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Hawaii Five-0 - Kupale - recap

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Written by : published Saturday 25th February 2012

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A young woman hiking gets separated from her group. While talking on the cellphone she hears a stirring in the brush, and a painted native Hawaiian man jumps out. He is in Polynesian war dress and he faints. He stops and lunges for her then grunts and falls to the ground. She screams. 

At Steve's place he gets home from his military trip and find Williams burning a frittata with smoke. Danny asks Steve how his vacation was. But Steve says, "It was a weeks worth of ATF on a battle cruiser". Steve uses a fire extinguisher to put out the source of the smoke in the kitchen on the stove.

"You killed my frittata". Steve protests: "I put it out of its misery." They hear barking. Balzac is in the house and has dog sitting. Steve is appalled. "You let the dog sleep in my bed?". They get called away to the crime scene in the wilderness. They see the tattoos across the chest.

Max joins them and introduces them to a loincloth wearing young man, the tattoos are genuine. Max emphasizes for a Hawaiian warrior time travel doesn't exist. Max assures him time travel is actually possible..

Danny crosses off time travel. Blunt force trauma is evidence of death along with wounds. The dead man is missing a significant piece of warrior jewelry made of whale tooth. The murder weapon was unconventional.

Max discovers a shark tooth in the body. Weapon of choice is shark tooth paddle, a tooth trimmed weapon wielded by the hundred warriors re-enacting ancient Hawaiian battle on the land next to the death. The ancient dressed warriors are marked in red and depicted vividly against the green lands.

Steve and Williams shake hands with the chief who points out they are all history buffs. The enactment is for history buffs. Kono and Max go looking for more clues. Kono finds the primary crime scene. Max joins her and assumes the attacker is Caucasian. They send pictures of something he had in his hand. Max assesses the death scene. Part of a larger artifact.

Chin Ho and Kono question the wife of the dead man. She is crushed by the news. She says she had his passions and collected artifacts when he could afford them. Each piece was culturally significant. They all had a reason for being made. 

Steve refers the issue to Marisa, the museum expert. She confirms the importance of the whale value. She makes plans to see Williams and Grace later on. She says the value is $27,000.

Brandon, the dead man, designed boats and designed the condominium they live in from the ground up. He was very talented. Steve calls Williams on his squinting and avoiding the topic of Grace not being sick last week. 

Steve doesn't get it. A potential warrior puts himself in battle of the the word of old time collectors. Steve asks for an address. They research Burgess' background, who was caught in the sweep of the men participating in the enactment. He could be a fence.

Burgess is a moneyed collector who was looking to Brandon to source antiques. A man named Seth is found hiding in Burgess' house. Burgess is missing and suspected dead. Steve drops a smoke bomb through the roof and the man runs out and is apprehended. 

Under questioning Seth (Apollo Ohno) confesses he was squatting but not stealing. He needed the money and Brandon sure as hell didn't need it anymore. He says he did not kill anybody. He took the necklace because he knew it was worth a fortune. Danno and Steve find a shark tooth weapon as well.

Brandon was supposedly taking a call from his business partners when he should have been taking part in the enactment. They go to talk to his business partners. Brandon's passion for the enactment was well known. He said the war cries were cathartic. He attended the enactment but left early. Wasn't his kind of thing.

Steve sees a mess on the boat. He asks what is the worst the activists have done. Environmental activists have put graffitti all over the boat. Earth Strike is a militant group. Brandon Caruba received a tape and a Youtube type video threatening his life. Endangered marine life was in the way of his next project. 

Earth Strike's big gun is a mystery. Kono sympathizes with the activist and does not believe them. She says she knows some of these people and they are not killers. The search for the masked leader who makes the video tapes with threats delivered to Brandon the victim. Chin Ho says his identity is under wraps. But the new inter island transport carrier is what Brandon was working on. 

The masked leader says that this is what is a danger to the island. The traffic will hurt humpback seals. But Steve watches the tape intently. They notice the masked man touched the lens with this thumb. They use photography to extract a thumb print and search the databases for it. 

Denny Creed is the man and he has an address in Kaileua. They bust the house and it is full of hackers. They talk smart to Steve while stalling. Creed gets on a motorcycle in the garage and gets away. Steve and Danny chases him down to the water where he goes in the drink.

Danny hands Steve his gun and jumps into the water. He saves Creed and pulls him up onto the cement, and arrests him dripping with water. Steve notices he can suddenly swim. Danno mumbles. "Book Him Danno", Steve says. "Book me a Blanket" Williams says.

They found surveillance tapes at the beach house. Creed watched Caruba and found his morals questionable. His zeal would end marine life. Creed says "It was all a marketing tool to fatten his bank account. " They hear Creed say he'd like to hake the murderer's hand.

A much older man shows up as Creed's attorney. He gives Creed an alibi. Steve says Creed couldn't afford a beach house on Diamond head but the older man could. He also hints the inter island carrier was a non-starter. Chin Ho researches this.

Caruba let the permit lapse two days ago. The carrier wasn't happening. Steve and Williams go to the maritime shipping builders. Dennison isn't there, he got a call and he just stepped out. But Kono sees Mrs. Brandon and tells her about the lapsed permits. The man's wife is completely confused why the permits would be allowed to lapse and then only be refiled upon hours after his death. 

Dennison refiled the permits hours later after Brandon's death. Steve and Danno talk to Kono, who confides she just spoke with Mrs. Caruba. Danno and Steve immediately realize Dennison has been warned off by the victim's wife before they would come and question him. She knows he is the killer. 

They get to the house of Mrs. Caruba, who has her suspect at gunpoint. Kono talks her down. Dennison is terrified. He screams for help. Then he gets free and holds her first, then runs. Steve decks him and they grab Dennison. She shakes him off and he falls to the ground. They shoot. Ms. Caruba is safe and the partner is arrested for murder. 

All the staff meet for the "business" dinner. This is at the luau restaurant. Tasty Freeze researches the shrimp for market competition. Steve compliments Danny really loudly. Evidently Danny needs the whole group as a wingman. Marisa and Grace build a butterfly in shells on the beach. After much gentle prodding from the group, Danny goes over and joins them in the sunset.

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