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Grimm - Last Grimm Standing - recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 28th February 2012

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An elderly couple in their cabin stop to look for the dog. The man goes outside with a flashlight. He thinks he sees the dog then is attacked. Then he goes inside the house. The woman goes to the door and sees his face, frozen, then he falls to the floor dead. A horrible being stands in the doorway. The woman screams. It is inhuman. She reaches for the phone. It attacks her at light speed.

A thing on horses attacks and a voice calls "Dmitri!" The scene in confused. Reins and chains jangle during a forest horseback battle. Individuals fighting back and when the horseback assailants get them they drag their hands in the dirt.

The men check over the corpses. The older man is a lumber executive. The people were mangled like steak. Nick thinks about the horse connection. He says "Let's see where they go". Drag marks and claw marks are puzzling. One of the men finds something, no barns and no horses. They remark it is on private property. How did horses get there?

He discusses his anniversary dinner. What does he want on his potatoes. He wants butter. She fingers a ring over and over again.

Griffin and Nick evaluate the body toll. The dead men are parolees whose P.O barely cares he missed an appointment. They check into the employment relationships of the other ship come in. They are weight lifters. Nick checks out a local gym and finds a fighter with an attitude.

Dmitri Scantos is the man he is looking for. He came and worked out. His boat was taken last month. He takes him to the running site. It is 6 miles from the death site. They find more evidence of horses. They get a call about Dmitri Scantos' car. In the murky garage they find blood and other traces. They see Latin language tags.

"Looks like some kind of arena." The see a recessed central area with blood stains on the floor. The room is concentrated around a central space. Carvings and bloodstains are on the floor. Something called the "Morning Star" is described, one some kind gladiator weapon.

Nick asks "Who signs up for that?" Griffin says, "Friends, Romans, Countrymen?" Nick looks in the trailer. Monroe talks about what the history is. The gladiator code is "It is man's first happiness is to know how to die, the second is to know when to die.".

"Yeah for something bloody." They search for more evidence. It looks like chicken fighting.
"Big chickens wearing big shoes". Nick says "Maybe bare knuckle fighting", then "Maybe they are using more than their fists."

They hear a cry from the local police officer, the guy nearby has broken cover and is running. They run outside. But outside the garage the officer is leaning on the ground, saying he had him but he got away, he was moving really fast.

In the forest, the fighter is running with headphones on the pursuing horses appear. They overtake him. They accost the man running and tie him up, dragging him off wildly.

The next day the captain catches up with the parole officer. "You screwed up. Your little blood sport has gotten out of hand." Leo smirks. He throws him against the wall. The parole officer Leo looks at him and laughs.

"We had an agreement. You were not to deviate. Dmitro Scantos was not on the list."

The Captain tells the parole officer, Leo, to shut it down. He says no. There is too much money involved. "Times have changed your Highness ". The Captain is stunned and angry his words are ignored. Leo says the chances are good that Scantos being dead will make money in the fight world. (because he will transform into beast that can make money in the arena).

"You need to be more careful how you treat me", Leo says and walks off.

In the trailer Nick reads more about the ancient gladiators. Monroe shows up. He says he was careful to shake a tail. They talk about the fighting and how money is made. The gladiators are fueled by generations of bitterness. Monroe says they are fierce. Nick cautions him they are outmoded but Monroe says they are serious.

Monroe goes into a local bar and asks for odds on a match but the bookie refuses. Monroe acts up and he goes Grimm to get inside action. He implies he wants more blood in the sport. Monroe comes on strong with cash." Something with a little more life and death to it." Monroe insists.

"Word is you track the hardcore stuff." Monroe asks after the gladiators. He calls Nick with a line on the fight. Burkhart misses meeting Monroe. He gets called to a scene of more bodies.

They find more missing parolees. The parole officer for them is connected, and works with the Department of Corrections and they are warned to tread carefully. Nick gets a call from Monroe describing how some men with horse trailers have shown up.

Nick realizes who is there and sys to run but Monroe catches on to late. He is captured by the horse people and taken. After a bag gets put on his head he is transported. Monroe gets put in a cage by Leroy with another man close by. Leroy is thrilled they have BlutBad like Monroe. They have never had one before.

In the cages Monroe's whimsy starts to fade. Monroe sees his hand of the next prisoner is injured. He then pulls a nail out of his neighbor's paw. Then the captors drop raw meat into the cage. Monroe says he is vegan and the realizes his meat has a tattoo. It's human. (Monroe cannot eat meat or human meat without triggering beastly instincts). He sees the other prisoners eat and begins to be afraid...

The arena fills with spectators. They lead Monroe into battle in the cage with screaming spectators and he is overthrown. He evades getting hurt because he is not joining the battle. Leo is amused when Nick finds his way in and puts him into the cage too with Monroe. Nick is confused about what is going on.

Griffin and Nick find their way into the arena through the warehouse and garage connections. They call for backup. Nick is primed for combat while Griffin tries to make sense of it all.

Monroe coaches him to fight and Nick slowly realizes the gladiator code means business. Faced with onset of battle, Nick handles the shield. Monroe reveals that because of the nail in the hand he removed, the other man's hand is weak. Nick uses his Grimm skills and powers to match the Gladiator philosophy and powers.

Meanwhile Captain Vedder approaches a house of worship and goes into the confessional. "I need your wrath." He says that their authority has been undermined.

The priest asks if the individual has been given a chance to come around and he says that this is the case. But it didn't take. The priest ponders this. "When?" The priest asks. "Now". He responds to the priest. The priest sighs and says "Gimme me a few minutes to get changed. As it was before, so shall it be again.".

While Nick battles in the arena, at home his wife cooks dinner and stares at the diamond ring and blows out the candle. She is sad. He has missed their anniversary dinner.

Nick fights until the police show up and red and white blare sirens and break up the arena fights. police show up and they chase the fighters and spectators until the recesses of the garage and warehouses. They make several arrests for illegal fighting responsible for the deaths. Leo flees.

Across town, Leo threatens Captain Vedder when he gets there. He says things have changed forever. But the "wrath" appears, the scaly scary figure from the original attack that Nick was investigating. The captain smiles grimly and leaves, never looking back. The monster rips Leo limb from limb.

Driving home, Nick calls to say he was detained. She stares at the ring sadly, and pauses, saying everything is OK. Nick asks if it is too late for dinner and she says no.

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