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The Mentalist - Pink Chanel Suit - recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 28th February 2012

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A judge comes home for a burial of her mother and her daughter disappears. They arrive at a high security home where a funeral is being held. Two daughters are supposed to attend but one goes to find the other and finds her dead fiancée instead. Lisbon and the crew arrive. The elaborate estate has many buildings and garages.

One of the family intimates, a doctor, arrives to meet Jane in this time of crisis at the house. He joins the judge to close family business. Jane annoys the high profile security chief. Many notables are in attendance due to the stature of the judge’s family. The threat against the mother was that a convict she put away who got out who swore eternal vengeance against her and her family.

One daughter was recovering from drug problems. The other finds the dead body before the funeral. She is missing but the security staff say nobody got out of the grounds. Her boyfriend is found viciously stabbed. They find her credit card lent to another girl who needed money. She was drinking after finding out her grandmother was killed.

Cho baits the convict into revealing his contacts. Ray Tubbs has an inside man, Howard Dressler inside the compound. Riggs questions Dressler. Jane hefts a rug at the estate to see if he can get it to the other side of the walls but is caught by Lisbon and the security detail. O’Loughlin sends Van Pelt a nice gift and Riggs watches.

Jane visits the compound and sees the funeral plans under way. He is surprised they are going ahead with it. Jane talks to the Judge about the missing girl. She is strong and funny, the judge says. "Abby’s dead" Jane asks. Jane says it is not unlikely. She is shocked.

Lisbon and Jane get called into a meeting. Pauline Fitzwilliam, a federal Judge, called Lisbon’s boss, and says Jane was caught stealing a rug off her residence. Jane says the Judge has not been excluded as a suspect. Lisbon confirms she has not been excluded. Jane says he wanted to know if it was possible how to get the body off premises. Lisbon sighs.

Tubbs says the daughter fell off the wagon. She hit Dressler up for some drugs. He showed up to the compound give her the drugs but she was not there and then missing. He saw the fiancée was dead but he says he didn’t kill Austin.

Jane dials Lisbon’s boss to inform her there will be "foolishness" at Ethel Sebring’s funeral.
Jane interrupts the funeral service.

Anny Fitzwilliam is dead. "We don’t know all the details". Jane says that she is hidden in the coffin because they are two small women hidden in the box. He says they are going to have to make a quick peek. Lisbon says to go along with it because Jane’s weird quirk have paid off in the past.

She is not in the coffin. Jane is stunned and Lisbon is embarrassed. Her boss is angry. The doctor is angry and the others watch unbelieving. The old woman’s body is alone. The Judge is iron faced but disappointed.

In the office, Lisbon’s boss comes clean and says all their jobs are on the line. Jane tells Lisbon he is very often not wrong twice. The body is there. The girl’s body cannot have left the compound. Night falls on the house and nobody is around. They wait in silence.

But some noises are heard and shapes seen. A figure tussles with a object, obviously the body. He stops when he hears a phone ringing. He stops and realizes it is his own phone. He answers it. Jane appears behind him in silhouette. It is the doctor. Lisbon appears and arrests him.

They find the doctor was trying to get the body out. She was addicted again and he was feeding it. He says he was managing the addiction, the family would never forgive him if they knew. He tried to think what to do while Austin raged about his dead girlfriend.

She overdosed fast and the fiancée found them, he had minutes to act. Because the drugs were in her system, he had to hide the body until they expired and he had to kill him. The drugs could be traced back to him. Austin would have exposed that he had helped her take drugs. He hid the body of the girl in his room and it was not found when the search as done.

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