of-place with the men that he just needed to seek out his comfort zone, which was amongst women.  But in doing so, he was rewarded early (and by chance) with an Immunity Idol.

Tarzan said it best at Tribal Council when he spoke of Colton’s worth in the game.  Not only does he have built in alliance mates once the two tribes merge, but his Idol puts him among the most dangerous on the male tribe.  Yet, nobody may try to take him out, at least for a while.  Why?  He’s a big target, so why not keep him around?  And two, he is perceived as weak and easy to beat in challenges.  The perfect candidate to go deep into the game.

Now that he has ousted Matt, he will have to contend with the many strong personalities on his tribe.  The other men are well aware of his closeness with the women, so they may not be so inclined to let him reach the merge.  If they can win a few more challenges, they may not have a choice.

Most interesting perhaps, was the revelation tonight from Matt that Troyzan is the perceived leader of the “average joe” alliance.  If that’s the case, it will be interesting to see what his strategic plans are for Colton.

Next week seems to be more chaos from the men’s tribe.  It is also very thought-provoking to hear Jeff Probst’s tease of next week’s episode via Tout.com:  "A first at Tribal Council.  A game-changer.  One of the most unexpected things I've ever seen happen."

It has to mean that Colton is involved then, right?

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