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Blue Bloods - The Job - recap

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Written by : published Sunday 5th February 2012

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As the New York jets play a game on TV, Erin calls the next play. The Commissioner gets home and says the same thing. Erin notices he is grouchy. On the way home Day and his wife and the kids sing. But Danny almost hits a man. His wife Linda screams his name as he brakes and the man bounces off the 4X4‘s hood.

Danny runs over a man who was a child molester. He tries to see if he is still alive and a man behind him on the street in a hooded black jacket and a ski mask tells Danny to get out of there.

While Danny runs him over and a checks him, the other man pulls a gun. Danny talks fast while getting his spare piece out of his leggings. He pulls his gun whipping around and identifying himself as NYPD, and shots are fired. The shooter fires right into Danny's car at his kids. 

When the man runs off Danny checks into his car and finds deep bullet hoes right near the kids had. Danny's wife  Linda is terrified.

He thinks it was Bruce Richmond. The father of the man whose son he molested. He says every day he was going to kill me when I got out. Then was in the can he sent flowers. Now sent black roses.

Garret and the secretary freak out because they can't find Frank. The Commissioner sees a shrink. He asks are you dealing with more stress than usual. Garrett says he is starting an affair.

"Reagans don't take drugs?" says the shrink. What else don't Reagans do?'

"This", he says and leaves. (Shrink is played by F. Murray Abraham).

The Commissioner admits he was in the North Tower when 9/11 struck. (he has been living with survivor's guilt).

Danny confronts the man Richmond and checks into his permit gun. His son Wyatt is now a shadowy mess. He said he read about the incident in the paper and wished he had the balls.

Jackie isn't sure that Danny is right. But Danny gets a call from his wife.

Danny gets home to find Jack is OK. But the nurse says he keeps seeing the flash of a gun. Danny is challenged to handle this facet of his work/life conflict.

Jackie's tip leads to Wayne Rivano, a bully parent friend of Danny's. Jennifer was victim of a crime. She was mugged. Jennifer's mother Holly comes out and Jackie says that they need further corroboration. Danny asks if he owns a gun.

Danny asks if Wayne owns a gun. Wayne says maybe he needs a lawyer and Holly thinks so too. Their daughter Jennifer was mugged by one of the halfway house thugs and they are angry the Reagans haven't shut it don. 

At a farmer's market, Holly approaches and Linda says that it is nice to see her. Mrs. Rivanos says she wishes she could say the same.
Holly says that one phone call from her father in law would have shot down the Halfway House. Linda says she has no idea what she is talking about  deals outside.

At the Reagan family dinner Danny gets spotted making remarks about his marriage troubles and Linda wanting h off th case. Erin agrees with Linda. But Erin's daughter says nobody is as good as Danny to solve it. But Linda walks off. She says she won't play second fiddle to the NYPD anymore. 

Danny speeds over to Wayne's house and catches the trashman getting his garbage. He dumps the trash out on the lawn. They come out to find him and Holly says she is going to call a lawyer. He says for her to do that. He takes a coffee cup and says he will match the DNA at the scene of the  shooting trust him.

Then Wayne says "You are out of your mind.". Danny stops the car and gets out and approaches Wayne. Danny gets him to pull up his sleeves gunpoint. He finally does and there is a bandage.

Danny is speechless,  that Wayne shot at his kids, knowing who they were, and Danny arrests him.

Danny then gets ready for a ceremony commemorating the 9/11 dead and Linda says she remembers the first time she saw him in his dress blues. He says part of him will always be connected to being a cop. They reconcile and Frank gives  heartwarming speech.

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