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Gossip Girl - The Backup Dan - recap

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Written by : published Friday 10th February 2012

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Blair and Dan go to the airport where she plans to get to the Dominican Republic to get a divorce form Louis. She maxes his credit card and whines at him. One juvenile girl recognizes Blair but Blair says they are decoys. Blair buys airport clothing to mix in. Dan enjoys having Blair to himself.

Nate has the catering girl over to the Empire Hotel suite. She says she is off the clock.  Her boss is always on her back. She asks Nate for a beer but he changes his mind when he hears her talking to her mother on the phone. She says that her boss called. Nate lets her go for the night.

Dan cannot afford top shelf flights and they have to go by coach, to Blair's anger. They try to buy a ticket but she has no passport. Blair holds up the tabloids with her picture to prove who she is. Serena phones Dan, who lies to her. Dan says he has to go to the bathroom when she wants to talk about loving him. He says he doesn't know where Blair is.

Louis' mother presses for Blair's mother to get in touch with the newlyweds. She pretends they should see them before they leave on their flight. Blair's mother says she thinks they have other things on their minds. Louis is not with them.

Georgina tells Serena that Blair has fled. She has video of her at the airport with Dan fleeing the wedding she plans to upload to Gossip Girl. But Chuck wants to throw her out and Georgina is frustrated because she knows more than them. 

Chuck and Serena talk about whether or not he should have arrived later at the reception and wonder where Blair could have gone. Georgina gets a text that Dorita is at the town house packing and leaves. 

This happens as Blair brags to Dan (at the airport) she can trust Dorita not to tell on her more than he can trust Goody-goody- Rufus. Blair says she pays Dorita to be loyal.

But Dan calls Rufus to advise him what is going on. Dan says to Rufus that Blair made a terrible mistake. Rufus is not sure Dan should be getting involved in the divorce entanglements. Rufus rejoins the ladies and does not give anything away. Sophie again hints to get the Royal Couple before them. Eleanor resists.

Meanwhile Georgina arrives at the townhouse to see Dorita packing Blair's  Louis Vuitton suitcases. Dorita lamely claims to be doing some traveling while Blair is honeymooning. Georgia says she owes Dorita a debt of hate for her banishment. 

Chuck arrives to see Dorita packing. She told Georgina about the hotel and that Blair needs her passport. 

Dan gets them to an airport hotel. Blair is upset. Dan is fed up. Serena and Chuck arrive and Georgina does too, snapping a picture. Chuck begs Blair to let him fly her to the Dominican Republic. 

Rufus is hosting both Louis' mother and Blair's mother for cocktails while Lily changes her shoes. Rufus is not entirely pleased at the Blair/Dan development. Sophie's insistence casts a a pall and Rufus acts fast and asks for the floral arrangements to be brought over. Nate's worker girl comes into Lily's townhouse, complaining about her boss.

Princess Sophie announces Blair has scarped and Louis is at wit's end. She demands to know where Blair is. Sophie snarls a threat and leaves. Rufus spills the beans and Eleanor is dumbfounded Lily is shocked he didn't tell her.

Dan brings Blair secretly back to the townhouse when Blair decides not to run away. She fears she will not be safe. Rufus looks closely at Dan. 

At the townhouse Louis' mother intrudes and says legal problems will arise for Blair if she does not take her place and ascend the throne. Dan faces the crowd. Serena is not happy and neither is Chuck. Blair's mother tries to make sense of it all. 

Princess Sophie threatens Blair to act like a happy couple in front of the press or Monaco will suffer. The dowry in the marriage contract must be enforced. The global image of Monaco will be damaged for ever and she will be held held liable. Blair needs to spend one year as a Princess.

Blair's mother learns about what Louis is really like and she runs into him, saying she will sell whatever she has to get her daughter safe from him. Louis does not have much to say.

Princess Sophie says that whatever Blair decides to do or whatever happens, she has to get on that plane to make the world think everything is fine. Serena draws Blair aside and says it hurts her that she used Dan, knowing how she feels about him. Serena walks away from Blair and leaves the hotel.

Serena goes into a different room and asks Chuck why he set the video although she claimed to. Chuck asks what is she talking about. Chuck is shocked she did not send it and Serena realizes Chuck in fact did not send it. They eye each other in shock. That leaves Nate and only a few others close enough to get to her camera....

Outside,  on the street,  Louis and Blair mimic their original press appearance on the way to the limousine. They kiss and smile, but Blair's fearful expression is glimpsed. 

In Brooklyn, Georgina types away. She sees the video of Louis and Blair. She has a video of Blair and Dan at the airport. Philip questions Georgina's valor as a super manipulator as Blair and Louis pose and kiss for the cameras. He asks why she doesn't use the airport video. She says it is not valuable now that Blair and Louis have papered over their image with the fake appearance. 

Georgina says she knows who sent the video online (Dan is shown luring near the press photo call looking not too pleased with the developments). This is the "Backup Dan", the crafty one.

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