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Hawaii Five-0 - Lekio - recap

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Written by : published Thursday 1st March 2012

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Bobby Ray (Dennis Miller) radios his show from a boat off Hawaii. He babbles wildly. His satiric smirks broadcast from five miles offshore. He says he can't go into the city. The City Occupation exhibit bothers him. Hawaiians everywhere listen in.(James Caan guest stars)

"Woodstock was a mud hole with no cell coverage". Ray rants while people all over Hawaii listen and enjoy the show. He talks about disenfranchisement and cultural alienation. 

Bobby hits an effect button marked "car bomb" and a bomb goes off in the broadcast booth.  He is blown away and so is his assistant.

In the Paradise Pool in Hawaiian Hilton Village, Danno waits for Grace at the bottom of a water-slide. Dylan, a boy from school, talks to her and her father notices. She says his mother works there.

Bobby Ray's blown up boat comes into harbor. Danny knows him from way back. Kono says equipment malfunction to a bomb is the supposition. They case the scene. The charge is rigged to kill. The producer was not in the broadcast booth. He was lucky. They were a two man operation. 

Ray was divorced and he has a daughter, Brandy. Williams knows her from when Ray spoke about her. Williams asks that she not see the smoking boat and Chin Ho goes off to find her. Ray had money. He just wanted to speak his mind. Bobby bought a pirate signal. 

"They smoked the competition with static. "Die hard fans tuned dials all day off-program waiting for random broadcasts. Other programs got wiped out because fans turned them off looking for Bobby's show.

They discover Ray's body is gone. The coroner forensics guy runs up to say someone stole his van. Steve jumps in the car and speeds off. Danny is very nervous about how fast they speed. Kono calls. 

A couple of Ray's fans stole the boy and are Tweeting the theft. Danny can't handle how fast Steve is driving. Max is in the back. Steve cuts them off and Max gets the body intact. Max does relaxation exercises while Danny and Steve book the acolytes.

Chin Ho researches the life of Bobby Ray and Miles Rogers with his daughter. Brandy. They lived apart and saw each other rarely and briefly. Brandy's fiancée is shocked. Miles, the producer, was a close friend, they grew up in New York together. Ray got his gun a daughter despite his stated political views.

Williams sympathizes with this idea. Grace has a stun gun in her back pocket. Steve plays shrink to Williams fearing Grace' schoolgirl crush on the kid from the pool. He called five times. Steve says the "perp" is ten years old. He says they were all ten years old.  Once.  Steve sees this wisdom.

SIS lifted prints off the sound board. (The bomb was in the speakers) Tony Archer, ex NYPD homicide. He wrote the book on interrogation techniques. He was part of a major scandal that Ray used to talk about on-air. Archer did a stint on the bomb squad. He might have planted the boat bob. He is now a PI.

Steve finds Archer (James Caan) on the boat. He does not know what 5-0 means. McGarrett has to spell his name and tries to get Steve to put his gun down. Archer doesn't know Steve's name. He spells it. Archer gets Steve to put down his gun, he cracks the chamber and points his revolver at him.  

"Learned a lesson today, didn't you?" Archer smirks. But-

Danno pulls a gun on his neck from behind. "What about you, old man?" 

He says he had a beer on the boat at least once a week. He says he was the daughter's godfather. Archer directs them to a place to find proof. Archer mocks Bobby and Steve about leaving his prints to draw attention. He keeps making noise to Danny and nervous conversation, but Steve hears noises.

Steve wanders over the boat and finds a man bound and gagged in water in a wooden box. Steve is furious. Danno says he does not get a "suspect". This is the security guard. Some girl distracted him. The acolytes were always hanging around. Steve cuts him free of th duct take and tells him to get lost.

Firecracker papers were in the bomb. But fibers were in the crude weapon. Professional grade fireworks were to blame. Archer rides along and says the chase is a complete waste of time. Danny puts him in handcuffs and says they will take him in for harboring that suspect.

"I know a guy". Archer irritates Danny. But the guy Archer knows is Tasty Freeze. Archer got a firecracker from years ago and HPD was not happy about it. They go to the market. He wants the aerial mortars the large aerial mortars.

A Howei (mainlander) came in and took a truck. The owner of the store says you had to call China for the fireworks he wants. he wanted the big mortars they only have new year's Eve. You have to call China for that. 

The farm truck it had a big picture of lettuce on it. Archer gets nervous when he hears this. He directs Danny and Steve back to the boat. Ray was involved with a pet charity for runaway kids. The guy who ran the charity was roughed up by a criminal father. Ray met from time to time with the director.

 But sometimes the charities got up to making things that were no good (like fireworks) and it was someone's job to keep them in line.

Archer confesses he was the guy who was supposed to keep the group in line for Ray. He did a bad job. Archer took pictures. The truck is in a picture Archer handed him. Archer elaborates about the relationship. Doug Leman had bad tax records.

"You see a suspect I see a cop." Archer sees another perspective.

This afternoon you couldn't see anything without your glasses." This from Danny.

They find munitions in Leman's background. Archer is amazed by the technology in HQ and pleased to meet Kono.

Archer is dismissed by Steve. But Archer begs to let in on the investigation. Steve says no. They find a woman alienated by the work the emancipation/welfare group home were doing. 

Some radio guy getting in the middle of family problems. Archer has actually met one of the contacts. Karen Whitfield. She almost got forced in a home because of childhood injuries. It took two years for everything to get back to normal.

They arrest and question Karen Whitfield's father. Because of the grudge from  his daughter's kidnapping, Ray financed his son's emancipation. He wanted to blow that whole damn runaway home into the sky he just couldn't do it. He has an alibi. He drove an RV alone. He says it was his first trip there. 

Kono says the park ranger says the RV was parked there before. One of them is lying. Steve thinks Karen used the v to plant the bombs. 

Steve calls out to Karen Whitfield and announces 5-0. She is dead on the floor. Steve walks around and sees Archer. Steve is nonplussed.

"What is he doing here?" Danny asks. 

"I am following the evidence. " Archer says. Whitfield stole bomb supplies from Leman. He thought Karen might have used the to bomb the boat.

My suspect the was there that night the bomb was planted he identified the girl steals his key-card and gets access to the yacht. She uses a bomb that she stole off of Leland. Her real name is Susan Duprees for sweetheart scam with a male accomplice.

The partner was a white male in his early twenties. They made millions of dollars. Steve posits that she got to Oahu last summer ago. Kono reports the very day they flew from Phoenix. Steve wants phone records from the day she landed. the phone calls go to Brandy's husband, the dead radio announcer's son-in-law.

They arrest him. In the interrogation room, Archer question Brandy's husband. He wanted her money she stood to inherit. He was working with Whitfield/Duprees.

The son-in-law talks. That was all Karen's idea. She was tired of waiting. The plan was to skim off of her trust. He says he fell in love with Brandy. He wasn't going to steal her money and leave. Steve says that Karen knew she wasn't getting a payday. Karen killed Ray to get the payday for Brandy's husband.

Things got out of control. He wanted her out of his life. He went to her place and killed her. Archer is shocked because Bobby Ray trusted him and gave him his daughter. Danny tells Brandy at HQ and she embraces Archer as he walks in.

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