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Hawaii Five-0 - I Helu Pu - recap

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Written by : published Thursday 16th February 2012

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Kono (in present time) brings from an operating room blood evidenced for Max and he asks how she got it. In current time, the Governor asks Steve about transgressing so many laws. This is his last chance, and the Five-0 squad must be put down.

Flashback: 72 hours earlier, they find a woman's body down a chute. The bride is the victim and they see she is in a rented dress. They track elevator footage. A man uses his key card to make the elevator work. They find Dennis is the man, using hotel security. He is in the wedding party suite the elevator key card activated. 

Steve and Danno find a crime scene in his room with blood everywhere. Dennis, the bridegroom, jumps from the roof in misery his fiancée is dead. Steve jumps and covers and the man says "April did this to me". Dennis learns April is dead after Steve saves him from jumping over the edge of the roof. The picture of the dead woman is not April. Dennis says that April is alive?

Steve asks who it is. He said that he met her in the lobby, all he said was that she helped him get back to the room. He punched the mirror because he couldn't stand to look at himself. His girlfriend was bangin' some other dude. Williams says she used the man to get onto the exclusive floors. He says she was talking on the phone while helping him up.

Laurie says there is blood on the laundry chute on the twelfth floor. They search the rooms on the floor. They find a room with no sheets, no towels and the smell of bleach. Chin Ho misses a vase present in every other room. The base was square. This could be the square object that struck the victim.

Victoria Chase is the name of the woman who bought the dress. They find her address using the credit card. She worked as a waitress at O'Donnell's. The roommate says she came down from Chicago a year ago. McGarrett and Kono question the girl with a baby. The dead girl had few connections. She waited tables at a restaurant. 

The charity dinner ticket was $5,000. The Five-O squad analyze her presence at the fund-raiser. The company who bought a table of charity tickets claims they had no people in attendance. But McGarrett claims the are playing phone tag and there must be a connection to Victoria Chase. 

They find phone records that Victoria called a thug in the elevator, who was a bouncer at O'Donnell's. Danny chases him as he evades arrest when they go to seek him at his home. Steve mocks Danno and his tackling style. They put the bouncer in their questioning tank.

In current time, Steve waits in a hospital room and Danno enters just after the Governor leaves. The Governor just shut down Five-O. Danno says he is too honest and too competitive. They are worried. He hopes Max gets the blood work done.

In the tank, they question the bouncer. "Good Samaritan always gets screwed". He met Vikki at the bar. "Victoria was a sweetheart." They knew each other from the bar. Three months ago she called him up and asked him to talk. She straight up asked him for beat down. He arranged it he would come when she called. 

The night of the charity fund-raiser she called. The man was staying in room 1215. She could get him onto the floor. He was in the North Shore but when he got there nobody was in the room so he left. Steve asks why he ran from the arrest.

"I was a two striker with a houseful of rifles. I knew damn well I'd be arrested for something.". Why did she want him to beat his ass, Steve asks. "He had messed with her sister.".

The roommate falls into tears when Kono and McGarrett question her. She is the sister. The roommate worked at Garland and she quit over a year ago. She was a researcher. Dmitri Vonakov is the man she knew. The Five-O squad research his background. His profile says he is a diplomat.

There was an executive at Garland who spoke French and Russian she went out with a few times. He was married. He had taken off his ring and when she saw it she tried to leave. He raped her and is the father for the baby she now has. The girl was humiliated. She quit. Victoria couldn't let it go. Garland International is the company name.

The Consul General at the Russian Embassy answers the inquiries about Vonakov. McGarrett wants a blood sample. One of the cars picked him up last night. McGarrett and Williams are denied access to search. As they leave in the parking lot Steve sees a curtain twitch. He says Vonakov is there. 

In current time, the Governor visits the Embassy. Chin Ho is captured. He lists assault and battery and bringing a radiological weapon onto foreign soil. The Governor counsels Chin Ho Kelly to listen to the seriousness of the charges he is facing. The flashback shows how Chin Ho charged the Embassy with a low grade weapon in a van and used it to force access into the Embassy.

The grounds are ordered evacuated when they see Chin Ho's van full of radiological grade drums weapons. Kono sees Vonakov leave in a vehicle with diplomatic plates. Steve and Danno stop it and force Vonakov from the car. Steve chases him around a corner and tackles him just as a car hits them both. Steve and Vonakov are rushed to the hospital.

Steve is seriously hurt. He whispers to Laurie to get the evidence now. But she must be discreet. Laurie says she will take care of the Governor. Kono leaves the emergency room with a blood sample. She gets it to Max and the burden of proof is served connecting the DNA under the hotel victim's fingernails and the Russian man. 

At the Embassy, the Governor gets a call. He turns to Kelly and begins admonishing him about not speaking up sooner. The Governor says the brakes on the van went out and the vans were empty. He commands Kelly be let go. The drums are empty. The Consul General refuses. He announces a call to Moscow will make it an international incident. 

The Governor accuses him of obstructing justice. He hid a murderer in the Embassy. The international incident card won't include clearing his being an accessory to murder. They let Kelly go. The Governor tells him "You aren't getting off that easy".

At the hospital Vonakov wakes up There is an emotional scene when the roommate/sister confronts the man who killed her sister. Vonakov lies in the hospital bed while Steve watches from behind them.

Back at the HQ, Laurie surprises Steve alone. Laurie gives Steve and Danno the University of Hawaii season tickets because she won't be using them. The Governor says that she had a choice her loyalty was to the squad or to the state of Hawaii. She let things get out of hand. She's leaving. Steve says he doesn't accept the resignation. 

Laurie says the Governor put her on the team to be his eyes and ears. She let things go. She was supposed to be the squad watchdog and failed. She will go back to Homeland Security, back East to family and friends. Steve says he will miss her and they hug.

Steve shows up at his former lover's hotel room. He is dressed for bush duty. The Navy woman is surprised and he gives her a Valentine's box of candy. He is dressed in battle drill and they agree to go on active duty reserve together as a Valentine's surprise. 

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