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CSI:NY - Brooklyn 'Til I Die - Recap

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Written by : published Sunday 5th February 2012

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Natasha Fatale wears a red dress to a casino where two James Bond types drink rare cognac and play cards before an admiring crowd. The game gets tense and one man cries "Bingo"! The other man takes a woman out to the alley where they kiss. They see two followers. The girl smiles and draws her gun to kill them. Next day, her body lies in the street.

A fake badge with her photo is found in the dumpster. They find another fake ID badge. Another body is found. A single gunshot wound killed him and he bled out in the alley. The female victim has orange toes. She stepped in something before he died. They find a man's dress shoe with blood on it. Lindsay and Messer says it is tanning lotion. 

Mac gets a email from Christine Whitney. She says they are friends again it has been a long time.

Flack and Mac analyze the alley trace evidence she went they went through before they met the robbers. Mac finds a sequin to match Natasha's dress. they find a trail to a doorway. They step inside. 

They find the Baccarat casino. The bearded type repeats the business of the night before. But Mac says he wants to hear all about it. Lonnie Tucci has a rubber gun. His wad is a fake. They call the Go game a snipe hunt. Natasha is Michelle Lewis and Boris is Seville Junior son of a billionaire. 

Elsewhere an old man opens a box and finds a note that says "We have your son". The ring is a family heirloom. Danville gives him reassurances but says they have not seen eye to eye in several years. He raised him as well as he could and offers no excuses.

Gerald Branson of the FBI they would like to pitch in. They have monitoring equipment that can help. Two of the officers are personal security detail Mr Seville hired directly. They team up. Mac compares methods and sets them up in the house.

Lindsay comments that the finger matches and the crushing pattern was scissors shears or bolt cutters. Trace blood through GCMS eggshells and sea kelp on the cutting edges. The human tooth found in Michelle's dress who was murdered years before.

The kidnappers call and want four million dollars. They make four delivery locations. Mr Seville says he will not pay one damn cent. He made his money and won't be tricked out of it. Mac and the crew think they plan on only pick up two of the bags and will away. Mac thinks they need money in a hurry or he would have asked for more.

Tracked bags are a mix of fake and real money. Lindsay and Mac watches all day nobody takes the money. Messer jumps the gun and beats up a man trying to steal the bag. Mac gets a phone call and realizes something is wrong. Messer says the real source of the money is now left unguarded at the main HQ, the office for Mr Preston Seville.

At the Seville HQ, one of personal security men orders Seville senior to wire 4 million to a account under threat of a gun. Later Mac says they did it under their nose.

Danville says he buried his bodies under his own back yard. They have serial killer trading cards. They said they trade items for people who wanted serial killer items. For fans of the macabre. Soil samples from Lambert dirt where he buried his victims.

Lindsay says she researched the sea kelp mixture. It is a proprietary fertilizer. The common last name is Williams on the employee list at Planet Observatory. Jake Williams is out on parole and using his mother's apartment as his parole address. 

They SWAT the apartment where an older woman is asleep snoring on the couch. Jacob Paul Williams plays cards in the kitchen table with his brother George. Preston lies taped up on the floor while the TV blare. The SWAT team encroach on the kitchen. The man yells at his mother to stop snoring.

He flashes back to the scene in the alley. She gets shot while they play along. Preston calls out for Michelle and now he feels guilty. He bought her the expensive dress. 

Flack does not understand why he brought a kidnapping victim back to the mothers house. He says the mother was scarier than them. They said that they wanted the ransom drop, the plan was inconsistent. The plan came from Seville Junior.

Lindsay does not understand. These guys killed her, "the bastards killed Michelle". He knew there was no way my father would pay a dime of his hard earned money. As he confesses his father watches his through the two way mirror. 

Mac watches the new email and shows him a picture of her with husband and son. She was his partner's sister on the beat cop days. He meets her for a beer. She walks down Memory Lane.

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