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Unforgettable - episode 17 "Blind Alleys" - recap

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Written by : published Thursday 1st March 2012

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Rowe tries to resuscitate a body but the person is gone. Rowe tries CPR. Carrie is looking for the shooter. Carrie calls for a bus. Sirens sound in the distance. He saw a security light and he spun around and Rowe shot. Ray tells Rowe to stop telling the story as if he is convincing himself. In the office he is told to find a union rep and have him et lawyer. Ray asks for hi gun He says Al already gave him a lawyer. he asks for his gun and says it is procedure. ray grills Carrie if she canvassed all the witnesses. Ray asks if she ever saw the gunman. Carrie works her memory. David Jacobs father is downstairs. He wants to meet the cop that shot his son. Lt Burns.

They can't disclose the information to the ongoing investigation. Jacobs says his son is a soldier and did 2 tours and got a bronze star and purple heart. He says the cop is lying to cover his own ass. Ray asks Carrie to show Mr. Jacobs to his office. He is filing a murder charges. Once the investigation is completed. The secretary directs him to sign a form and asks another person to make a copy. Jacobs senses he is being "handled" and pulls a gun out of th holster of the officer and grabs him hostage. She pulls a gun and he demands she drop the gun or he dies. The hostage negotiation situation reaches the TV news and the sets turn on all over the station. The man makes demands and a SWAT team arrive. Carrie outlines the case thus far to the hostage SWAT negotiator. he says they have to get him out of the situation when others are in danger. the man yells for the office who shot his son. The daughter of the kidnapper arrives wanting to talk to someone.

She says her brother did not have a gun. The daughter of the kidnapper gets angry and talks to Carrie. She wears a army jacket for David and never takes it off. They want him to stop him from hurting other people. Carrie asks the sister questions when she shows up to the station. But she wants to vent her rage. She will not cooperate and ask her father to put down the gun and release the hostages. "The cop who shot him is a liar and that's the truth". She is firm. Carrie says she won't help them she doesn't believe David Jacobs had a weapon. "We gotta find that weapon." Carrie and Al are anxious. Time is short. The hostage negotiator wants Rowe charged for murder. Ray and Carrie go back to the alley. Carrie remembers a lit cigarette up n the fire escapes. She climbs and sees a driver's license dropped on the steps.

They find the man was watching what happened below the night before. Rowe looks over the body. The resin test was negative. Rowe is immensely troubled and has no family to talk to. The second man shot the other one. He says to Carrie "Then you ran into the alley. " the man is very scared and unsure. Carrie asks him if he saw a gun in his hands. The man is very unsure and it was too dark. A junkie took something from behind the dumpster. A skinny black junkie was there and Carrie remembers. He was sitting on the sidelines and he might have pulled the gun from where Jacobs had thrown it. Jimmy Dee is a junkie. Al learns the D. A. won't play ball.

Al hears what Carrie says and says Jimmy will talk under pressure. Al says the perimeter has been breached. Detective Rowe Saunders shows up to the door and announces himself to the man with the gun. The SWAT team detects this and they order him away from the door. He says he is unarmed. Rowe says that he was unarmed he killed drug dealer named Leon Holmes. "That's a lie". "We can end this just give us the go". The SWAT team wants to sweep the room. Rowe brought the case file. He says they came to the man's apartment to arrest David but he ran. "That's a lie", he shouts. The woman gets out and she says there is a gun to Rowe to his head.

He will see why it went down like it did. She says what was his reason to go n and they say "You". Carrie says that the know he took something from behind the dumpster. He hears the shots and he knew they would be crawling around and Carrie says he twitches when he lies. She remember she had no money but he had a pawn ticket. He wants a cigarette and Carrie says what did he pawn.
He says nothing but Carries says "You're twitching" The man says he could not fire a weapon. In Afghanistan he took out two locals and then he could no fire a weapon anymore. They were patient but what good is a Marine he was discharged from PTSD.

They can't believe he put a weapon on him. Rowe starts crying."I'm so sorry, sir". But the SWAT team wants to burst the room. Carrie goes into a room with the sister. They thought David was guilty. He was seen fighting with eon They find a singe hear at the crime scene. The autopsy report shows he didn't do drugs so why was he fighting with a drug dealer. She was dating a drug dealer. "They are going to go in there and kill your father. I need you to tell me what happened. I need you to tell me the truth."

Carrie speaks to Kim to get her to talk. David came home from Afghanistan and found out that she was running LeRon and using him. LeRon laughed in his face. Le Ron told everyone he was going to kill David. Carrie guesses she killed LeRon and he was trying to get rid of the gun. He never gave up on me. he came home and I was totally screwed up on drugs. He didn't turn his back on me he stood up before and now he's dead. And it's all my fault."

Carrie and Kim go to the door and the man hears his daughter at the door. "I took your gun and I shot Le Ron. He was gonna kill David. I had to. " She cries. The father drops the gun and unlocks the door. Rowe announces to the SWAT team and Carrie outside the door he promised Mr. Jacobs something. Rowe wants to see his son. Carrie hears the SWAT team planning to fire and says "Do you feel you' re being held hostage" He says no, which disables the SWAT team's authority. Ray gives Rowe a command to go forward. He unlocks and walks out. He says he is coming out with Mr Jacobs.
That night, Carrie brings Rowe a drink on the street and he says her gift saved his life.

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