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The Good Wife - Live From Damascus - recap

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Written by : published Tuesday 21st February 2012

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Will is in the midst of celebrating his release from the Grand Jury Investigation when an old friend telephones. Will argues a case of political with Rita Wilson (Tom Hank’s wife.) Alicia notices Will having trouble handling the case. The man says he has more charges to face.

Wendy Scott Carr slipped the charges to the Disciplinary Board for Will’s old account filching. The statute of limitations did not run out. Will discusses this with Diane Lockhart. They have to divide up his cases. He will be unable to practice law for six months.

Her character argues that the software maker is not responsible. The man has a sister who was kidnapped abroad and feared dead. The class action is of three people. Will and the man disagree about how to proceed. Alicia watches Will alienate the client in favor of the justice.

Kalinda works the back channels. Alicia gets handed Kalinda’s personal case and she can’t get out of it. With the help of Samir they get the sister out of the region or $50,000. But later he is gone. A woman answers the video phone. Kalinda realizes he is gone. Will sees Tech Support on the screen.

Alicia cross questions the Coursepoint technical representative on the stand. Coursepoint has one or two bugs to be worked out. He says that he gets calls from Syrian government clients. The other side produce footage and photos of the missing sister updated as though she is alive today.

Will zeros in on the company being in touch with Syrian clients and supporting unrest.

“Did any of those calls from customers in Syria? “Ministry of the Interior. The attorney defends but Will proves they couldn’t use it without their help. Will breaks the case by proving the tech department has technical rapport with the Syria contacts and thus serviced their accounts as live customers.

They summon a feed of the sister from Germany. She tells her amazed brother she looks like hell. he is thrilled she is in Germany under UN control.

Will takes his bat and his planner and walks out the door. Kalinda sees him go out with the baseball bat. Will says goodbye to Alicia in the elevator. He says she and he will be OK.

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