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NCIS LA -Personal - Recap

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Written by : published Thursday 24th February 2011

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Deaks is running on the beach and things are looking good, then hits his usual morning coffee stop at a Culver Blvd. convenience store. The owner at the register does not respond to his jokes and the man at the register has a gun. Deaks fakes a question then takes the man down. Then the store owner says look out and a second man comes from the rear of the liquor store. Two shots. When Hanna and Callen get to the store, Det. Jeff Versey of LAPD hands them the case and walks off. Kenzi asks Hetty is she can go to the hospital.

NCIS tracks the footage from security cameras. Hanna is angry at Deaks for doing the same thing every day. Callen says Deaks was trained as an LAPD cop not an agent. Kenzi asks for his next of kin, and Hetty and Callen don't know either. Hanna and Kenzi are guilty of humble brags. Hanna and Callen arrive at the medical center, where Eric calls and says the killers are right there too driving up in the green Mustang.

They shoot out and the shooter goes running and the driver gets shot. Carlos Guzman and Santo Perez are the gunmen. Hanna says they are guns for hire. Hetty gives Nell a red file and says for her to research the parolee discreetly. The phones used for these gangbanger guys are burned phones bought for disposable use. Hanna says he wants to go everywhere there has been a James Bond movie. Callen points out outer space from Moonraker. Hanna also tells Callen they didn't cry when he was shot. Callen says "Where is the love/".

The liquor store shooting was with a 22, a girl's gun. The guns from the hospital parking lot are bigger. The drivers must have gunned up. Callen and Hanna get Santo when Eric finds him in a bowling alley. Eric does it by searching his picture in social media. Hanna says next stop Chino. But Versey picked a fistfight with Deaks after Deaks informed on him with Internal Affairs years ago. Callen and Hanna stop by LAPD.  Versey says he was just coming to see them at NCIS.

Versey says he got a wake up call to get sober. But even after that,  last year Deaks comes banging on his door checking in his sobriety. Versey considers Deaks his sponsor. He says Deaks is a good cop. He gives Hanna and Callen a big file of names to look at, and he says because Deaks was a good cop there are so many names to look at. Eric runs a check on the burnphones and find one active. They get Eric to run backstopping on a fake attorney profile.

Deaks says he thinks Kenzi got shot somewhere embarassing. Deaks watches Kenzi eat his jello. Kenzi says she never has been shot. NCIS faxed over the list of past busts from Deaks' LAPD experience. Callen sees Nell talking to Hetty but Hetty won't spill. Kenzi privately confronts how connected to Deaks she really is.

Kenzi says Edwardo Cruz but Deaks realizes his mistakes of using the same routine every day. Meanwhile Callen sets up a trap pretending to be Deaks' attorney. He calls the burn phone and they setup a meet at a downtown warehouse. Hanna and a team of snipers stand ready in the loft. They wait but nobody comes.

Deaks says Gordon John Brendell is the man he shot when he was 11 years old. This is the man Hetty is having Nell research. Nell and Kenzi are shocked. But at the same time Callen and Hanna are waiting, Deaks figures out it's a trap. But after Kenzi leaves, he realizes the rest of the team is too good to get caught in a routine and they are the target. He's the weak link. That's why the second shot didn't kill him in the liquor store. But that means Kenzi, his partner, is the target, and the downtown meet is a lure to get Callen and Hanna out of bounds.

Kenzi gets into the hospital elevator just as Hanna and Callen jump in the car downton and speed toward Santa Monica. When Kenzi goes outside to get signal, Hanna blurts out about the trap just as a van pulls up. Two men get the drop on Kenzi but she kicks back hard and downs them. Then the driver comes around leveling a gun at her. She hasn't had time to draw her weapon.

Shots flatten him in the chest, and Kenzi turns to see a staggering bloodstained Deaks, shooting from the hospital doorway. Hanna and Callen drive up seconds later, making it from downtown Los Anges to Santa Monica in about 45 seconds. NCIS identifies the driver as a Chechen terrorist was targeting Kenzi to find some wife and child relocations to kill them. He dies saying "got you all".

At NCIS HQ, the team gets ready to shower Deaks in procedure training. They identify the killer as a threat from the past pursuing underground escapees. Nell asks  Kenzi if she will tell them about the attack.  but Kenzi says 3 days after she relocated them they vanished. Nell returns the file, and Hetty sits by Deaks in the hospital and eats his jello. Deaks' father was paroled in 1992 and died in 1998.  Deaks shot him because he was abusive. Deaks asks who to put as next of kin. She says "Lang, Henrietta.".

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