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30 Rock s06e09 "Leap Day"

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Written by : published Thursday 1st March 2012

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Reminder: The one with the Leap day celebrations.


Liz comes into work on February 29th to find Kenneth dressed as Leap Day William, and everyone making crying noises so he'll throw them candy. She has no idea what's going on because somehow she missed an entire cultural tradition (that didn't exist until this episode). Apparently, once every four years, an old man in a blue suit comes up out of the Marianas Trench to give candy to crying children and encourage people to do something they'd never do the rest of the year.

Liz meets a guy she went to school with who is now a successful billionaire, and Jenna convinces her to go to his Leap Day party. While she's there, he tells her that he's loved her all these years, and he'll pay her 20 million dollars to sleep with him before Leap day is over. She calls Criss, who tells her that whatever happens on this day doesn't count, so she goes to seduce him--except that Jenna also wants to seduce him. And Jenna has notified the gold-diggers, so the time is limited. Ultimately, Liz can't hold out against models, so she goes home.

Meanwhile, Jack is in a competition with a bunch of other execs to see who can make the most money on Leap Day, and it's keeping him away from Liddy's first Leap Day celebration. Kenneth (or a dream of Kenneth) shows him, in a Ghost of Christmas Past sort of thing, what happens if he keeps missing her milestones: she becomes a liberal and works with Habitat for Humanity. So he goes home to see her, after all.

And Tracy has an exorbitant Benihana gift card that they need to spend before midnight, and even with all his friends eating as much as they can, he can't spend it all. So in an extended joke where he misses the point and comes back to it several times, wise words from the real Leap Day William inspire him to invite a whole soup kitchen to use the rest of the gift card and eat as much as they can.


You know, Leap Day is much more interesting this way! And it's always fun when a new made-up holiday shows up on the scene. Plus, it managed to get all the heart (and a few of the tropes) of a Christmas special without worrying too much about accuracy, and simultaneously referenced "Ground Hog Day"--the holiday and the movie--AND the Santa Clause or becoming-god movies.

Everyone's individual plot lines were looser than usual, moving around past each other more than interlinking like they usually do, but it was still a fun, possibly throw-away episode, depending on whether the writers decide that what happens then really doesn't matter for the rest of the year.

There isn't much criticism to be made because of that clause; it was fun, and it was clever, and it was bizarre, but it didn't change the overall arc of the season any, and it's probably better that way. It lets us just enjoy this weird little holiday for what it has been created to be.

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