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Ringer - What Are You Doing here Ho-Bag? - recap

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Written by : published Friday 10th February 2012

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Siobhan sneaks up on Bridget when she is taking a shower. She steals the wedding ring and pawns it for money. Siobhan gets involved with Greer for a fund-raiser but finds out Greer knows more about her than she ever thought. Bridgt argues with Henry about losing the baby. Bridget is shocked to learn about a baby. She covers but Andrew notices something is wrong. Meanwhile the real Siobhan tracks closer to Henry.

Bridget realizes Siobhan must have left a paper trail. She finds more about the identity of Cora Farrell, the name Siobhan used as patient with a psychologist. She researches Cora's travel plans for Paris where she went to meet with the managing director of Andrew's company.

Bridget pretends she lost her wedding ring. She turns to Andrew's daughter for help. But she can't find the ring either. Secretly Bridget takes the ring to a pawnshop. She may need money to bolt any day now. 

Siobhan makes moves. She gets a passport for a woman named Cora Farrell. Henry follows them out of the alley and digs through the trash. He takes the evidence to Agent Machado. 

But Andrew's anger about her pawning the ring is interrupted by a  visit from Juliet's mother. Behind their back Juliet has asked Catherine to come for a visit. Catherine is livid to discover the teacher has molested her daughter. But she questions the evidence.

Catherine has a vengeance against Bridget, whose marriage she broke up. Bridget of course does not remember any of this. Andrew gets wind of the pawnshop but cannot deal with it in the midst if Juliet's teacher attack blowing up. Juliet has asked Catherine to visit.

Catherine flings mismanagement of Juliet in his face while discussing the case against the teacher for Juliet's alleged attack. A school legal representative comes to see both Catherine and Andrew about the legal proceedings. Catherine insists Bridget has no place in these sessions.

Andrew questions building a case against the teacher. The representative shows video surveillance of public spaces. It was turned over to the police. She shows Andrew footage of his daughter just as she arrives home. Her friends and her stop short seeing the school person there in their home.

"Daddy, what's going on?" Juliet is not sure of herself.

Andrew cues up the video and they all watch as she backs the teacher on camera against the wall. He shows no effort to engage in sexual or romantic behavior. 

Her mother freaks out and accuses Juliet of dishonesty. They watch as she backs the teacher up and he flails his arms in  negation. Juliet can't get an indictment. Catherine starts yelling at Juliet. 

Juliet was hot for teacher. Her mother screams at her for practically raping him on camera for all to see. She screams at Bridget/Siobhan for teaching her that seduction is the path to success. Bridget can hardly defend herself against the past she doesn't know the half of. 

Andrew blows up at Catherine. He says he won't pretend she is going through a phase. He says they can duke it out as much as they want. But he has to attend to Juliet and fix the problem.

When Siobhan goes to Henry, he is not so credulous. Henry accuses her of being Bridget and when she accuses him of getting it wrong, she is Siobhan, he says he has been following her all day. He says he knows about the fake passports and thinks she just wanted to get out of town.

Henry asks why she killed Gemma? Siobhan doesn't answer and then says that was why she wanted to talk to him. But he leaves and she stand and runs into Agent Machado. He says he has been looking forward to this day for a very long time. 

Agent Delgado books Siobhan as Bridget. The fingerprints do not match. 

"I told you they wouldn't match". He asks why Henry Butler would think that she is Bridget?

He alleges she is in cahoots and a friend of John DeLario's and Charlie Young. They have proof they knew each other in the Hamptons last year. He was a private investigator. But that does not explain why the passport in the name of Cora Farrell. 

At jail, in Denver, Pettabaugh tells Delgado decided to talk. Delgado is relieved. He can leave the Bridget matter in the hands of local police. 

He sees that Jimmy Kepler got bagged and in the cells address him: "So, Bodawway's men get to you?" He turns state's evidence. He has practically published a book in confession.

Andrew is not sure what to think about his daughter's legal suit. Bridget/Siobhan apologizes to Andrew. She thought Juliet took the wedding ring. He is putting in a new security system the next day. They can't worry about that anymore. He replaces the ring resized to fit her and they kiss. 

Juliet interrupts Bridget  and Andrew becoming closer after he has had her ring resized. She says she only wants to see Andrew. Then Andrew comes to find his ex-wife behaving oddly. Catherine burns pictures of her daughter. He asks what is she doing.

"I am having a funeral for my daughter, the slut".

Juliet recoils in shock. Even Andrew is shocked into silence. He proceeds to read her the riot act.

Andrew calls her a drunk. He throws her out and they argue as Juliet watches traumatized in the doorway. Bridget approaches a distraught Juliet to comfort her. Juliet says her mom was always like this. It was a mistake to call her. Bridget shares a story with Juliet about her own parents using her as a pawn. 

Siobhan evades Machado smoothly and he realizes this woman is very different from the nervous Bridget Kelly he has known. Siobhan lies smoothly and cleverly evades the truth.

Machado goes over the case. He pieces together the case. He realizes that Kepler's details match what Bridget Kelly saw but the man who confessed to the murder he did not mention her and Siobhan/Bridget when in custody did not mention the murder at all. But Bridget was a witness to the killing.

After Andrew kicked her out he threw money at her as the elevator doors closed. Catherine comes back for her things and wants to speak to Andrew but Bridget says Andrew took Juliet out to breakfast. She suggests less of these confrontations.

Catherine taunts Bridget about the love notes she used to leave for Andrew about the places they made love. Bridget is reminded that they used to play word games as kids.

She uses her memory to decode the name "Solomon" from her address book. She calls the number and a man answers. She says she is Cora Farrell and he says "Oh yes Miss Farrell". She says she will have the usual.

"Pick you up in an hour." Is the reply. She gets into a limo.

"Did you bring your gun?" Bridget can hardly believe her ears.

"When you said the usual, I just assumed. "The chauffeur replies.

"It takes about 45 minutes to get to JFK. " Bridget realizes Siobhan had a covert life. She reels. 

Bridget makes a phone call, saying why didn't Siobhan contact her when she was in Wyoming? She was there too. " She asks the chauffeur about that nine months ago she was headed to Wyoming. He says she was looking for an old friend.

At the FBI office,s a dubious Machado calls Kepler in jail. They debate who is responsible for his beating. Kepler accuses Machado of using old school methods. He says he won't break. Machado knows that Kepler won't believe Boddaway tried to have him killed. 

"It wasn't us" says Machado. Machado says he will never turn in Boddaway but Boddaway will turn on him.

Kepler is desperate and in jail, get visitation and meets Boddaway as a visitor. The man Boddaway won't help him. He won't pay to spring him. He thinks he has spent enough money.

Tessa the ho-bag shows up at the town house. Juliet calls her names and tries to kick her out. She is crying and upset. She seems to have gained a lot of weight suddenly. She shocks Juliet and Andrew by saying she was molested by the teacher and forced to have sex with him. They look at each other. Juliet and Andrew are shocked.

Downstairs, outside the steps of the town house,  Siobhan can barely keep Henry calm. She forces Henry to watch as Bridget arises from the limo. Henry cannot believe he really sees Bridget acting as though she were Siobhan, and Siobhan is wide eyed to see Bridget using the same black driver as"Cora Farrell". Siobhan realizes that Bridget knows about her covert life now.

Henry cannot believe his eyes as he sees Bridget walk by, and Siobhan tells him Bridget has been playing her for months and she still has their child and is pregnant. Henry is stunned because this both explains Siobhan's behavior and introduces a new wrinkle regarding Gemma's death.

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