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Person Of Interest - Root Cause - recap

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Written by : published Sunday 19th February 2012

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Michael Cahill is the new number. Reese asks for data. No attachments no pets. Finch tracks a live theft in progress. Cahill's a criminal, Finch says. He is guilty of B & E, deadly assault, he has graduated to smuggling for a man named Vargas. Reese says that as usual the deadlier they are the closer he wants to be to them. Reese becomes a thug.

Vargas is doing a robbery at that moment in an ambulance. Reese pretends to be an ambulance driver in his crew. One of the men, a blond thug, is too nervous and jittery and acts unhinged. Cahill does not get nervous when police stop the ambulance and run the plates. The blond man acts stupidly. Vargas explains he doesn't worry about cops, he has already made things tight with H.R.

Cahill burns the ambulance after extracting the diamonds. He says he is all paid up with HR. Reese catches Cahill casing a home and gives Finch the address. Finch scans the house. The owner, Tully, is a police officer. Finch orders Reese to stop Cahill from robbing the cop's home. 

But Reese sees the man embrace a little boy and the wife comes down and give him a kiss. This is Michael's real life. Finch observes that Reese isn't the only one going undercover.

Reese flashes back to a Chinese software case where he was ordered to kill someone. Agent North orders him to kill someone on sight. His minder/partner observes that Reese has some skills better than others when his instincts are driving his processes.

Daniel Tully is a police academy grad and the NYPD has invented a new Social Security number. Finch thinks someone has invented a new identity but he has been found out.

Tully gets in the car with his handler. Reese knows him. He says he can't stop the gig because now Vargas has a new contact importing drugs, and is bringing in 100% pure heroin and stepping up the shipments. Michael says Vargas must have a cop on the payroll.

Reese mulls what kind of cops are on the take. The same cops who are willing to let Elias kill Carter. But outside the precinct that morning, Agent Snow confronts Carter with the trail of John in the Appalachians, which he is sure Reese has never been to but planted evidence.

She is not surprised that he has infiltrated Vargas's smuggling gang. Finch wants to know who would have access to the records of undercover police assignments. Hard copies are suspect to IAD and tightly controlled. Only the handlers have the combination to the safe. Finch says he is on it but Carter looks worried. 

Reese tells Fusco to go to the safe in the IAD branch. Fusco says he has fewer friends now he is clean but Reese says his ass got him that commendation it is time to get his hands dirty again. But later Reese sees Vargas get a phone call and not look happy. Someone named "LOS" is of concern. This is the big crime figure who runs Vargas, and Michael wants to break him.

Vargas walks into a restaurant kitchen where a tough man cuts up food. Vargas tastes the wares, and the man with the chicken says he wants to renegotiate. He says "LOS" might want to deal direct. Vargas fakes an offer and starts shooting and they make it to the parking lot. 

In flashback, Reese's tell is exposed. Reese meets a man in a bar while Obama speaks. He is married to his ex. In a vision, Reese's partner shows up and advises him how he just happened to walk into a bar where a contact who can make him is sitting? It's self destructive not to know when to leave.

While the men in the alley stand there Vargas demands to know who is the rat. One of the men is wounded and Michael shakes the wounded man to get him to shut up. Reese offers to build a tourniquet to get him to shut up. Michael tries to get him to use his phone. 

The police undercover handler is alerted to their warehouse location with the wounded man. Vargas makes a call to find out who the undercover man is. The IAD man prowls the halls around the record room. Fusco tries to grasp what Finch is trying to make him do.

At the police precinct, two annoyed cops leave for a disturbance in Brooklyn. Carter sees the handler leave for Brooklyn where a disturbance has been noticed. Finch calls her for a plate. Carter says "Let me guess"; their mutual friend is in Brooklyn. Finch notice he has lost contact and Carter is concerned. 

Reese contacts Fusco to tell him to research the undercover man's file. Fusco asks an old friend, a beat cop with gray hair, at One Police Plaza about Neil Vargas, a smuggler. Fusco's man is critical of him reaching out. He is told to contact HR. Fusco asks how? The man resents Fusco applying leverage but says "You already did". They separate and Fusco walks into the building.

Finch nurses Fusco through a One Police Plaza raid, advising him via phone how to get to the room and get in and he fakes one more inspection. He has eight and a half minutes to scoop the key card and get the hard files. Fusco makes his way past security and shreds the file just as he IAD man comes in. The man can't believe what Fusco is doing. He puts Fusco in the car. 

At that moment, Vargas is going crazy trying to find the snitch. He calls the IAD man for news and Finch hears the exchange. Fusco realizes the IAD man is Vargas' contact. The phone rings and the IAD man tells Vargas the file got shredded. Fusco realizes he is the informant and says so. The IAD man strikes him unconscious, and Finch hears and winces.

Vargas looks for the phone Reese took from Michael to identify the "undercover man". Reese' last call was to Fusco. Vargas's man thuds Reese and knocks him down. Vargas tells Michael to beat Reese. Michael is looking every which way. He administers a beat-down on Reese. Vargas says to Michael he has an hour to break him or they all get a bullet. 

When they are alone Reese tells Michael his file is exposed and his life is in danger. Reese blurts out facts to convince him. The cop is incredulous. He says he loves his wife but can't go home because his danger will be there. He says the contact "LOS" is at a meet scheduled that day. His job is to find who LOS is.

Michael fakes shooting Reese and the "body" goes limp. Vargas moves ahead. They soak the car with gasoline and put Reese in it. Michael puts a flashlight in his pocket. Reese's body gets put in the car trunk. They light it up and the car burns. 

Inside the car, Reese uses the flashlight. He twists until he finds the trunk lid latch and opens it, tumbling out of the burning car. Reese gets out and Carter is there. She asks if he needs a ride. Finch asks about the cop but warns that Fusco is missing.

Reese says the cop went to the exchange without backup for the meet of Vargas to LOS. Finch says that they may not be able to save both of them in time.

Michael and Vargas and the team with in a meeting spot for LOS. A SUV pulls up. A man gets out (with a thug with a gun) who acts pissed off with Vargas and inspects the drugs and cash. He says "Next time don't keep me waiting". 

Michael grabs him at gunpoint, and the other man tries to shoot. The man turns to Michael and says "Do you know who I am?" Carter and Reese show up, annihilating Vargas and his men from retaliating. Carter kicks the guns away and makes her arrests. But Reese has to tell Michael the LOS man is CIA. He is protected. The CIA is using drugs to fuel the war on terror.

Michael is furious. He went through all that for nothing. The risk was occlusive and he convulses his hold on the LOS collar. Reese says he will be out in no time. But then Reese looks at him. Michael says he is taking him in anyway. Reese smiles wryly. 

The IAD man takes Fusco into the forest for a walk. They talk in the dark and the IAD man calls him a dirty cop. The IAD man says the whisperer isn't there now. Reese won't save him and he is being used (This is what happened to him too) . 

Fusco regretfully says he was doing OK and has more integrity than some would think, including the man now holding the gun on him. But then the IAD man makes him kneel in anger Then Reese shoots the AID man. Fusco tries to call it in as a good shooting, but Reese wrecks the phone. He says Fusco is more valuable as a dirty cop, now he is formally indebted to H. R. 

Next day Fusco plays the part. He comes out of the forest to see his gray haired friend. (Cameras at One Police plaza noted Fusco's involvement with the IAD man). He sees him leaving the forest with a shovel. The gray haired man points out the need for the shovel and Fusco says he was attacked. He says he is now indebted to H.R. the gray haired man nods.

LOS gets cut loose and Agent Snow has bailed him out. They leave the police precinct. LOS says, smiling, the Company never leaves a man hanging. He teases Reese about having to come to get him. LOS thanks Snow, smiling confidently. 

But Snow is not pleased and LOS is bundled into the car and grabbed inside the tails of a coat by another man in the SUV. He is smothered. LOS is now an embarrassment to CIA because Reese, the rogue Company agent, has exposed him. Snow is left holding the bag.

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