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Ringer - It's Easy to Cry When This Much Cash is Involved - recap

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Written by : published Thursday 16th February 2012

Bridget boards the limo as Cora Farrell and wants to retrace her steps. She tells the driver she was rarely sober and is trying to fill in the gaps. He questions her questioning. 

"I need answers. I will pay you double to help me get them, no questions asked."

"When was the last time that you drove me?" Bridget is worried.

September 8th?" The day she met Bridget the day Siobhan staged her missing disappearance. She has an office and sees a picture of Siobhan with a little boy. Outside the office door, Siobhan lurks with a gun.

Henry and Siobhan get romantic. Tyler Barrett calls on camera phone and is surprised to see Henry in a bathrobe. Siobhan is a head of European Operations for Market. he has access to classified information. 

Henry as what kind of information. "That kind that incriminates Andrew and lets us be together and never have to worry about money." Henry says that it is all hard to deal with. They fall into bed again.

Juliet prepares for the testimony and gets support from Bridget despite her mother's bitching. At the courthouse Catherine and Bridget agree to disagree on parting Juliet and Bridget suggests they send some quality time together ice skating. Catherine says they used to do that when she was a little girl. 

She says that Mr. C never assaulted her. He blamed her for it an then Mr. C took her side. She was already on detention. She was flunking the course and could not catch up.

"Mr. C. was actually nice to me before you showed up, When he changed I just wanted to hurt him."

Juliet calls the other girl, Tess, back and the she leaves. Juliet's testimony is the chief evidence against Mr. C. The lawyer has more bad news. Mr. Carpenter is suing her for defamation of character. Catherine is upset. 

"Maybe we should settle. She will never get a chance to start over".

Catherine urges Andrew to settle the lawsuit to get Juliet clear of the scandal.

Bridget drives back from the courthouse telling the driver about the falling out and her sister forgiving her before she died. She asks to be driven where she went before.

"I need to finish what I started".

The driver drives her to a covert gun range. The clerk recognizes her and says she has not been there in a while. There are pictures of the best shots on the walls, John Delario is one of them. She snaps a picture and shows it to the driver. Does he know this man?

Bridget learns that Siobhan and John Delario were friends. Then she knows that John knew he wasn't her.(Being Siobhan from the very beginning).

If Siobhan wasn't the killer then someone else is after her?

Barrett says that he is over and Siobhan says that Henry is her brother. She says that he has to trust her. The T guy is asking questions. About why Tyler is accessing confidential Martin Charles documents. Siobhan implies there is another reason for him to keep secret.

Henry and Andrew's sister get additional financing. But when the financier asks Henry for backup he is hesitant. Andrew says "You checked my sent history." Henry shoves her phone in a pitcher of water.

Bridget tries to hire her driver to protect her because someone is trying to kill her.
Andrew comes home and finds Siobhan. Andrew talks about the settlement and gets pulled into a conversation and a kiss.

Tess, Juliet and Mr. C. meet in a hotel room and becoming millionaires. Juliet's black friend was hiding in the restroom. She comes running out to tell Andrew of Tessa backing out. They deliberately played to an audience.

At the apartment, Andrew finds a distraught Siobhan/Bridget looking for her special keys. Later Bridget and the river access Andre's office and look for clues about what she has been up to. The driver finds dust which indicates someone was watching her last time she was there. 

Going into her bank box, Siobhan is enraged to learn Henry talked Gemma's father into investing in Martin/Charles. Henry's says Andrew's sister blackmailed him into endorsing the loan because there was a picture of him kissing Siobhan on his cellphone. It would have implicated them.

She tells Henry she has to go to Paris to get the information she needs from Barrett. She opens the bank box and gives Henry an ear microphone and he is shocked at what he hears.

In Paris, Barrett makes a call to the SEC about the audit and improprieties.

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