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Person of Interest - Wolf and Cub - recap

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Written by : published Monday 13th February 2012

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Darren McGrady's number pops up. His last known address is a murder scene and he is 14 years old. The library was compromised but the machine was not. One of the tenants got shot. Travis McGrady got shot. The younger boy got taken by the cops. Darren walked out when the social worker did not show.

Carter pulls the file. Three black males fleeing the building. Mother died before, and has no legal guardian. Carter questions the police office in charge who wonders why she doesn't have a higher profile case. She says her sergeants says “to climb on any open case”.

Travis is dead. He tossed a guy at work over a waitress. “They took his work hat”, said the witnesses. Reese says he can get the witnesses to talk. A girl points Reese toward the comic book store. Mr. Wilcox is a man who talks to the kids. Reese calls Finch. He sees the young boy pull a gun the tough with the hat.

“One of those spineless punks who shot my brother”, Reese pins him back. Carter arrives and gets the punk with the hat in custody.

Finch calls Carter and says “he has the murder suspects”.

He calls Fusco “a dirty cop all day long”. Reese gives the young man over and says “he has to return the vehicle”. He takes Carter's car and checks out the local basketball lot where he looks for the other suspects from the kid's drawings in his notebook.

Says “he found the dead man's hat”. Carter says “DNA never lies”. Carter says she “will take him to his arraignment”. Meanwhile Fusco puts the kid in custody with the social worker who will keep him safe. The kid is very streetwise and tough. He tries to hire Reese.

Carter chases evidence to keep Brinks in the questioning box. Her sergeant wants him kicked loose before five o'clock without proof.

The son won't give up. He finds cocktail napkin with date on it and gives it to Finch for examination. He keeps investigating the contract about the machine. The contract with the government. Fusco takes pictures. He gets word the kid has escaped.

Finch gets out of the office to get something to eat, evading the young man's questions.
The kid goes to a local hangout and confronts two men. he want to call them out, his brother's murderers. They comes over but Reese appears and knocks them out and grabs he kid.

Reese counsels the kid on waiting and observing the enemy. They watch the thugs run the numbers rackets on the local vendors.

They track the men taking money. Reese steals their car. They run in anger and et another car. Reese calls Finch for help. Finch says he is not sure he is in favor of our troubling arrangement. Reese hears that he is not sure he is in favor of this troubling arrangement, referring to their own arrangement. Finch blinks.

Reese stakes out the comic book store. Darren watches Reese and asks what he is doing. Reese quotes the Art of war, convinced Darren is oblivious. “All samurai read Sun Tzu”, Darren says. Reese is amused.

Find the boss and figure out how to hurt him. They see the man go into the store and Reese breaks into their ride and steals the black car. The men the get another car. Reese crashes the stolen car into the getaway car. He puts one of the men in the back of a police car.

Andre/Wilcox gave them the half million dollars for Brighton Beach. Reese holds a butane torch to one of the men and says who killed Travis McGrady. He says “Andre won't believe an anonymous person took the money”. The man can't believe his situation. Reese gets serious.

Reese asks about Travis' murder. He burns the money. He says that “Andre will not be pleased and will not believe him”. Reese goes to burn the whole bag of money and demands to find the murder weapon. He says it is in the chimney south of his grandmother's building.

Will meets with a woman from his father's past. Alicia Corwin. He talks about the government contract. The work at IMT might be related. The woman has a bad news. His father was being divorced. His research was not going well. His patents were sold. His RND was a bailout. Will is stunned. The dollar was a face saving gesture.

She says his father was “in a dark place”. Will ask about Uncle Harold and did they ever meet. She says “no”. Finch listens in on the whole conversation. Dad's best friend. Uncle Harold.

On the rooftop, corruption goes deep. The senior police connection meets with Andre. He wants Brick out. They discuss their “arrangement" and what is covered by the security policy. Andre demands Brick gets out. Carter then sees the senior official him come into the precinct. She is wide eyed to see the door open for Brick. The corrupt part of the police is showing.

In the chimney Reese finds the gun. Carter gets the news. But when Carter admits Brick is out he turns to find Darren missing. Darren phones Finch about Darren having the gun. Carter is angered about the risk to Darren.

Fusco and Carter get up at the precinct to go fishing. They know they are closing on Reese's impending crime scene. Brick is their missing fish.

Darren sneaks into the comic book store. He pulls the gun on Andre. Reese loads up ammo to go into the comic book store. Finch stands by to cut the power to the building. Finch is now an action man.

Andre sees Darren come in. He says that the thug screwed up and for him to go ahead and score one for him. (He wasn't supposed to kill Travis). Andre persuades Darren, who is confused.

Andre urges Darren to claim his reward. He holds his gun in his hand to frame Darren for a killing. Reese rushes in. Andre flees.

Carter appears outside as Andre drags Darren as a human shield. Fusco runs and tackles the kid as Carter shoots Andre, but all is well. Fusco has shoved him clear.

Next day, Fusco says Carter is disapproving of the danger Darren was in. Darren thanks Fusco on the way to the foster home. Darren says what is they are not nice people. He says “Reese will take care of them” and Fusco is touched. Darren shows Reese a drawing of them both as superheroes. Reese says he always wanted a sidekick.

Will says “a job has come up in the Sudan”. Finch wishes him well. Finch says he is “sorry he did not hear what he wanted to about his father but that he always said his son was his proudest achievement”. Fusco watches them part.

Fusco shows the connection between the millionaire developer inventor and Finch, who is known as Harold Wren. But although he went to MIT with the man he has dozens of aliases. He shows a much younger picture of Finch as Harold Wren. Reese wonders if Finch even knows who he is anymore.

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