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30 Rock s06e03 "Idiots Are People Three!"

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Written by : published Wednesday 29th February 2012

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Reminder: The second half of the idiot protest.


Jack being in Liz's head makes her question Criss, and it leads to a fight. She has to deal with Tracy's protest, which continues until she agrees to read a public apology written by the idiots in question, which really just proves that they're idiots, but it makes him happy, dispels the protest, and makes her realize that she'd been acting like an idiot with Criss. He makes her happy, and that's what matters. Jack sees her and him being cute, and lets Criss have his approval for a probationary three months in which he has to prove himself.

Meanwhile, Jack has been pulling favors to try to get the protest off his back, and winds up getting Devon Banks's triplets into Liddy's spot in the most prestigious preschool in the city. He's upset at first, and wants to get his chance back, until he realizes that he came from nothing, and she's already starting out better than that, no matter what school she goes to.

And Jenna and Kenneth get Kelsey Grammar to help them distract everyone backstage so they can get Pete back to his office. Kelsey does it by staging an impromptu one-man show about Abraham Lincoln, and after they pose Pete in a compromising position, they realise that Jenna's lights weren't broken after all, just off, and she really didn't need to have any of this happen!


The season is still off to a good start. The idiots storyline is full of funny jokes that the idiots themselves prove and reinforce without realizing what they're doing, and the fact that they got so many known faces to appear there is just amazing. And the Criss storyline really seems to be honestly sweet and cheerful, which is unusual for one of Liz's relationships. Sooner or later, we're going to be waiting for the other shoe to drop, but right now, we're able to just enjoy seeing her happier and more upbeat than she's been in ages.

Jack is getting all sorts of glancing character development this season so far--most of it having to do with Liddy--and it's fun watching him be protective and mellowing without actually stopping being Jack.

So overall, a good third episode of the season, and a great end of the two-parter! And really, the whole thing would have been worth it for that little snippet of Kelsey's play that we got toward the end!

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