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A Gifted Man - In Case of Blind Spots - recap

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Written by : published Sunday 5th February 2012

Kate is medical coach for the Cheri the all star point guard. She get a special x-ray. She was abandoned by her mom when she was ten. Kay took hr under her week. Holt asks where does she  have time for the husband. Holt goes running and get flagged down  by a woman. There is a man in the water. He orders her to drive them back to his office.

Holt works the patient with V-fib but he has cold from falling under the water. They work to get him stable. Finally Michael and his team get an idea. Starting the lavage and heating the saline they try to shock him again. Michael exits the operating room,  saying that freezing water kept his brain cells alive.

The latest member of the polar bear club has no wallet. Holt says to tell the police they have a John Doe. But Rita has more to say. Emo missed the VIP club and he forgot to ignored MO. Rita carps about Emo's forgetting to sign prescriptions and other things and Holt says everybody has a brain shrink. Anna says that he is looking too worried.

Holt tells Anna that Emo might have Huntington's disease. Holt tells Anna he has not been tested. Holt challenges Anna about what he will do. The staff meeting at the Clinica features color coded files.

Kay gives up tickets because her younger sister won't call back. She finds her at the gym. She is clearly in pain but not playing her A-game. Kay wants to take her for an MRI.

Kay says she was out for only  a month. The sister does not look well. Her toes feel tingly. The coach pushes the girl to get on the bus. But the woman falls to the floor. Kay worries she missed something. 

Bleeding around the spinal cord and surgery but a few weeks of rehabilitation will be OK. She is a ward of the state she has to get word from ACS. Holt scans the spinal cord and it is intact. Kay's effusive thank you is noted by a lurking Rita.

Rita asks about the other patient. He says his name is Darren Halloran. He wanders around without knowing what is going on. He says he works as an investment banker. He works for Lafredo & Caan they ate at a place y the river. He says he waited for a cab.

She says they are not exactly close. She says that he has not had a job in six months. He calls her a bitch. She says she should leave. Holt is confused. She tried to get him to see a psychiatrist. Dr. Holt yells at him to get his Rolex. He accuses him of stealing his suit. 

Emo went skydiving. But he is lucid and friendly an now he is angry and hostile. Halloran says there are a million other guys gunning for a his job. He will bill them for his suit.

Emo and Holt decided to step put for lunch ad watch Halloran face down a red truck in the street. he cannot see. Vision loss is o acute he may be able to save his eyesight.

Michael gets chased down by Kay. He offers to her her stick around and keep and eye out on him. Holt confronts Kay at the gym he has the test rests for Cheri. Negative for steroids and positive for opiates. Kay is supposed to be looking out for her. Holt says she should be having kids of her own.

As Emo and Holt talk Darren has another seizure. Halloran says he has spiders on his skin. Emo and Holt guess at DT's. Holt says he is going to pick through trash. A kid at school sold her some Oxycodone. She started doing heroin and needles. 

Kay says she has been pushed by Coach. But Cheri says that she has been pushing herself. Cheri starts crying and says she is a mess and she wants to go to school. Kay tries to reason with her. 

"I missed a game and now I won't go to college". Cheri is panicking.

Kay says the only thing that matters is that she go to treatment. 

Emo says he is an alcoholic. Emo says he can't afford booze and brings paint thinner rout of the trash. The chemical by products don't 

Emo stages an intervention. He holds down Darren and insists he will lose everything, "Your career, your fiancée, your sister." Darren starts crying.

Holt says he has to fire Emo if he won't get tested. When they talk, Emo says what secret are you hiding?

"This disease could be taking over your job. "Holt says. He says he already got tested. Holt is shocked. He says that he hasn't opened the results yet. he says it is negative and then he quits.

He has been too scared to make friends. He wants to take time off now for himself and smell the roses.

Holt comes into to a coffee shop the next morning and they talk. He says that the world has been weirder.

He sits down and says that regarding kids and he and Anna it was not in the cards for them. But when Kay jumps up to continue a date night with her husband, Holt is left unexpectedly taken aback. (Could he have feelings for her?)

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