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The Vampire Diaries - Dangerous Liaisons - recap

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Written by : published Monday 13th February 2012

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The originals throw a ball for the Mystic Falls people. Klaus's mother is behind the effort. Elena answers the invitation to find out more and Damon and Stefan can't stay away. Elijah meets Elena and Rebekah makes a surprise appearance. Klaus on his best behavior surprises the group.

Elena meets Stefan in the dark outside. She tells Stefan to get her beyond Damon's protection to get into the room. Rebekah has an eye for the local talent. Her date is furious. She is told "Settling for mortals is the first sign of weakness".

Damon answers Elena's texts and gets attacked by Damon. He tells her to hurry because Damon being out of it wont last for long. Elena asks why Elijah is interested and he says she was requested for an audience with Klaus' mother.

Elena sees something burning when escorted into the room. She is burning sage, so they can speak freely without being overheard. She excuses Finn.

"You must have a million questions for me, Elena" She says. Elena wonders "How are you alive?"
They sit down to talk. Elena asks "Are you a ghost?" She says that "The witch Iona preserved my body with a spell." She is an ancestor of Bonnie. Elena reasons that this is why it took two descendants at the open coffin. She's been on the other side for 1000 years. She hints she can get back with nature for creating vampires. She can get back for 1000 years of offending nature.

"One thing at a time". Elena wants to help.

Klaus hangs around Caroline. She says she is spoken for. Caroline says she also likes people and they like me so "I'll be inside" Klaus courts Caroline with drawings and temptations to show her the world.

The mother of the originals keeps talking. Upset the balance of nature to create vampires to defend against werewolves They ravaged the town without remorse. Elena asks "How do you kill an immortal? She has gathered them together to perform a ritual from the blood of the doppelganger. A drop of blood in the champagne toast later that evening?

Elena goes to help her put the blood in the champagne toast.

"Will you do it, or shall I?" Elena willingly sheds her blood. Elijah is more suspicious than the other. They must all drink together so they are linked as one.

"I created an abomination when I created them. It's my duty to kill them". Elena leaves to find Damon furious about the plan. She says that Damon's feelings are emerging. His emotions are getting in the way of our plan.

"Maybe because you care too damn much". Damon takes the hint when Elena says more than she should and takes off.

Rebekah laughs at Matt's car. But she tells them to go back inside when her vicious date appears behind him. Cole is jealous that Rebekah favors humans.

Elena gets followed by Elijah. For what reason did she wish to speak with you in private? Elijah asks "Should I be concerned about my mother's intentions?"

Caroline gets more attention from Klaus. He shows her paintings and sketches he has made over the years canvassing the world of art and culture. She says her father's death was natural.

She asks about his servant army to take him places and asks why do you need Tyler? "Stop controlling him give him his life back." Caroline realizes that Klaus couldn't get his father;s attention so he has to compel relationships.

Damon comes up to Elena. She said she didn't like going behind his back. He says he is mad at her because he loves her. She says maybe that is the problem. Damon says he is a liability?

Matt feels a menace and Rebakah's friend Cole behind him. He introduces himself and shakes Donovan's hand, and squeezes it supernaturally hard. Damon intercedes. He says he's the quarterback and throws Cole over the balustrade. At the foot of the steps the party comes running.

Stefan comes running. He says to Damon "Are you Crazy?" Damon looks at Elena and says "Maybe. Is that a problem?" Elena realizes Damon has given up and he turns and walks away.

Inside, the mother says of the originals goes into the salon and comments "No violence". Elijah follows. "Rebekah and Cole disgraced us tonight"

She says she wishes the others were all like him. But when he leaves another Original comes and they plot. He says "We are doing the right thing mother. This will bind them all together as one."

They must complete the spell. She recites words that connect the blood of the originals who drank at the ball the champagne of the doppelganger blood. Supposedly they must all live or die as one now.

Stefan gets Elena home. She is not surprised Damon is not there. He says the others are collateral damage. Klaus has brought her nothing but darkness.

Stefan ask where Damon? Elena sits in her dress and tells Stefan she told Damon something she didn't mean. Elena says she can't believe Stefan doesn't care. She puts her arms on him. He pulls away and says "When I let myself care, all I feel is pain." He leaves.

Matt gets approached at the bar by Rebekah. His hand is broken. He doesn't have health insurance. He drinks and asks her to go away. Damon sees Rebekah get burned by Matt. He mocks her and says she is going for low hanging fruit with no risk.

She says "I could have killed you but Mother wouldn't let me." She asks where is the risky choice and they look at each other. Damon and Rebekah fall into a torrid sexual escapade.

Caroline arrives home to find another gift from Klaus. But it is not the bracelet she admired but a sketch of her with her horse, saying "thank you for your honesty". She longingly calls Tyler.

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