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The Mentalist - War of the Roses - recap

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Written by : published Sunday 19th February 2012

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A youth counselor is found dead on the way to a movie. Griggs says she was alone. But Jane says the perfume and dress suggests an assignation with a married lover. Jane corrects him his phone rings. "Hello Patrick this Erica Flynn".

Erica says that she knew Natalie Quebec, she was a client. She says "I can help you find her killer". Jane is nonplussed. "Nice to hear your voice again". Lisbon is surprised about Flynn's call. 

Jane goes to see Flynn in prison. She organizes a quid pro quo, a temporary stay of her sentence to assist the police department. Flynn is allowed to work in the police office. Lisbon is amazed and annoyed that she can get men to do whatever she wants. Van Pelt says she gets it.

The snitch from the youth center is interviewed by Cho. He says that Danny pushes them and smacks them around when nobody is looking. Danny roughed Natalie up. "You can't lay your hands on a woman". Cho believes him.

There was an incident. Danny got mad and he took off before he could hit her in retaliation. "he had issues" he said he would never hurt Natalie. She was one of the only adults who ever treated him like a person.

Lisbon approaches Flynn in the precinct and says she has to go back to prison. But Erica says she can still help. She deduces that since Natalie did not get a man from her service so she must have already met him. Since Natalie lived for her work she must have met him at work. 

The man she was seeing must be working at the nonprofit. Erica Flynn fishes the truth out the facts, outguessing Lisbon. They walk into the place where Natalie worked ten months ago. Erica Flynn introduces them an affianced couple looking for volunteer work.

"It's wonderful what you do here". They walk through the office. They get a tour. Flynn flatters the director who has just written a book. Jane breaks their cover. He says he is with the CVI as a consultant working a case and will look around. They stroll around. 

Erica details Natalie's qualities and who she would have liked. College educated, an idealist. She points at the man in the corner. He says she is right she picked the only man who didn't look at her while the walks the office cubicles. They make a bet. He buys dinner if she can get him to confess.

The man is named Richard. She says "Natalie told me everything". Flynn comes on like a woman who know Natalie's secrets. He breaks and Flynn says an Italian place is fine.

At the Redlands Youth Facility they interview Danny the youth leader. He said she was all bright eyed and bushy tailed. She wanted to bond with the kids but it is a waste of time.

She went to Puerto Vallarta recently for a vacation. Van Pelt looks through the pictures. She took them while on vacation alone. But the are simply pictures of the landscape. No man went to Puerto Vallerta with her. Van Pelt ponders them and shows them to Jane briefly.

Jane discovers more about Richard Eldridge. He is marred and his wife is wealthy. At dinner Jane and Erica share an attraction. 

Erica asks about what might have been. Jane says she is seducing him while trying to escape. She asks him why two agents are guarding the door. She says that he is really accusing her of trying to escape to avoid dealing with the reality of them being in the hotel room together. The agents are there to insure they don't get romantic.

She says she knows he has feelings for her. They kiss. Erica and Jane are surprised at the extent of their feelings. Jane looks a little confused and gets his jacket and leaves.

Lisbon interviews Richard. She is critical of his having an affair while being married. Lisbon says it might be because his wife's family has millions of dollars. He works for minimum wage at a nonprofit and wants to safeguard his thing. 

He had wanted to separate from his wife but Natalie couldn't wait. She broke things off because she got tired of waiting. They were going to meet that night. He waited an hour. He thought she changed her mind.

Lisbon wants to put Erica Flynn back in jail and Jane says no. He sits and reads his paper and has tea. Lisbon asks why and he says he needs her. Lisbon walks of in a huff and Jane tries not to smile.

At the hotel, the part gala is in progress. Jane and Erica walk in. She is dressed to kill in a green dress and a diamond necklace. They are greeted by the same man who gave them a tour at the nonprofit.

Erica and Flynn are stopped at the door. He says they are performing tonight. Jane puts on a good show for the orphans and invokes the "Casa Encantada" to the audience. Flynn puts four boxes on the stage and Erica picks four men. One of the men is the Director of the nonprofit. 

Jane talks about the world of the spirits. One of them is harboring a deep dark secret. He buttonholes Richard Eldridge. Erica removes two boxes. He removes another box. Does this necklace belong to him? He says this is the necklace he gave to Natalie. The crowd claps.

Mr. Rollins is called upon. The crowd applauds. Jane repeats the process with the boxes. It looks like the site of the orphanage. They show it on the screen for all to see. It is where supposed orphanage should be. They show the doctored photo. The crowd is outraged. Rollins is arrested.

Lisbon questions Rollins in the cage. She had gone to Mexico and visited the orphanages and she wanted an explanation. She had the photos. He strangled her. 

Griggs hauls his girlfriend in a room. He asks her to marry him. She says we are not ready for this.

At dinner, Flynn thanks Jane for the (free) time. But Jane says the gig is up. She had a forged passport from her lawyer waiting a block away. They haul him off in handcuffs. He yells "I love you Erica!". Jane says "Nice try". He says Goodbye.

She has 15 to 20. But as she tries to inveigle him into another date he says "You're wasting your time.". They grimly put her into the private car and she pauses and goes back to get another kiss from Jane. She gets in the car and leaves. The other men comment "Glad that's taken care of".

Just then the Sheriff's car drives up. A uniformed pair of men get out and one of them says he is there to escort Erica Flynn back to jail. (The car was not official and Flynn has escaped). They are stunned and Jane smiles in amazement.

Jane sits in his loft watching it rain. Lisbon comes in and says there is a bolo out on Flynn and a warning at all the airports. Jane says she is wasting her time. Lisbon wants to know if he knew she was trying to escape. He evades her but says no. 

Then he gets a call from Erica Flynn. She is sitting in the sun in a bathing suit while he sits in the rain. He wants to know where she is and she says some place warm. She says thanks for the date and he says it is not a date. She says if he insists.

She hears him say they will catch her and she says no. He says they will meet again and she says she is almost looking forward to it. As he hangs up he looks thoughtfully out into the night.

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