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Fringe - Forced Perspective - recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 1st February 2012

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Olivia complains of headaches and ponders the Observer's words. about her dying in every scenario. Meanwhile on the street, a young girl sees the future and draws a sketch. She sees a man die and then gives him the sketch. Moments later he is skewered by a steel girder, matching the drawing.

Walter works a biomechanical interface with the machine to help him get back. Olivia has to see it with her own eyes. Peter has faith in abilities Walter does not know he has. Olivia is happy they are working together. Walter has electrocuted himself three times already.

Lincoln calls Dunham from the death scene. "This is a weird one."

Seems that a crane operator lost control of an I-beam. As if his death was predicted. This rings a bell with Olivia who thinks an Observer gave him the sketch. They work surveillance to find the girl. Agent Dunham is distracted. 

Broyles checks up to Olivia calls to health services. She says she has migraines. She needed a prescription (Dunham does not know about Nina's men giving her shots after the gas in the apartment). Broyles wants to know why he made contact now. Broyles wants a security detail but Olivia says no. 

The girl, Emily, comes home and questions her father as to why God made her like this. She draws her place by the lake. her father says God has a purpose even if they don't understand t. He says at least it hasn't happened in a while. (She does not tell him about the girder man).

Olivia talks over the warning with Broyles and they pick the Observer from photos throughout history. Astrid ran the antibodies test. The DNA has Spanish Influenza in it, so he must be at least 90 years old. Olivia says he sounded like a warning.

Dunham and Lincoln come to Emily's home and ask questions about the sketch. The father is very defensive. Olivia gives them her card. They have been moving to avoid detection of Emily's gifts.

The girl hides at home with her father mother and brother. He moves often. They hide from outside world. She has been scooped up by labs and Massive Dynamic before. 

Olivia challenges Nina as to the treatment of Emily by Massive Dynamics. Nina arrogantly declaims that Emily was treated according to protocol. Dunham criticizes this and the disposition of the handling of Emily. (in this reality Dunham was mishandled as a child and came to Nina as a mother). Olivia speaks quite sharply to Nina about the tactics used on Emily. This echoes her own experiences to a degree.

Emily sees a man on the bus and senses his death. She draws a sketch but he disappears before she can give him the paper. She comes to Olivia at the lab and tells them about him.

When they are alone, Dunham asks Emily if she is going to die and Emily gets the strange hum but then they are interrupted. Peter suggests that Walter hypnotise Emily to get more details. Walter is pleased and intrigued to learn of more things from Peter's reality.

Emily's father is brought to the lab to make Emily more comfortable and have the family not worry. Walter successfully hypnotises her and gets more details of an explosion. 

Dunham talks to Broyles about fate. Olivia expresses to Broyles the connection between the case and the Opera house visit and he wants to keep her out of harm's way.

Peter guides Walter on methods for the hypnotism, and he works Emily to find an explosion scene after the man gets off the bus and she pursues him. The father's voice calms her down. They work to find the man and the tell Emily the consequences can change, her gift might not be waste.

Peter identifies the courthouse and they converge their forces when the man cannot be found and does not come home. At the courthouse, emergency alarms sound. In her session, Emily saw the man dead after the explosion and had a device in his hand. 

Broyles realizes this is a radio transmitter. The man must have bomb materials and explosives planted on-site. They scan the parked vehicles and find the bomb. Peter works to defuse it. meanwhile he tells Broyles to have all force tun their radios to the frequency on the bomb device. 

When they come home, Emily's father spots a suspicious van. He tells the mother to pack, "It's starting again".
Emily protests that this isn't right, Agent Dunham said that Massive Dynamic would not their hands on her again. She goes to her room and later escapes.

Meanwhile Peter and Olivia tracks the courthouse Latin Emily spotted in her precognition dream. Dunham tracks his address. 
They find the man's home, and that he got a bitter divorce the week before. He lost custody of his kids. Olivia goes to the courthouse just as Emily walks the streets in a daze.

Olivia and Broyles confront the man after he buttonholes the judge. The judge does not even recognise him and the man sadly holds up the bomb transmitter device. He says the judge can know what it's like to lose his children too, and then tries to press it.

But Olivia jumps in and says she is not ready to die. If he can put the transmitter down then they can work to see if he can have a future and again questions if he is really ready to die that day. She asks about the children of all the people around them who will die.
He crumples sadly and they take him. Broyles and Peter have foiled the bomb plan anyway, the frequency was overwhelmed with too much signal.

Olivia hears that Emily is missing. They track the van as a laundry van and Dunham says the father was just being paranoid but she might know where Emily is. Olivia finds her at the lake bench, with a drawing of her dying, as her father and Dunham look on. This was the vision she had for a while and why she kept drawing the lake. Emily is pale and has a thready pulse, and Dunham tells Lincoln to get help. 

Emily dies of an overdose of electrical activity in her brain, something Walter says could not have been stopped even if they had known. Olivia is told by Peter about the Observers never being wrong because they come from the past and live in it. Olivia denies to Peter having met an Observer.

Olivia then goes home, where Nina visits her. Olivia wants to say that she thinks of Nina as her mother. (It is implied in this reality Nina has manufactured circumstances to get Olivia as her own and suppress her own precog or other abilities. ). Nina is touched. When Olivia complains of headache, Nina offers to make some soup and send over some new medicine from Massive Dynamic.

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