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Ringer - Whores Don't Make That Much - recap

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Written by : published Saturday 25th February 2012

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Catherine stops by the office and wants Juliet to come live with her in Miami. Andrew says no. At first Bridget/Siobhan backs Juliet staying. Andrew is doubtful but then Bridget says that she belongs with them. He talks to a client who is worried about the market.

He finds the security expert Malcolm waiting to go over the new systems but Henry is waiting in his office. He says someone told him Andrew was a crook and that he wouldn't give him his money if he was a crook. Andrew says that he has been keeping interesting company of late and that he will see someone in Accounting get him all his money.

Bridget finds the secret office redecorated without warning. Malcolm goes over the details. He mimics their phones. That way they can always check via GPS where they are. Malcolm overhears Henry tell Andrew he is taking all his money out of the firm.

Bridget tells Malcolm the driver thought someone was hiding in the closet while she was there and that the key to the office is missing. In a brilliant brainstorm Bridget figures out someone else must have the key to the office and be coming there.

Siobhan gets a phone call to sends flowers to New Jersey to a woman called Nancy Painter, She goes to the address. She saw the business with Andrew to the news. She thanks her for the flower arrangement for her birthday every year.

Bridget fakes having the time to come see her, but there are photographs of a child. It is obviously Shaun is Dylan's child and the woman is Shaun's grandmother.

Flashback to Lake Tahoe, Nevada, seven years ago when Siobhan plays with her son. (Bridget and Siobhan are known to each other in this time)

Bridget flashes back to a time when she was home watching Dylan and the father showed up and sweet talked her into letting them all go to the County Fair. (Evidently Siobhan and Bridget took care of the child while the drunk father dove in and out.)

This reminds Bridget of the challenges Catherine has been having and she feels like second thoughts about letting Juliet go. 

At the apartment, (present day) The lobby calls and then the man with flowers comes up. Dylan comes up with flowers for Siobhan. Bridget is challenged with a) Dylan in her world and B) her in a position forced acting like Siobhan to boot.

Henry gets a text from Siobhan. This is about getting his money out of Martin/Charles financial. Henry responds but Siobhan does not like the news about Malcolm. She says to keep an eye on him. Henry reacts blithely.

At the apartment, Dylan tells her to stay out of their lives. He says he went through hell and she is not allowed to bother his mother. He says his mother was good to her all those years ago in Lake Tahoe. Bridget/Siobhan sneers "This is all about you." Dylan says "Hey I went through hell back then." Bridget says "You cost me everything that meant everything."

She says that "We all went through hell". She tells him to leave.

Juliet finds out at school that Tessa, her partner in crime, got violently robbed and beaten. This happens when she tells the carpenter man she is showing off the money at school and that she is holding the money under her bed. Juliet is scared and goes to the hospital.

The foster mother is in Tessa's room. She said she barely knew her. The kid can't afford to ride the subway one day and next she driving an SUV. The woman assumes Tessa was hooking. Or dealing drugs. She buys an SUV overnight, somebody noticed. They just took whatever was under the bed. Some other dealer found out about it and took it.

Flashback: Seven years ago Bridget was in an accident with the father, Dylan where the child was killed. Siobhan blames Bridget and does not want her in her life ever again. Dylan was hit by another driver. The driver fell asleep at the wheel and ran into them. After Siobhan dumped her, then she started on the drinking and drugs.

Bridget follows Dylan to his home. She sees him laugh and play with his family. He has a daughter. Bridget picks up a brick and almost throws it through the window. Malcolm stops her.

Malcolm follows her and finds out the whole story. Bridget caused the accident with Siobhan's son Shaun by taking him on an outing with Dylan even though she was not supposed to allow him out. 

Bridget points out that her trust with Dylan was enough but she couldn't make the same mistake with Juliet. Malcolm says she received forgiveness from Siobhan and look how it helped Bridget/Siobhan. But Malcolm points how Siobhan herself needed to forgive Bridget to move on.

Malcolm is buttonholed by Henry at the office. Henry puts down his keys on the desk and Malcolm sees that Henry has the silver key. Malcolm rethinks the ability to be at Henry's house the next morning. 

Juliet is met with Mr. C who claims to not have done the Tessa robbery. He runs scared after her when she tells him she thinks he did it. Mr. C can't go near the school. She screams at him to let her go. Then she make a phone cal, to someone and says the plan is not working.

Bridget confronts Dylan about trying to throw the brick through the window. He says not a day goes by that he does not think about wanting to be in Sean's place in the accident. Bridget (as Siobhan) says she forgives him and he asks does she really mean that?

Malcolm is surprised Bridget wants to be herself again. She says she does (knowing how much it meant for her to hear Siobhan say it) and sensing Dylan exhaling meaningfully. 

Bridget gets home and calls Malcolm about the gesture. She says she wants the people she cares about to know who she really is. Malcolm is shocked. There has to be a way to tell the the truth about who she is and stay safe.

In the street, Juliet tells someone their plan is not working She lets on that she is the one who caused the robbery. She turns to the hidden deal-maker, it is her mother, Catherine.

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