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Gossip Girl - G.G. - recap

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Written by : published Monday 6th February 2012

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Serena and Blair get ready for the wedding while Serena dreams of Dan. Serena dreams of "Diamonds are a Girls' best friend" but in the fantasy, Dan, Nate and Chuck are dressed like the men who chorus dance around "Marilyn" (Serena) but in a twist, a girl from Breakfast at Tiffany's (Blair) appears and steals Dan away. It is Blair, complete with diamond tiara. 

Dorita sends Blair to Vera Wang, where she is snapped for Gossip Girl. Nate sees one that got away.

At the residence, Louis thinks he is the luckiest man in the world. His mother dances with him, saying Blair's accident was a Godsend for the press to take to Blair and set her up as a perfect princess. Louis is cold to her, saying, what he has with Blair is more important.

His mother says their relationship is all business and he is just lucky love comes into it. Serena continues to hide her dating farce with Dan but Blair has sensed something more.

Father Cavallia goes over the plan with Chuck. But Chuck pours him laxative laced water and refuses to let him use the bathroom. He says he loves Blair too much to spoil her dream day. 

Blair gets home to find her choice is being addressed as Mrs. Grimaldi or Princess Blair. She is happy but reticent in her dressing room. A bridesmaid suggests she donate her wedding dress to the Smithsonian. Blair's mother jumps away for a last minute errand.

At the last minute Blair asks both Cyrus and her real father to walk her down the aisle.

But Blair's mother jokes about being nervous to her first husband (James Shea). He says she took Xanax for their wedding. While Dan and Nate block Chuck from ruining the wedding, he sits in is hotel room. Whilst on the phone turns to see Blair's mother there and hangs up. 

Dan and Nate walk a perimeter around Chuck's block to make sure he doesn't try anything. She throws back a bolt of scotch and tells Chuck he needs to come stop this thing. Blair's mother says when she married Cyrus everything felt right. But Blair feels sick and she knows why. Chuck goes with her. 

Georgina stews about being exiled and wants to stop the wedding. While Chuck give the priest poisonous water to stop his plan, Georgina is waiting in his foyer and closes the elevator door, saying they are about to sin. On the street, she brings the priest black market antibiotics. She says the man is the weak link, and she will handle Louis. 

Blair gets dressed and makes a beautiful bride. Dan arrives to be in the wedding party, as a last minute thank you for writing Louis' vows. The best man's flight is interrupted from Rome and the attendant makes Serena and Dan dance partners. Dan is confused by Louis' remarks about them becoming closer then ever. 

Meanwhile Georgina sneaks in the wedding. She dresses as a choirboy to pass muster. Her husband comes in after parking their toddler with a nanny. He brings a video recorder and is told to stand behind the screen to record the scene.

Georgina strips down and tells a gawking usher that Louis can meet his sister in his chambers and his bride can come 5 minutes later. Her plan is to seduce Louis and have Blair discover them and then stop the wedding. But Rufus and Lily have spotted her and tell her to get dressed.

Chuck appears to Blair in her suite after her mother has cleared the people away. She confesses her love but cryptically sends him away. Chuck is both more in love and held at arm's length than ever. 

After she leaves, Georgina comes from behind the door and claps "Bravo". Lily and Rufus appear to escort Georgina out. She pointedly gives Chuck the video recording as a "gift". ( It is up to Chuck to reveal Blair's feelings via Gossip Girl and free Blair from Louis.)

Serena comes back in and tells Blair they can do a runner if need be. Serena points out to Blair that she is using her vow to God to keep her apart from Chuck and the challenge of making real love work with Chuck. But then Blair says Louis will never hurt her. Serena says he wont have to, she is hurting herself by marrying him enough already.

In the middle of the vows Chucks stand behind the church and waits but both Louis and Blair watch him and look at each other. Chuck refuses to ruin the day and backs off. Louis and Blair continue. 

Meanwhile Gossip Girl bleats the Blair video where she wears her wedding dress that she loves Chuck. The entire church plays the video as one.

On the alter, Luis looks sadly at Blair. She runs to her room and Chuck runs to her. She screams at him and says she wanted to save him. She says she chose Louis ultimately when he comes in. But then the attendant tells Louis his mother wants to see him urgently.

Dan asks Serena how come the last to know they weren't fake was him. Serena tells Dan she loves him but runs off. Nate, Dan, and Serena challenge Georgina about who sent in the video. She alludes it was one of them. 

Then Blair continues the wedding and Louis smilingly agrees. As the crowd applauds its approval they dance a beautiful waltz. They cut the wedding cake. But in the midst of it Blair sees Prince Louis's smile change, his behavior turns to ice.

She asks if she has made a misstep. He continues to dance and talks for her ears alone. He says that he promised not tell her until the flight but he can't wait.

Blair learns during her spotlight dance with Prince Louis it is all over between them. She asks about the vows and how all the magic disappeared so fast and but then finds out that Dan wrote them.

His mother told him that with the eyes of the world on them he had to take her back and appear to give her another chance. She will be the picture perfect princess and wave to him while the cameras roll but in private everything is over. He will say when this is over.

"Why would you want to be married to someone you don't love?". Blair asks.

He says his mother told him love had nothing to do with being married. And now he knows she was right. Blair hides her shock and hurt but keeps dancing.

"Now I know she was right." Louis repeats. Blair looks into the faces of all the wedding guests and smiles.

"Smile, smile for the photographers." he is very smug and he taunts her. Blair bravely turns and smiles.

Blair makes a call and across town, Chuck leaves the hotel as she waits in the lobby as people stare. Serena sees Chuck crash the reception but hears him say he must apologize to Blair.

As Serena looks for Dan, he picks up Blair outside in the wedding car. She gets in and says, just drive.
Georgina is G.G. as she ends the episode.

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