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30 Rock s06e08 "The Tuxedo Begins"

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Written by : published Thursday 1st March 2012

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Reminder: Liz goes crazy on the subway, and Jack gets mugged.


Liz gets mad at people on the subway for being rude, and when she goes home dressed in her crazy old lady costume from a skit and everyone gives her space, she decides that New York's broken culture rewards bad behavior. So she starts acting like a crazy old lady more and more to get her errands done without people bothering her.

Jack, meanwhile, gets mugged and concludes that the middle class is attacking the upper and that there's a class war coming. He hides in his office for days until he finally decides to face his fear and goes back to where he was attacked. While he's there, Liz goes to ask him for some money, since she left her wallet, but all he sees is a crazy lady attacking him, and he tosses her into a pile of garbage. Everyone cheers, and Liz realizes that the subway was an isolated incident--people mostly like those who stand up for what's right, so she decides to stop.

Meanwhile, Jenna and Paul realize that they had a totally normal night together, and call it 'normalling' to fit in with their usual kinkiness. They settle in to explore this new fetish, and realize that maybe it's not a fetish; maybe they just started to settle down. To test the theory, they decide to take three months off their relationship to do whatever crazy things they want, to see if there's anything else that makes them as happy as being together.


The scene where Paul and Jenna each take a breath and then say what's on their mind (the three months thing), and both say this long, involved plan that takes a paragraph to explain at the same time is just great. It goes on so long that it crosses over into absurdity, and we all know that they  are perfect for each other. They'll be back.

But what was most fun about this ep was the play of Jack and Liz against the story of Batman and The Joker. Liz is probably not far from a crazy old lady most times anyway, and it really is Jack who saves her when she goes to far, so this was really just the logical next step of that story. And it was fun, too--with the blue and red lights that took it back to the original batman story in the 50s or 60s, rather than really tackling the way it is now, all dark and gritty. This show is sometimes verging on dark, but never like that, and it's about as far from gritty as you can get.

And it reaffirmed a basically optimistic view of the city--New York is full of jerks, but most people don't go terrorizing everyone in their way.

Plus, there was that singing prostitute bit that was a nice twist on the usual story of a fresh-faced girl off a bus.

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