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30 Rock s06 e6 and e7 "Hey, Baby, What's Wrong?"

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Written by : published Thursday 1st March 2012

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Reminder: The valentine's episode.


Since this is her first Valentine's with a chance of being happy, Liz and Criss decide that they should do something special, and that means Liz needs to get a table so they can have a proper dinner. IKEA proves to be too much, though, and they spend the whole time fighting and leave separately Liz decides that she's lost another boyfriend because she's too messed up, and heads home dejected--to find that Criss solved the problem by building her a table from scratch, making her a fancy dinner, and that he doesn't care that they fought and figures they're allowed to disagree on things. So she has a nice holiday after all.

Meanwhile, Jack helps Avery's mom Diana try her hand at getting Avery back where Jack failed, and she fails too, but they discover a fierce attraction to each other in the process. Jack spends the whole episode trying not to sleep with his wife's mom, and Liz helps by telling him how wrong that would be, and they solve the attraction by playing golf instead of sleeping with each other.

In subplot-land, Hazel sees how nice Liz's life is, and decides that she's going to be her. Which is where most of the creepiness of this episode comes from.


It's very true that the attraction between Jack and Diana, aside from being a little too close to a John Cougar Melencamp song, is just weird. It's not right, and it's a weird time to bring it up. But it's also true that they didn't give in to it, which means the writers can either drop it or handle it differently later.

And it's also true that Criss is a good boyfriend. He's poor and lacks prospects, but he's sweet, he's thoughtful, and he's the first person Liz has dated in this show that doesn't care that she argues, and doesn't take it personally when she does. Up until she got home, I was expecting this episode to be another example of the weird pessimism that crops up whenever something might go right for the characters, but then it turned out to be really cute, while avoiding sappiness--mostly by way of Hazel. Bringing us up to the edge of being too nice was fun, and then bringing it back to something strange, which is this show's strength, really, but way of an obsessed stalker rather than through something having to do with Liz and Criss directly was inspired. It brings them back down to earth without ruining what they have just then.

So yeah, a weird episode. One that probably didn't have to be an hour long, and one that went off the rails with some of the more uncomfortable weirdness. But one that was basically sweet, even so.

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