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A Gifted Man - In Case of Complications - recap

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Written by : published Monday 13th February 2012

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The husband of Dr. Secorra at the clinic hits up Michael for a consulting gig. He rallies hard to get a contract out of Michael. Holt stalls, not sure where this is going. Ethan cozies up to Christina, Michael’s sister. The psychic does not like it much. Ethan takes note he may be stepping on some toes. 

Secorra catches him leaving and says his hands are needed. A man comes in with a daughter whose toe skin is broken with glass and then he collapses doing a school diorama. Secorra assesses him with a liver problem when he collapses. They set him up for surgery. 

Holt watches Dr. Secorra kiss her husband goodbye but Anna notices her heart is not in it, and Anna sees that Holt notices also. When he leaves Holt return to the medical clinic and Rita hints he may be more emotionally committed to her than he knows. Holt shakes this off and leaves.

Holt is involved in a legal case where a young man has killed people and Holt’s testimony helps the young man go free. The families of the victims tell Holt they don’t know how he can sleep at night because they won’t. Holt defends himself saying his medical opinion was dead on.

Outside, Ethan says an intimate kissing farewell to Christina, cementing the direction things have been going. He says he will meet her at the bar. He goes back into the Clinica to shut things down for the night. A woman follows him in, she has a gun. She asks for Michael Holt. She orders him into the back room. Secorra is stunned. 

She proceeds to hold them hostage. She demands Michael come.  Dr. Secorra keeps insisting they operate on the father as they wait for Michael Holt. The operation gets tricky. The doctors are nervous. At the Institute, Michael screens his messages and gets a text from Secorra to come back. Rita says Secorra was pushing him to come back. He leaves. 

At the Clinica, the woman triumphantly sees that Michael is coming. She will not explain why but “He must pay”. The operation goes badly wrong just as Michael walks into a gun pointed at him. He is both stunned at the woman and that the surgery has been arrested. He says he has influence and friends, and asks what can he do for her. She will not let him operate.

Michael learns her daughter was one of the people killed in the suit. The men on the table gets in bad condition. She shoots the psychic. She refuses to let Michael touch him as he bleeds profusely. Ethan and Secorra are traumatized as they watch Michael beg to help him.

She taunts Michael with death. Secorra and Ethan beg to keep operating. The woman wavers as Michael talks to her. Finally she allows the operation to go forward because Michael asks her if it is what her daughter would like, if what she was doing, if she was there watching. (Like Anna does him).

Meanwhile Rita sees that Michael does not answer her texts or calls, which is unusual. The Institute needs Michael’s approval for some tests to be run. When Michael goes to answer Rita’s call, the woman  shoots the phone and Rita hears a shock and a buzzing sound. She calls for police to visit the Clinica.

Finally the woman wavers as Michael treats the psychic and the man with the surgery gets worked on in time with Holt doing emergency delicate work. The police arrive and they put her in the police car, and Holt and the others walk outside for fresh air. 

The little girl with he glass in her shoes has been screaming for her daddy. He comes out on stretcher. Holt and Secorra come out and Ethan is met by Christina. Kate Secorra falls halfway into Holt’s arms, and he looks on,

Ethan’s head is spinning. He comes outside to find Christina waiting for him. They kiss. The psychic comes out on a stretcher and Christina sees him. He asks if she will visit him in the hospital.

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