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30 Rock s06e05 "Today You Are A Man"

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Written by : published Wednesday 29th February 2012

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Reminder: Liz needs to renegotiate her contract and Kenneth quits the page program.


Liz is insulted when her previously-fired agent tells her that Jack already sent a new contract for her, without talking to her about it, and just expects her to sign it. She decides to renegotiate, but when it becomes obvious that her agent is a loss, she finds a seminar video that Jack made years ago, teaching people to negotiate the way he does. Using his own skills against him, Jack sees it at an evil field and agrees, but then she's too slow answering, he plays both parts--and wins the negotiation against himself for her. Later, he fakes a breakdown to prove that he actually could win, but signs the better contract anyway, because he's "still going to take care of" her and wants her "to have everything".

Meanwhile, Kenneth realizes that no one even noticed that he was gone while he was being replaced with a computer last episode, and he switches jobs with Hazel Wazzername, who is not nearly the page he is and keeps getting things wrong and insulting people. He wants to hold out until everyone realizes they need him, but it doesn't work because Tracy and Jenna recently discovered the power of just being honest, and Tracy tells him he really does need to find a new job.

So Kenneth goes to Jack to see about other opportunities at the company.


While last week was all about how codependent everyone is, and how mean they are to each other, this week was all about how nice everyone can be, because they really do care about each other under all the lunacy. Jack was caught up in the fight, but still did his best representing Liz, and even admitted why without any lies or subterfuge, and it was actually a very sweet scene. I can't help thinking, just a little, that even if the breakdown was faked, that he maybe actually does feel a little off, for exactly the reasons he stated--he has no challenges, he hasn't been able to get his wife back, and so on. It's been a rough year or so for Jack.

Kenneth-stories are always interesting. His interactions with Suze Orman about his age and his savings and so on were classic. He's such a weird character, but he's played so innocently and naively that he's really likable, and it's sad when everyone treats him badly. Which means it's also cheer-worthy when he stands up for himself. Tracy being honest and emotional is strange, but he was right when he said there wasn't a future in the page program.

The funniest parts were the previously mentioned conversation with Suze, and Liz's first run at negotiations with Jack, where she's dressed like a female him and using his tricks against him before he figures it out. The looks on his face! This is the sort of 30 Rock I like, weird as all get-out, but secretly sweet underneath.

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